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Untapped blogging niches in nigeria

Do you know that Blogging is taking another shape completely? Definitely, YES! 

You can create a blog today and make it your business.

Last time, I wrote an article on reasons why you should start a blog right now and what to blog about in Nigeria.
Now, here are the 25 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2022.

Of course, you can venture into any of these niches and make money as a niche blogger.

Probably, you want to become a niche blogger or looking for most popular blog topics and ideas for niche blogs in Nigeria?

Then, you are in the right place. 

In this post, I will share with you the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria.

And as well show you how to write SEO optimized content for them.
Most new bloggers keep asking questions on how to find profitable blog niches or the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria.
Worry no more; here on ElochiBlog, you will get the answers to all of your questions.
Today, you will get to know the best blogging niches in Nigeria 2022 and tips for finding profitable niche ideas.
For you to find the Best Blogging Niche and start Blogging, there is more to it. 
Do you mind if I show you? Read on, I will show you more.
Before we go on, let’s see;

What is Blogging Niche?

Blog Niches or Blogging Niche is simply a wide range of general blogging subjects and topics one can choose to blog on. 

Before you start a blog, always have a specific niche on what you want to blog about;

Then choose a profitable niche blog topic, so you can be able to make money blogging.
However, choosing the right blogging niche might be difficult for you if you are new to Blogging.
You might end up choosing the wrong blog niche that cannot even make money.
Knowing how to choose a profitable and untapped blogging niche in Nigeria will make you become a niche blogger.

Who is a Niche Blogger?

A niche blogger is a person who blogs and writes on a particular niche topic idea or a micro-niche. Example, “Cheap Flight Tickets.”
He or she creates excellent contents on a single niche topic and becomes an authority in that particular niche, thereby dominating the niche.
Moreover, niche blogging is the best way to go now if you want to make money from Blogging.
Nevertheless, one can start a niche blog; create excellent contents around the niche topic and the sub-niches to gain the authority first.
After some time, you can now add a few categories for other relating niche topic ideas to make more money from your blog.
To make money from blogging in 2022 is becoming more competitive compared to other years back.
Going for lucrative and hottest blog topics is not the only thing for you.
Many lucrative and profitable blogging niches in Nigeria are very competitive.
And such will not be easy to rank high fast in Google SERP’s(Search Engine Result Pages).
Most people usually start blogging because of their passion for a particular blog niche.
Without doing enough research to know the competition of the niche.
Some high blog niches are very profitable but do not yield profits on time. 

Hence you get to rank high in Google SERP’s.

Also, there are other profitable and untapped blogging niches in Nigeria; one can make money in the long run.
Starting a blog on a niche you have passion for is a good thing, but you have to make sure it is less competitive.
Hence, you go for niche blogging and create fresh evergreen contents that will keep making profits forever.
Or you decide to go for niche blog topics where you publish contents that yield money faster but not forever.
Not all blog niches make money fast, except you know the most profitable niches in Nigeria.
Ever since I came across this untapped blogging niches in Nigeria, my blogging life story has changed.
I was able to get the untold secret of Blogging, and this has helped me a lot.

How to Know a Profitable Blog Niche?

Of course, various things determine the best blog niches and make a blogging niche profitable.
Let’s see them below;

1.  Niche You Have Passion For: Choosing a blog niche you know nothing about will be difficult for you to write on.

Therefore it is better you write on a blog niche or topics you love and have passion for it.
This will make it fun, and you get paid by doing what you love.

2.  Less Competitive Blogging Niche: This is obvious, to succeed in Blogging today, you need to write on a less competitive blog niche.

Gather the hottest blog topics and narrow it down to a micro niche blog and the sub-niches. 
Then write on less competitive long-tail keywords with four or more words.
Perhaps, you have a massive budget for advertising on media channels then you can go for main seed keywords and do proper optimizations.
3. High Search Volume Blogging Niche: For a niche to be profitable it must have a good search volume, that is, many people do search for the information.
With this, you can build your audience and convert your visitors into blog readers as well as potential buyers of your products or services.
So, those are the three main things that make a blogging niche profitable.
Now, let’s see the top 25 profitable and untapped blogging niches in Nigeria that you can choose to start blogging. 

List of 25 Profitable And Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria (2022)

Here is a list of 25 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2022, which you can venture into and make money blogging.

