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how to increase domain authority fast 2022

There are basically hundreds of factors Google considers in determining the search engine ranking of which one is the domain authority of a website.
Most SEO experts will tell you that the number #1 goal of SEO is to rank higher and get to the first position on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
Hence, (DA) Domain Authority is one of the factors that influence your ranking.
Today on ElochiBlog, I will share with you the basic steps on How to Increase Domain Authority Fast in 2022.

(DA) Domain Authority is a ranking metric developed by Moz that determines the ranking ability of a site.
The Moz rank DA metrics is measured on a scale of 1 to 100
And with higher DA score, you will have more organic traffic and better ranking.
Poor domain authority can result in huge losses of traffic and ranking. 
Therefore, it’s important to know how to improve domain authority and have a good DA.
Following the featured Snippets from the web search queries, many people have been asking questions like;
    How long does it take to increase domain authority?
    How do I increase domain authority on my website?
    What’s a good domain authority score?
    What is a high domain authority?
    What is PA and DA in SEO?
Worry no more; there are just a few simple steps you can take to improve your DA.
It will happen faster than you think but won’t happen overnight.
I have put together these actionable steps that helped me increase my domain authority fast by 40 to 50% score in a few months. 
Believe me, this plan works.
Do you know one super and working method to increase domain authority fast is by building quality backlinks? Yes!
Yes, this is one of the easiest method and here is a complete guide on How to Build Backlinks for new Websites.
Knowing how to build and index backlinks fast in Google, along with these basic tips on this page, then you’re good to go.

So, let me quickly show you how to increase domain authority fast in 2022 with this 15 basic steps.
Before we get started let’s see what Domain Authority is:

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

The Domain Authority of a website is a score measured in a range of 1 to 100 of which the higher the DA score the better your site will rank on search engines.
However, this is not the same ranking score of Page authority or Page rank used by Google which influences your rankings.
To increase your domain authority, there are different factors put together by simulating the Google ranking algorithm.

Moz gathers its data to determine your site metrics using the (MozRank, MozTrust and Link Profile).
Most sites like (PrePostSeo or SmallSeoTools) with similar systems takes into account all known factors that can affect ranking and give a score to the domains.
Most times, your DA only depends on the data gathered by Moz about your website which is not always accurate as what Google knows about your website/blog.
Nevertheless, it is sometimes normal for a domain to have a low Domain Authority but rank high in Google SERPs.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Before we dive deeply into how domain authority is been factored and how to increase domain authority fast in 2022;
It is very necessary to differentiate it from Page Authority.
Page Authority (PA) is a similar metric to domain authority, but instead, it measures only the ranking strength of a single web page of a website.
While Domain Authority (DA) measures the ranking strength of an entire domain or sub-domain of a website.

How to Check Website Domain Authority?

To check your website domain authority, simply go to moz open site explorer, just type in your domain name URL and see the results.

Or you can equally check it using this PrePostSeo.com Tool.

how to increase domain authority fast 2021

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How To Calculate Domain Authority by Moz?

The Moz algorithm places a score on a domain on a scale of 1 to 100 of which (1 is the lowest and 100 is the best).
It is much easier to improve the score of your domain authority when it is at 20 or 30 than when it gets to 70 or 80.
Most domain authority score from 60 and above is considered excellent, 40 to 50 is considered average, and while 20 to 30 is good.
Moz uses over 40 different factors to determine your domain authority score, below here are the few important factors to note:
    MozRank: MozRank majorly scores the strength of a website external links taking into account the number of quality links pointing back to your site.
Hence, having one quality good external link is better than two or more low-quality links.
The MozRank is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10 and the average MozRank rating for a website is at 3.
    MozTrust: MozTrust majorly determines the quality of your external links and knows how your site is closely connected/related to trusted websites.
Most sites having the .edu or .gov extensions are highly trusted sites and if you are having a link from them pointing back to your site;
It shows how trusted your site is and helps increase your MozTrust based on a rating score of 1 to 10.
    Linking Root Domains: This calculates the number of unique backlinks pointing to your website.
To get the most out of it, you need a few quality links from different websites than having many links from just one website.
    Quality Content: Content is one of the main factors considered for ranking sites on the search engine.
So, having a ton of quality content on your site helps to improve your domain authority and such increases your search engine ranking.
    Social Signals: Social Signals is one of the major factors Google use in identifying good content and hence Moz uses same in determining domain authority.
Any content that is being shared, liked and had numerous comments shows that the content is of high quality.
    Search Engine Friendly: This is all about the search engine optimization of a website both the site structure and user-friendly.
Having a cool site structure with easy navigation helps search engine to properly crawl and index your site very well.
And this helps to increase your rankings and gain domain authority score.

