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Get paid by doing what you love

Hello, welcome once again to ElochiBlog. I want to share with you some fantastic points I have learned over time from business people, books and life on how to get paid by doing what you love.

The truth is that we all have skills. I am begging you all to take this seriously if you want to break the iceberg. 

Easy money making has been the talk of the day, forgetting that there are some things we cannot overlook.

However, you still need to learn; now you may ask what do you need to learn or where do you start from? 

Yes, here you are now; just sit back and relax as I unfold these tips for you.

Believe me, that is not all, there is more to it.
And I will show you, read on.
Follow me, let’s see them.


  Tips on How to Get Paid by Doing What You Love

1.    Identify Your Passion 

Everything existing today is born out of passion. This is usually a desire you have inside of you that is burning, and it can easily be identified. 

It is all about self-discovery. When you have passion about something, it moves your spirit, touches your mind and it will be expressed in your daily life and experience. 

In this case, you have to identify your passion, follow it, run with it without getting exhausted, and continue until you find yourself lost in it. 

However, you can think about this, after that, you will begin to see answers to questions you have already asked. 

Meanwhile, you can get paid by doing what you love once you have identified your passion about it.

For me now; I am a blogger, a freelancer, and internet marketer, I write and provide solutions for some technical issues, teach people what I already know and work online.
Some people tend to be confused about what their passion is, now this is what you need to do. 

(Ask for some guidance, Try a lot of different things, Be patient). Once you have undergone these three things, you have already gotten that.

2.    Acquire Skills
Your passion cannot stand alone without skills. You have to get skills and improve in it. 

Skills are the values you can offer anytime and any day. 

Now think about the reason why you pay others for money, it’s because of their qualifications. 

If you want to get Paid by Doing What You Love, then you have to get a skill, not just any skill, but a relevant skill. 

It can be a Digital skill under Business, Technology or Digital Marketing.
You want to learn how to sell online, blogging, design website, make hair, start poultry and other things, yes they are just skills driven by passion. 

Moreover, you can as well get paid once you acquire some skills and offer them as value or your services then you see yourself already making it. 

So get a skill today that is well driven by your passion for it.


3.    Get a Mentor
No matter how you claim or try to say you are self-taught, you need a guide. 

Your mentor should be people who are ready to tell you the truth, you must see them, or they must not know you.

Mentors are not like your parents or friends who will just push the like button on your every facebook post; not at all, your guide only wants the best from you. 

They help you build your brand and future as well help you see your blind spots as they help you get a better perspective.

They might pick you up, pull your back down to reality, put your boot in your butt and add fire in your inner wears, they might decide to walk beside you throughout the dark and scary times, but they still care about you.

Now you want to ask maybe, how can I spot a good Mentor?
  •     See how they act when no one is watching them – that is integrity

  •     Amazing mentors are teachers, and they value their learners

  •     Take the risk to ask them questions

  •     Make sure they worth it

  •     Buy them a gift if you can see them or post it to them.

Obviously, a good mentor needs to possess the above-listed qualities to worth it. 

However, once you gather much wisdom from your mentors, then you see yourself going further.

4.    Get Experience
Now, you should get experience and much more experiences for you to get paid by doing what you love.

I have met a lot of people who call themselves what they are not, of which they have very little or no experience with it.

Some people say they are software and web developers while knowing they have not done any work or project.
Some are bloggers without having done any work for anyone or written a review for some bloggers or even teaching how to blog.
Some others claim to be a teacher without knowing how to teach
That is not good; if you continue like that, you will crash your career and ambition. 

The main point is to start somewhere, then get experience by having experience.

However, once you seek out your own experience and get well experienced then offering valued services with well-experienced skills can get you paid in due time.
5.    Get Ready
Oh yes, now if you have done all the above-listed things by identifying your passion, acquiring skills, gaining wisdom from others and having experience then the right people will show up in your life. 
Combining all these tips will provide you an opportunity to get paid. 

(Passion + Skills + Wisdom + Experience = Opportunities). 

Believe me, as you continue you will keep getting better.

Nevertheless, you have to be ready now anytime and any day to make money online or offline depending on the values and services you offer. 

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Meanwhile, below are the steps and points to note to start getting paid for doing what you love.
  •     Find and follow your passion; stoke the fire for your craft.
  •     Don’t give up on learning and being better; stay hungry for more.
  •     Learn from the wisdom and experiences of others to go further.
  •     Seek out your own experiences of the world to gauge it all for yourself.
  •     Then be on your toes and not on your heels and be READY to jump at what opportunities that present themselves.
Finally, you have now successfully built up your career and created the ease for opportunities as well. 

Now, you can make money and get paid by doing what you love to do.

Hopefully, I know this article helps, and with time you can perfect all. 

Kindly leave a comment below if you found this article helpful.

Thank you!
  1. Hello Rosemary, thanks for stopping by;

    Actually, Getting a mentor who is willing to help wholeheartedly is not much an issue. once you are able to get one who is able at all time to help, believe me you will scale through.

    however, you just need to get a good reliable mentor, then you are good to go

    thank you.

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