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Cheapest bulk sms service provider

Here is the list of affordable bulk SMS and Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria (2022).
If you think that the general acceptance of WhatsApp and Facebook messengers means that traditional SMS messages are killed in an SMS, think again.
It may be in the future, not now because the use of bulk SMS is still on the high side.
It is a cheap way to reach thousands of people without thinking about their internet access.
Stay with me on this page and follow me, let me quickly show you.

Do you know that companies, committees, churches or even ceremony and the organizers use bulk mail to reach their contacts and members?
These had led to the distribution of affordable bulk providers of text messaging services in Nigeria along with the mobile number list and as such it is difficult to manually select them for work.
ElochiBlog has researched and come up with the best and Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers for SMS services in Nigeria.
It is important to note that price is not necessarily the only criterion, you also have to take into account the number of contacts with which you can send the SMS at the same time and with other factors.
The rise of the world wide web has made it possible to perform many services on devices with internet access. 

One of these services is Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

5 Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria (2022)

Below here are the list of affordable bulk SMS Service Providers Companies in Nigeria 2022.
1. 85kobo.com
2, SMS Century
3. MySMSLive247
4. BulkSMS.net.ng
5. SMSWazobia.
Let’s quickly discuss each of them briefly and show you how to join, read on.

On our list with the biggest SMS website, we have 85kobo.com, which is currently winning the race.
They are the most reliable company that offers cheap bulk mail service in Nigeria.
85kobo is one of the Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria and it’s well known as Nigeria’s most reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider. 
And, they offer the Cheapest Bulk SMS to all their users.
85Kobo is an impressive SMS polling service that provides easy-to-use web-based software for streamlining and sending bulk SMS polls and messages.
From their smart wizard for importing contacts to their comprehensive delivery reporting tool.
This 85kobo company is an excellent SMS service provider for both domestic and international campaigns.
Their bulk SMS gateway immediately delivers SMS to thousands of GSM and CDMA mobile phones in Nigeria and worldwide.
They are engaged in delivering professional bulk SMS in Nigeria and their customers believe in it.

Create an account on 85kobo.com today to join the list of their happy customers. 

You will never find another portal with same features as 85kobo.com.

Apart from being the cheapest bulk sms site in Nigeria, 85Kobo is also the only website that allows you to buy cheap data bundles online.

With as low as 300 naira, you can enjoy a full month subscription of data.

You can as well pay for your TV subscriptions like DSTV, STARTIMES and GOTV with ease. 

All of these are done from one dashboard.

All you need do is to fund your wallet and you can use it to recharge your phones for call credit, buy data plans online;

Also, pay your Cable/Tv Subscription, Pay electric bill online, send voice broadcast, etc.

85kobo.com also provides high-end voice SMS Service (Robocall) for sending voice broadcasting in Nigeria.

For information on their robocall service, visit the voice sms page and be rest assure to get the cheapest price of robocall in Nigeria on their voice broadcasting page.

  • SMS Century
The demand for bulk SMS has been increasing for some time.
This is due to the ease with which users can reach thousands of people with one click and the relative price of a customized bulk SMS service.
Many people now use bulk text messages to greet friends and relatives during festive seasons and to spread other messages.
SMS Century is another buzzing Bulk SMS service provider located in Lagos, Nigeria. 
They offer the best service to their customers at a very affordable rate.
Also, this is one of the Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria 2022.
Their website features have made it easier for them to stand out from their competitors.
We call them the GRANDMASTER OF BULK SMS IN NIGERIA – the only company that offers the Cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria.
  • MySMSLive247
MySMSLive247 is another website that exists without your knowledge, they are among the best and still the best service provider.
With their web-to-SMS service, MySMSLive247 makes it easy to create web-based bulk SMS messages.
It allows you to segment your contacts into groups, you can easily target a specific part of your audience.
Moreover, it is easy to import existing contact lists from Excel, Outlook, and standard CSV files and exporting contacts with MySMSLive247 is just as easy.
Your MySMSLive247 database can contain up to a thousand contacts. 
Exporting contacts with MySMSLive247 is just as easy.
MySMSLive247 has even made it great for big brands like you because you can also personalize the signature you send with every bulk text message.
MySMSLive247 also provides delivery reports of your polls so you can see which messages have been successfully sent and which messages cannot be sent, so you can clean up failed numbers.
You can also download your delivery results as an Excel file.
However, MySMSLive247 is also one of the Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria 2022.
Communication is a means of multi-party interaction, and this process is essential because the dissemination of information is very important and plays a vital role in this modern age.
However, not every individual has access to automated bulk SMS platforms that can easily pass for the best bulk SMS service in Nigeria.
This Bulk SMS platform has made it easier for more than a thousand people and will make it easier for you.
They are among the Nigerian company that offers the best bulk SMS unit in the whole of Africa! 
I assure you that they are familiar and are still familiar.
BulkSMS.Net.Ng has determined that it is necessary for customers to be able to use bulk SMS services in Nigeria.
Also, making sure to be among the Best and Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria 2022.

  • SmsWazobia
SmsWazobia is another top Nigerian bulk SMS website that allows you to sign up today.
The platform offers all its years of quality SMS services to its customers by ensuring that they get their money’s worth.
When you sign up and use SMsWazobia to send bulk messages in Nigeria, you can be sure that your SMS will deliver on time. 
And besides delivering high-quality bulk SMS services; SmsWazobia also offers the possibility to deliver text messages to DND numbers.
This means that even if your target group has subscribed to the “Do Not Disturb” service of the NCC, you can still access them with your marketing text messages – provided you do not spam people.
SmsWazobia can send bulk SMS in Nigeria to DND numbers because of the robust system that broadcasts messages to check if they do not contain spam.
In addition, the user interface of the bulk SMS website is easy to use, allowing the seamless sending of SMS through it.
So, that is the checklist of Best and Cheapest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria 2022
They are not only great, but also the most affordable and cheapest amongst others.
I urge you to sign up for any of the above Bulk SMS Service Provider from the list. 
Go to their websites and check the best that you can afford.
Thank you! 

  1. Hi, Bulk SMS Service is famous among Marketers. It will also offer some add-on features. For example, you can use your business, brand, or church name as the sender name for each SMS. This will be displayed even when your number is not stored in the phonebook of the recipient of the SMS.

  2. Hello Akash,

    Yeah, indeed Bulk sms service still provides more quality for internet marketers. Thanks for coming here, keep visiting us for more.


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