How To Calculate Page Authority by Moz?

In as much as domain authority provides a better metrics and score of how your website performance, Page authority also work on its own.
Page authority is useful and works great magic by providing direct impact on your main domain authority and as well your search engine ranking.
Both PA and DA are calculated on a similar scale of 100 points

Meanwhile, note that the score normally fluctuates due to the constant update of Moz algorithm.

Below, here are the few important factors used by Moz to determine Page Authority:
    The number of external links linking to a page.
    The number of root domains a page has.
    The number of sub-domains that a page has.
    The number of quality/trusted sites linking back to the page.
    The number of root domains linking to the page using anchor text or partial match anchor text.
    Social signals: This includes the number of shares, Likes, comments on social media networks like Google+, Facebook Likes, Twitter or LinkedIn a page has received.
Quick Note: Always go for do-follow backlinks, it contributes a lot than the no-follow backlink.
Hence having too many do-follow links pointing to a domain might be bad, therefore try to get some no-follow links also to balance it.
Here, is a wonderful guide on how to increase page authority 2022, check it out today to get the best of both worlds.
Okay, as stated earlier, you will get to know how to increase domain authority fast in 2022
Let’s see some of the steps to take below, follow me.

15 Basic Steps On How To Increase Domain Authority Fast in (2022)

Now, you already know what is a good domain authority and the important of domain authority.
Yet, wondering how to gain domain authority by putting together the ranking factors used by Moz so as to increase your domain authority score.
Here are the most 15 steps you need to follow and you get to see the best way to increase the domain authority of a website/blog.

Step 1: Pick A Good Domain Name

Oh yeah, choosing a good domain name is the very first step to take, not just choosing an ordinary name but a domain name that is relevant to your site description.
It can be a name related to your niche or choose a name for branding. 

good domain name

Here, on our site, I choose the name ElochiBlog (www.elochiblog.com) because it’s my personal blog and am making it my brand.

But, the best is to choose a domain name related to your niche, you can attach it to your name as a prefix or suffix.
Your domain name should be a simple name, easy to remember and so your visitors won’t forget it soon and can return to your site.

You can get a cool affordable domain names from these cheapest domain registrars like Namecheap, Godaddy or even DomainKing.

Also, make sure your domain name doesn’t expire anytime soon, try to renew it at least one or two months to the expiry date.

Step 2: High-Quality Content

Creating a high-quality content with in-depth information or details about the topic goes a long way to improve your domain authority.

high-quality content
Creating a perfect SEO Optimized Content, people tend to share your posts, link back to you and such gains high-quality links from different domains.
Hence, MozRank and MozTrust consider quality linkable content as an important factor in calculating your domain authority score.
Once you have a better content published on your site, the more chance that higher authoritative sites will link back to it.

Step 3: Proper Internal Linking Structure

It is obvious that external links work more magic than internal links but don’t forget that internal linking plays an important role as well.

Proper Internal link structure

Having a Proper Internal Linking Structure helps to give you little link juice in your content and such improves your domain authority.

It also improves the user experience of your readers and visitors by providing them with a direct link to navigate easily to what they are looking for.
Having cool internal links, it helps to promote your older blog posts by providing your visitors with further reading options.
However, internal links help to decrease your bounce rate and keep your visitors engaged with your website by increasing their dwelling time on your site/blog.
In addition, proper internal linking helps to ping my blog and propels faster indexing of my entire site and older blog posts by search engines.

Step 4: Being An Authority In Your Niche

Be an authority in your niche

Oh yeah, becoming an authority in your niche is one step you need to take today so as to increase your domain authority fast.

Moreover, being an authority can only be done by creating great content and engage with your followers and blog readers.
You can easily strengthen the identity of your brand by making yourself an authority in your niche.
This will help to increase your organic traffic and as well earn you some external links from other high-quality sources.

Step 5: On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization really matters in your domain authority growth and such drives in more Google search engine ranking.
To get full On-page SEO Optimization, you need to optimize all your pages, posts and know how to get the Best Strategic SEO for your small business growth.

On-Page SEO

Also, optimize all on-page code, set up your site/blog Meta descriptions, title tags, image alt tags and make proper use of your posts search description.

Use proper content optimization techniques to improve your content readability by decorating your content with underlined, italics and bold.
Additionally, make use of related keywords to your main focus keyword. 

You can use the LSI graph Keyword Generator to get your related keywords and synonyms.