1.  Entertainment 

Entertainment Niche is the first to be considered on our list here today with over 5 million searches every month in Nigeria.
Following the list of top 10 blogs in Nigeria, about three entertainment blogs made the list.
An entertainment blog is one of the easiest to start in Nigeria and the most popular blog topics in 2022 for new bloggers.
However, starting a blog on this niche requires constant update and publishing of latest or trending articles on the blog.
Entertainment Niche is very saturated, of which 60% of Nigerian blogs are entertainment blogs.
This blogging niche is undoubtedly one of the most profitable blog niches in Nigeria that makes money fast.
Hence, if you are new to Blogging, to succeed in this niche, you must work hard and get a team to assist you because you cannot work alone.
Working alone would be difficult for you, and you might not meet up in keeping your audience and fans entertained.
If you are an entertainment blogger, make sure you research very thoroughly and get good content or better still edit before publishing.
This niche is mostly full of copy and paste, so to be unique, write new things on other sub-niches blog topics.
Here are the few Entertainment Niches and Sub-niches you can blog on;
  • Gossips 
  • Viral News 
  • Celebrity Gists 
  • Jokes and Comedy 
  • Tv Series 
  • Entertainment News 
  • Memes and Pranks.

2.  Make Money Online

Make Money Online Niche is one of the best blog niches in 2022.
This particular keyword (how to make money online) has a vast number of searches every month in Nigeria.
With the high rate of unemployment, many Nigerian youths keep looking for a way on how to earn a living online in Nigeria.
Creating a blog on this particular blog niche requires creating evergreen contents with exact tips on how to make money online.
However, there are many topics about making money online being covered on the internet.
Starting a new blog on this niche will be difficult for you to rank high on Google, but after a while, it will eventually rank.
Moreover, you can go for these sub-niches or target other related blog topics.
  • Affiliate Marketing guides 
  • Make money on social media 
  • Make money blogging 
  • Make money from home 
  • Survey companies, etc.

3.  Hobby Niche

Oh yeah, I tagged this as “Your Hobby Niche.” This can be your course of study or your hobby.
You can start up a profitable blog on your hobby or course of study. 

It is one of the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria 2022.

Before you decide to blog, always ask yourself what you are good at, your hobby activities and then know if your hobby niche is profitable.
On the other hand, one can start a blog on his/her course of study.
If you are a graduate or if you are perfect in your field of study, you can blog on that.
With quality contents and tips on your course, you can make yourself an authority on that field and then turn your readers to potential buyers.
You can start a blog on your course of study today.
Here are a few examples of courses you can start a blog on;

4.  Music

Music niche is another profitable blog niche in Nigeria that is less competitive.
This has an outstanding number of online users searching for this on search engines every month in Nigeria.
Most notably, the tutorial aspects on music niches and some other music keywords.
If you are a lover of music, you can turn it into your passion and find a way to monetize it.
In Nigeria, Music falls under entertainment, but not all music is entertainment music, and also music is a niche in Blogging.
Below here are the available Sub-niches in the music niche;
  • Pop Music
  • Rap Music 
  • Gospel Music 
  • Music Download 
  • Instrument learning etc.

5.  Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty is another exciting blog niche in Nigeria. Many Nigerians like fashion and even modeling.
Now, you can venture into this lucrative niche if you are the type that is good in fashion and designing.
You can blog on the most popular blog topics of fashion designing and beauty, providing the best colour combinations for every outfit.
Both for men and women, but mostly for ladies.
Also, your friends who love fashion can be your target and selling point.
If you are a good fashion designer having your shop offline, you can start by growing more audience online and gain authority.
To make the most out of it, you can follow fashion news and trends to get more quality info on what to blog about in Nigeria.
You can narrow down your fashion and beauty niche with this below;
  • Make ups 
  • Latest styles
  • Fashion news 
  • Celebrity styles 
  • Men/Women wear 
  • Hair care and accessories.

6.  Education

Education Niche is one of the profitable and untapped blogging niches in Nigeria 2022 one can venture into.
This involves providing information relating to academics and school news for different institutions.
Starting up a blog on this niche is very lucrative as such that one can easily monetize the blog in so many ways.
By providing quality and evergreen contents, selling your products like eBooks, past questions, etc.
With a good amount of traffic, monetizing with Google Adsense, affiliate products will be effortless, and you inevitably make sales.
In Nigeria, Education is highly valued and such makes it one of the top blogging niches in Nigeria.
You can start your niche blog with these most popular blog topics on education;
  • Scholarships 
  • Project Topics 
  • Academic Guides 
  • Internships 
  • School Past-questions 
  • Lesson Plans 
  • Tutorials 
  • Best Colleges Overseas 
  • Educational News 
  • Post Graduate Studies.

