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effective social media management tips
Do you know that with effective Social Media Management Tips, you can boost your online visibility?
With the fast increase in technology, leveraging your business or brand value on social media platforms will be a great thing.
Hence, you need proper social media management to increase brand awareness.
Today, you will get to know the tips for effective social media management in 2022.
Before that, let’s see;

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is a way of connecting with prospects and existing customers, influence public perceptions, build and manage brand reputation, and develop thought leadership.
In a simpler definition, Social media management is an effective way of managing social media accounts to have more prospects that leads to customers.
For any management, there must be a manager, so let’s see who is a social media manager.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

A Social Media Manager is someone who manages social media accounts and creates a strategy that leads people to become customers.
He or She is more concerned about the growth and development of the social media account.
Do you know there is a big difference between a social media manager and a social media handler? Of course, YES.

Who is a Social Media Handler?

A Social Media Handler is someone who is assigned to handle a social media account.
He or She only posts what he is being told to publish and does not involve in creating a strategy that helps the business.
Social media handlers help in growing a social media account for a brand, thereby increasing the audience and make known the brand to the public.
Most Banks and Firms use the service of social media handlers to increase brand value and create awareness.
Most times, handlers are just there to entertain the audience.
An example of a social media handler is (Fisher Shaw).
Some of the big companies use social media handler than social media manager.
Both social media manager and handler are the best use of social media management tips in any social media marketing campaign.
Social media marketing is a very vital aspect of Digital Marketing.
It affects so many things, even Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Social media aids interaction, listening, engagement, and collaboration between brands and their target audience.
For instance, let’s look at Black Panther as a case study;
Marvel Marketers did an excellent job. They use the best platform for advertising their products, which is Twitter.
Before the release of the video, they created so many stories and stuff that attracts people.
And that got their pockets smiling.
Many companies invest a lot of resources and time into social media marketing but get nothing or low return on investment.
The reason is because they lack the proper methods and social media management tips.
Konga is an example of a platform that failed in social media marketing.
They spend about 10 million naira on social media adverts before they were sold out.
Now, the key to successfully manage social media accounts and engage the audience for a high rate of revenue and sales;
All lies on knowing the best and useful social media management tips and doing it in the right way.
Here, I would be sharing five (5) effective ways of doing social media management perfectly.

Top 5 Effective Social Media Management Tips

The following below are the best practices to take for effective Social Media Management in 2022.

1.  Analysis and Research

A social media manager should first research the market (that is the social media account).
The result for this analysis would gather information about competitor, customer, and even help to plan an excellent social media marketing goals and strategy.
An example of this is carrying out a thorough research on your competitor and gets their social media strategy.

2.  Selection of Platform

There are many social media sites. For every business, there is an excellent social network that fits the brand’s social strategy and business goals.
A business doesn’t have to be on all social media sites, carefully choose the ones that matter to the firm and audience.
For instance, someone selling clothes cannot be using Twitter to sell more effectively.
When selecting a platform, choose the following; (time, resources, and target audience).
This is one of the effective social media management tips you need to know.

3.  Creating of Engaging Content

Sharing useful and fun content with your audience is essential. 
Just like Glo would be sharing Throwback pictures of Cars and stuff used in the past by Nigerians.
Infographics, Video clips or YouTube videos are great stuff to engage the audience. 
Using video can make the thing go viral.
Having a social media calendar would help you to organize and plan for posting on social media platforms.

4.  Publishing and Sharing

How your content comes (form-images, videos, and infographics) determines the kind of social media network on which it should be posted.
Finding the best time in which your audiences are most active can lead to an increase in engagement.
Hence, there is a supposed time for practical social media management tips.
On Facebook: 9 am to 12 pm, and 3 pm to 8 pm is a perfect time.
For Twitter: 12 pm and 9 pm.
For Instagram: 12pm and 6pm. 

5.  Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking helps to know what is working and what is not working.
Perhaps, making use of analytics here is not a bad idea.
This is very important; you can check what is in your calendar that is not bringing engagement and remove them.
A social media calendar is a calendar that helps to plan and strategize what time and kinds of contents to be posted.
Just like on Mondays, you make use of #MondayMotivation by 9 am.
Then, #TuesdayTips by 9 am on Tuesdays, etc. 

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For proper social media management, you need to have some necessary skills even as a social media manager or a handler.

As well, use proper digital marketing strategy in carrying out your social media marketing campaigns.


  Content Writing.
  Critical Thinking.
  Must be a Digital Marketer.
  Must be a Social Media Expert.
  Have a good knowledge of Design.
With these few skills, you can be a better social media manager or a social media handler.


However, to get the most out of it, you need to carry out those social media management tips and see your businessor brand going viral.
No one is perfect when it comes to social media management.
The only way to be consistent or be a world-class is to continue learning.
Yes, keep learning and experimenting!
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