Step 6: Proper Technical SEO

Having a good proper Technical SEO or low-level SEO is a task you wouldn’t have to forget or deny.
Getting your Technical SEO correct from the beginning will have it set up permanently, no need to work on it often.
This is one of the steps you need to take so as to increase your domain authority.

Technical SEO
Hence, if the technical SEO is not properly done, it will have a huge bad effect on your Domain authority and rankings.
Few of the critical SEO settings you need to setup include:
    Register your website with Google Search Console, Bing and Yandex Webmaster tools.
    Create and optimize your XML sitemap and submit to Google search console.
    Check your robots.txt settings and make use of “URL Inspection” to ensure proper indexing and crawling of your website.
    Activate “https” for your website and do a proper redirect of your pages from http to https.
    Make proper use of hreflang (for sites with multilingual languages).

Step 7: Always Check For Broken Links

Toxic and Broken backlinks can be a bad effect in Poor domain authority.
Always check through your link profile to eliminate any bad or broken links.
At least check for it once in a while to remove links from bad sources that will harm or hurt your domain authority metrics.
You can check from your Google Search Console (Webmasters Tool) to disavow or de-index such links from Google crawlers.
Also, try to eliminate any link posted or used on your website leading to bad sites or are broken which can bring negative impact on your domain.

Bad and Toxic Links

To check on each and every link on your website might be a great task, so to make it easier, you can use the Broken Link checker to check.

With the Free Broken Link checker, you can now check to know all your broken links and manage the links on your site easily.
Once this is done properly or once in a while, you don’t need to worry about broken links anymore.

Step 8: Mobile-Friendly Website/Blog

Mobile devices and Smartphone’s usage in surfing the internet has increased by 60% and keeps increasing.
Following the recent Google updates, mobile first index would be served to users or people searching for anything online.
Hence, providing the user information on sites that have cool Mobile SEO Optimization and mobile-friendly user interface.
This update takes effect into action very soon and if your site is not optimized for mobile use, you will be losing mobile search engine rankings.
You can use this Mobile Friendly Tool by Google Developers to check the mobile-friendly status of your website.

Mobile SEO Optimization

Moreover, you can get a full perfect website/blog optimization by checking on our Website Services.

So, it’s very important to have a mobile-friendly site because it serves as one of the factors in increasing your DA.

Step 9: Faster Loading Speed of Website

Faster Loading Speed of WebPages brings about excellent user experience on your website, thereby boosting your DA.
This is one of the steps to take if indeed you want to know how to increase domain authority fast and improve your DA score.
Having a poor loading speed Web Pages will really affect your site bounce rate, and such brings a bad user experience.
If your site takes too long to load, all you need to do is to find out which errors most likely are the large images and heavy CSS/Javascript codes on the site.
Now fix up those errors and minify those heavy scripts that keep slowing your site loading speed.
Anyway, you can check your site loading speed using the PageSpeed tool by Google Developers.

Wesite Loading PageSpeed

This tool will analyze your website/blog, identify the errors and ways for you to fix it up so as to improve the user experience.

Step 10: Social Media Content Promotion

Gone are days when you write and relax, waiting for people to come and read especially if your posts are not SEO Optimized enough.
Providing your content with good social signals is one of the big ranking factors for increasing your domain authority.
You need to promote your content on social media platforms in order to gain proper social signals.
I really love Social media platforms a lot and this got me having an account in almost all social media networks.
It really helps in growing your Brand and Audience. 

You can as well utilize it by posting links to your content or blog posts on your various social media pages.

Another way is to provide the social media share buttons directly on your WebPages

Social signals
You can use sites like Addthis.com, or the JetPack Plugin for WordPress Users.
Your blog readers and visitors who really like your content can equally share your blog posts on social media using the share buttons.

Step 11: Conducting a Link Audit

To achieve a greater DA ranking, you need to maintain a healthy link profile.
Link Profile is simply just all the backlinks your website/blog has earned mainly from various sources.
Not just anyhow links but a healthy link profile that follows Google’s guidelines.
Hence, there are bad link schemes that can get your site penalized, making your link profile unhealthy.
Here is Google’s official list of prohibited link schemes
Nevertheless, you need to access your current link situation by performing a link profile audit to get those links.
Link profile audit

SEMrush Backlink Audit and Majestic are two great fantastic tools for link audits.

Conducting a full link audit would take forever here, but here is a wonderful guide that shows you how to do it.
Once done with your link audit, make sure to disavow any bad or unwanted links.
Thus, it helps you manage your link profile and makes Google happier to increase your domain authority fast.

Step 12: Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

Oh yeah, this is all about ‘give-&-take’ and a win-win for both parties. 
You need to give out something to take something.
Guest posting is one of the important factors considered among them, and as well one of the steps to take note of today.