7.  Politics

In Nigeria, Politics news is one thing you don’t joke with. Politics is one of the most discussed topics in Nigeria.
Latest Political news is purely what most adults love to see or discuss.
Now, if you love politics and you are good in politics, you can quickly start up a blog on this niche.
Look out for original and quality news, latest political information and then blog about it.
Although, there are many top blog sites on this same niche in Nigeria like Punch, Premium times, and Vanguard etc.
Once you can beat these sites and pull enough traffic, then you can make money from it.
These are few political news topics and sub-niches you can venture in;
  • Elections 
  • Political news 
  • Political interviews 
  • Political Manifestoes 
  • Political Campaign Strategies.

8.  Sports

Do you know that Sports is one of the most discussed topics in Nigeria alongside political news?
Sports news is one of the most popular blog topics 2022 you can venture into in Nigeria.
Sports gain a massive number of searches on the Google search engine every month in Nigeria.
You can start up a sports blog today and drive a lot of traffic to it if you know what you are doing.
Perhaps, many top blogs like Goal.com ranks higher on this blog niche, but you too can still make it.
Though, it might not be accessible at a start, because it requires constant updating of the blog just like entertainment niche.
With proper SEO techniques, promoting your blog using social media platforms, and running of adverts, you can make something.
However, you can still provide contents by writing reviews on some sports betting platforms like Bet9ja, Nairabet, Netbet Nigeria Sportsetc.
Here are few of the available sports blog niches;
  • NBA 
  • Sport news 
  • European competitions 
  • Football updates 
  • Basketball 
  • Racing 
  • Transfer rumors 
  • Sport interviews
  • Predictions
  • Soccer.

9.  Technology

And now this is another profitable niche I like the most. 

Yes, Technology niche is one of the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria.

Indeed, Tech niche is versatile, but going into the sub-niches or sub-categories for tech blogs, you will get to the top.
Having a tech blog, you can narrow it down to topics like how-to’s, tech news update, gadgets and other tech-related issues.
If you do love technology, gadgets, then starting a blog on this niche will be perfect for you.
These are various sub-niches for Tech Blog;
  • Electronic Gadgets 
  • Data and Telecom’s
  • Technology News Updates 
  • Mobile Phone Reviews & Specs 
  • Computer Specs and Accessories 
  • Sonik Super Saver Bundle 
  • Digital satellites 
  • Windows.

10.  Job & Career

In Nigeria today, there are many job seekers on the internetdue to the high rate of unemployment.
Job & Career niche is one of the top blogging niches in Nigeria of which one can venture into.
If you are perfect in career guides, you can provide current and evergreen contents on different job vacancies for candidates.
With the millions of Google searches every month on Job Vacancies, starting a blog on this niche will drive home colossal traffic.
Here are the few topics you can blog about on Jobs and Career;

11.  Product Reviews

This is a sub-niche or a micro-niche under technology but has a lot to offer other than mere technology.
Here, you provide quality reviews on products, gadgets, phones, laptops, including website reviews etc.

By providing the hottest blog topics on the latest products, you can make huge sales if you monetize your blog with affiliate products etc.
Product Reviews is one of the Best Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches in Nigeria 2022.
See a few of the blog topics for a Product Reviews blog.
  • Cheap Laptops 
  • Latest Phones
  • Mobile Devices 
  • Zara Basic Sandals 
  • Scientific Calculator etc.

12.  Travel

This is another lucrative blog niche, and it is one of the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria 2022.
This Travel niche has very low competition in Nigeria, with a vast amount of users Google searches every month in Nigeria.
Creating a blog on Travel niche will make you some passive income with good organic traffic.
Many Nigerians do search for tips and tricks on how to travel abroad, how to get visa approval, cheap flight tickets etc.
Now, creating beautiful contents around these topic ideas with the right tips and answers to these questions will be perfect for you.
Below here are the few sub-niches and blog topics for Travel niche
  • Cheap flight tickets 
  • Tourism 
  • Visa guide 
  • Travel guide 
  • Adventure travel 
  • Excursions
  • Immigration 
  • Holiday travel
  • Budget Travel Tips
  • Save Money on Vacations.

13.  Food

Starting a food blog is one of the best blog niches I do recommend for ladies or those that love cooking very well.
If you are passionate to be a blogger and know how to cook, Food niche will be the perfect choice for you.
This is an untapped blogging niche in Nigeria 2022 many people don’t know about.
There are good numbers of searches on Google where users do search for food recipes, how to prepare meals, diets etc.
Therefore, creating useful and evergreen contents around these topics will drive home heavy targeted traffic to the blog.
Hence, with proper search engine optimization, you get to rank high on Google if you know what you are doing.
You can go for monetization using affiliate marketing and earn some commissions by adding your affiliate links to some of the cooking products.
See some of the blog topics one can cover on a food blog.
  • Food Recipes 
  • Food Industry 
  • Specialized Diets 
  • Healthy Living 
  • Restaurant Reviews 
  • Traditional Meal 
  • International Meal.

14.  Fitness & Exercise

Fitness and Exercise is a blog niche where one shares healthy living tips and information on physical fitness.
A fitness blog can teach lessons on proper exercises, pregnancy workouts, yoga and other fitness-related topics.
If you start a blog on this niche today, you can make fresh money on it with enough contents that easily attract massive traffic.
Also, you can monetize a fitness blog by recommending quality devices for workouts, affiliate products and as well as Google Adsense.
Here are the following blog topics on fitness & Exercise niche;
  • Women and Men Fitness 
  • Exercises 
  • Workouts 
  • Yoga 
  • Pregnancy Workouts.

15.  Health & Wellness

Of a truth, people do say that Health is Wealth, and in Nigeria, Healthy lifestyle is very much appreciated.
However, the Health and Wellness niche is a profitable blog niche you can venture into in Nigeria.
If you are good in health topics or providing a solution to health problems, then starting a health blog is an excellent idea.
You can provide tutorials and advice on different health problems for people who are cautious about their health.
Hence, you need to narrow down your blog topics to health micro niches with less competitive keywords.
Health niche is one of the most profitable blog niches for Adsense; you can make brisk earnings when using Google Adsense.   
Below are some micro niches and sub-niches topics for a health blog.
  • Skincare 
  • Weight loss 
  • Healthy meals 
  • Proper Nutrition 
  • Moringa benefits 
  • Herbal remedies 
  • Scar remover 
  • Shea butter
  • Public health care
  • Personal health care
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Body management 
  • Health Coaching.

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16. Personal Finance

Creating a Personal Finance niche blog is a beautiful thing if you know how to spend and manage money.
It is indeed a lucrative niche just as Make Money Online niche.
A blogger on this niche provides the best tips, strategies and tutorials on how to run your finances.
Nevertheless, you must be competent in managing finance and have a good worth of investments.
It will make you gain an audience quickly when providing your finance tips.
The best monetization platform for this niche is Google Adsense; you can make cool earnings with this.
You can consider these niche topics below for a Personal Finance blog;
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Stock
  • Debit & Credit Card  
  • Personal Finance
  • Banking
  • Investment 
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Cheap Car Insurance
  • Proper Financial Planning etc. 

17.  Relationship & Dating

Relationship and Dating is another profitable blog niche we have in Nigeria.

People need a good and strong relationship tips mostly youths (boys and girls) to keep a healthy relationship.
However, you must have a good knowledge of building a strong relationship with one’s partner, entails.
The dating niche is never-ending, and this can be one of the best blogging niches for you if you do proper planning.
Below are some of the blog topics on this niche you can start from;
  • Dating 
  • Marriage 
  • Romance 
  • Hookups 
  • Sugar mummy 
  • Relationship advise 
  • How to make a strong relationship between lovers.

18.  Self Development

Self Development niche is one of the blog niches many people don’t know about.
This is one of the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria.
On a self-development or personal development blog, you teach people how to develop and become a better personality.
Only a few bloggers know about this niche, it is still a very lucrative blog niche.
So, take that bold step today and start up your Personal or Self Development blog.
See the list of available sub-niches for a Self Development Blog.
  • Lifestyle 
  • Life coaching
  • Personal blog
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Career development 
  • Leadership development 
  • Self-esteem development 
  • Personality development 
  • Relationship Developments 
  • How to get rid of self-complexes.

19.  Freelancing

If you are good in Online and Internet Marketing, then starting up a Freelancing blog niche is a good idea.
There are thousands of freelance questions and related search queries on Google search engine every month in Nigeria.
Not everybody knows about this niche, and it is one of the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria.
Creating a blog on this niche and writing a good number of quality blog topics around it will be very easy to rank.
You can start by getting evergreen blog topics on most freelance sites like Fiverr, UpWork, iWriter etc.
And then, monetize your freelance blog with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.
Here are the few sub-niches for a Freelancing Blog;
  • Freelancing 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Internet marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Search engine optimization.