Guest Blogging

You can write and get your articles published on niche related sites and have a link pointing back to your site.

You stand to benefit hugely if the site owner shares your posts with its followers on social media networks.
Hence, once the article is of high value to the site visitors, you will get extra attention and traffic to your site which is a bonus for you.
Guest blogging is pretty cool and it’s the easiest, smart & effortless way to get the traffic to your site.
Here on this blog, we offer Guest Posting at a good standard rate, you can check out our Guest Posting Services here. 

Step 13: Blog Commenting

Do you know that blog comments play a part in increasing your domain authority?
If you really need to know how to increase domain authority fast, then don’t play with blog commenting.
Proper blog commenting on niche related sites and higher authority sites or Free Online Forums help improve your DA.
I do recommend commenting on WordPress sites/blogs and those with CommentLuv Blog Plugins, such provides a link back to your site.

blog comments

Your comments should be nice and concise enough with a detailed review of the post, not just a 2 lines sentence.

Make your comments more descriptive, this will make the site owner and visitors recognize/commend you easily.
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Step 14: Publish Blog Posts Consistently

Many have overlooked this and it’s really bad.
To keep your blog updated, you need to publish consistently and increase your publishing frequency.
Many do ask questions like, => How often should I blog?
YES; you should blog regularly, at least having a minimum of 3-5 blog posts published in a month is okay.

Regular blog posting

Posting on regular basis is not easy, but if you can be able to do so, then it’s easier to improve your Domain Authority.

Many bloggers are not that consistent in their blogs and such results in fluctuations in their DA.
Domain Authority will increase if you keep posting regularly with the proper steps listed on this article.
Hence, it might decrease if you do not and can result in fluctuations in your DA.
Few other benefits of Consistent Posting include:
    Increases your writing skills.
    More quality content to link to.
    Provides more sales and increases conversions.
    Higher Page rank, higher traffic, and higher revenue.
    Provides something new for visitors and generates trust among them.
In general, regular blogging brings more traffic to you and the more you publish, the more you get views on your old blog posts.

Step 15: Be Patient And Calm

As mentioned earlier in the introduction of this post, increasing your domain authority cannot be done overnight.

Be calm and patient

You need to be patient and calm because it will take time.

It will take time for Moz crawlers to read and gather your website metrics after the above changes are done.
However, putting together all the above steps and tips systematically to improve your ranking will have a great effect on your domain authority score.

Wrapping It Up

Domain authority is necessary and knowing how to increase domain authority fast is more important.
For many reasons, your DA allows you to see and judge the complete performance of your website/blog.
Also, can help you compare the score of your competing websites to actually know your stand and how to improve.
Knowing the domain authority of your competitors or niche related sites can help determine the sites worth linking to.
Alright, so that is all on how to increase domain authority fast in 2022 by following the few basic steps listed here.
Take advantage of this today and boost your domain authority score in no distance time.
Do you have any other ways you have tried to increase your domain or page authority?
You can share with me on the comment box below! I will be glad to hear from you.
Also, drop your questions if any; I will give you a positive reply as soon as possible.
Thank You!

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    Linking Root Domains – This is the number of unique backlinks your website has earned. So if it has obtained 20 external links from two different websites, then you’ve only had two linking root domains. Earning a few links from different websites will boost your ranking more than earning many links from the same website.

    MozRank – MozRank is the metric used to score the strength of your website’s external links. It takes into account not just the number of links that are pointing back to your site, but also the quality of those links. Quality tends to beat quantity, which means that one good external link is better to have than two low-quality links. MozRank uses a 0-10 scale (with 10 being the highest). The average MozRank rating for a website is a 3.

    MozTrust – Like MozRank, MozTrust is a metric used to help determine the quality of your external links. However, it’s a little more specific in that it measures how closely your website is connected to trusted websites. Trusted websites are .edu or .gov sites. Even if a .edu or .gov site links to a site that then links to you, it’s considered a sign of trust that helps increase your MozTrustrating, which is also based on a 0-10 rating.

    Social Signals – Google uses social signals as one of the main factors in identifying good quality content. For example, it’s safe to assume that a piece of content that is shared, liked and commented on hundreds of times must be of some quality. Moz uses the same social signals in determining domain authority.

    Search Engine Friendliness – This refers to the use of SEO as well as to the site structure and user-friendliness of your website. Site structure can directly affect usability in that poor site structure makes your site difficult to navigate. It also makes it difficult for search engines to properly crawl and index your site, which can hurt your rankings. This is essential for your domain authority as well

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