20.  Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips or Blogging Guides is the perfect blog niche I found very interesting.
This is the backbone of every blog niche, and it is one of the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria.
All other blog niches like Health niche, Tech niche, Food niche and others seek for blogging tips.
They visit blogs on this niche to know how to rank the first page on Google, how to get traffic, how to do SEO etc.
Providing quality and evergreen blog topics on this niche gives you an edge over other blogging niches.
You can provide different blogging guides on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords Research, WordPress, Blogger etc.
This niche is majorly about tutorials and solutions to blog problems just like this solution on Glo not opening Blogspot.
This blog niche provides you with a different source of incomes, including Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, etc.
Most bloggers on this niche earn more money through affiliate marketing. 

You can check out this free guide on Affiliate Marketing.

However, to succeed in this blogging niche, you need to be very competitive and provide better solutions than others.
See some few topics you can start on for a Blogging Tips blog;
  • SEO 
  • Blogger 
  • WordPress 
  • Blogging Tutorials 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Dedicated Server Hosting 
  • Cheap Domain Registration Hosting.

21.  Religion 

A religion niche blog is another profitable blog niche; you can start today and make money in Nigeria.

This is a very lucrative niche of which you can do well by covering every topic in Religion and Christianity as a whole.
If you do understand the certain concepts about Christianity, then starting a blog on this niche will be a good idea.
You can easily attract a lot of visitors to your Religion niche blog if you know what you are doing.
Then you can as well monetizing the blog with Google Adsense to make money.
Below are some of the Sub-categories for a Religion niche blog;
  • Spirituality
  • Chaplain
  • Christianity 
  • Prayer points 
  • Motivational guides etc.

22.  Events Planning

In Nigeria, people do like to attend events like Parties, Weddings, Shows and the rest.
Perhaps, to make the Event successful, there must be an Event Planner.
Events Planners make sure that the whole process of the Event or party is successful.
Now, if you do know how to plan events, you can start a blogon this niche.
Many Nigerians search for these topics on Event planning online very well.
However, once you are good at Events planning, you can make a lot of money online.
See some of the topics to cover on the Events Planning niche blog;
  • Event Planning 
  • Nigeria Events 
  • Cheap Hotels 
  • Wedding
  • Ushering 
  • Decorations 
  • Event news.

23.  Family & Parenting

Family and Parenting niche is another good blogging niche; you can start-up in Nigeria.
If you are a Mother or a House Wife, with a good idea of how to make a proper family planning;
And you are thinking of what to blog about in Nigeria; then, this blog niche is for you.
You can provide tips on how to build a successful Home, how to live a good family life and parenting etc.
Below are some of the topics you can blog on Family and Parenting niche;
  • Kids security tips 
  • New baby list 
  • Baby carrier 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Child care 
  • Responsibility
  • Family finance 
  • Family planning 
  • House rules
  • Parenting.

24.  Graphics

Do you know that Graphics is one of the hottest blog topics in Nigeria 2022? Of course, YES!
Graphics and Designing niche is one of the untapped blogging niches in Nigeria I found out recently.
On this niche, you can teach people how to make graphic designs, photo editing, cartoons using of the Adobe tools like photoshop, illustrator, etc.
If you are good in Graphics Designing, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to make money online.
Starting a blog or YouTube Channel on this niche will fetch you some passive income from different sources.
Here are blog topics for Graphics and Designing niche;
  • Photoshop editing 
  • Arts and Prints
  • Graphics Design
  • Sketch Drawing 
  • Portraits etc.

25.  Language

I decided to include this Language niche because I see it as more beneficial in future time.
This will become one of the most profitable blogging niches in Nigeria.
If you are good in Languages, both local and international languages then you can teach and train people on this.
Starting a blog on this niche as a Language Tutor will take you far if you know what you are doing.
You can start a Language niche blog on any of these popular language topics;
  • French 
  • Portuguese 
  • Spanish 
  • Local languages (Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa) 
  • Dutch 
  • German 
  • Online language courses.


Alright, those are the 25 profitable and untapped blogging niches in Nigeria 2022 and most popular blog topics from my study.
And I believe with the above information you can start up a blog today that will earn you good money online.
So, take advantage of this today, do more research on these topics and see the one that suits you before you pick them.
Get started today by getting a domain name with any of these cheapest domain registrars and start publishing evergreen contents.
Do you enjoy this article? kindly help to share this post with friends and on social media networks using the share buttons below.
Remember, Sharing is Caring. 
Thank you!
  1. Thanks so much buddy! Nice move in taking the bold step in creating your own blog.

    Try getting a custom domain, choose a niche and get started properly.


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