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How to increase brand awareness through digital marketing
Do you know that every personality on earth is a great brand? Definitely YES! 
You are a GREAT BRAND.
The world may not know you today, but your brand will be known very soon.
This has been my driving spirit whenever I write or talk on how to Increase Brand Awareness.
Bill Gates was not known when he conceived the value called Microsoft.
Also, Mark Zuckerberg was an unknown schoolboy in his college when he conceived the value called Facebook.
Today, I will share with you the vital tips needed to Increase Brand Awareness Value using Digital Marketing Strategy.
If you have a startup or you are a small business owner, then this article is for you.
Take a cup of coffee and chill as we dive into this excellent guide and see yourself conceiving your Brand Value.
First, let’s see what Digital Marketing is?


Have you ever wondered what happens when you explore any shopping website maybe (Jumia) to check your favorite collections?
Later, of which you start receiving the adverts of the same collection on another online platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Maybe, you forget to buy an item after checking to cart;
And later you receive an email offering you a discount or reminding you that you have an unbilled item in your cart.
Have you ever wondered, there are so many websites related to the same businesses?
But why only a few of them appear on the first page of Google while searching for product or services?
Have you ever wondered, there are many pages and groups on Facebook, but only a few get to show on your timeline?
And in most cases, it’s related to what you are interested in?
The answer to all these “Have you ever” queries is Digital Marketing.
As simple as that and you too can utilize for whatever you do. 
Even if you think you don’t have a business now, you can market yourself.
With an active digital marketing strategy, you can market your wisdom and knowledge as well.
Marketing is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have values for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

As of 2017, there were over 3.6 billion people online worldwide, and today, nearly half of the world is online.
According to NCC, there are over 97.6 million Nigerians having internet access and still growing at an impressive rate of about 38.4%.
Nigerians are so connected that they have an average of 0.90 mobile subscriptions each, that’s nearly one mobile line per person.
No matter which device they use, on average, people spend over 3 hours per day on the internet or social media platforms; 
Which is more than 90 hours a month.
Now, the big question is, How can your Business or Brand leverage on this massive opportunity?
OR, how can you Increase Brand Awareness through Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022?
Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for all your online marketing efforts.
Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google Search, Social Media, Email, and other websites to connect with their current and prospective customers.
The world today is going digital more than traditional, thereby giving more edge to branding in the digital age.
Proper Digital Marketing Strategyprovides one with appropriate targeting and as well makes it easier to interact with your audience and customers.
However, knowing how to use social media management tips effectively will be an added advantage to you.

Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness Value with Branding in the Digital Age

Here are the best tips on how to increase brand awareness through digital marketing strategy in 2022. 
Start building your Online Presence before launching your Business.
Don’t give your Competitor a chance to tear down your Brand.
Engage with your Social Media Audience.
Don’t ignore Offline Marketing.
Monitor your Brand Mentions.
Custom Email Address.

With branding in the digital age, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 
You are who Googlesays you are.
Now, let’s look at the following tools for a successful Digital Marketing Strategy and how to increase brand awareness value.

1.  Take Your Business Online

Your first and foremost job is to take your business to where your market is. 
In this case, you make it go online.
You can achieve this through your websites, forum, blog, mobile apps, and social media platforms.
Creating your website should not be a problem; you can achieve that using any of the available site builders.
However, with these Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Blogger platform, you can set up an online asset.
Moreover, for professionalism, you can hire a site developer or check out our Website Services here for easy and faster approach.

2.  Get Set with Social Media Paid Promotions

The easiest and most reliable way to get visibility for your businesses is to register your brand for paid promotions using social media Ads.
You can get started by using any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more.
With Facebook insights and the Ads Manager, you can tell the age, location, status, interests, and behaviors of your fans and customers.
Then, you can use this information to target and market them with the right product at the right time.
Hence, advertising and marketing your products or business would help increase your brand awareness.

3.  Connect Through Email

Email marketing is a great way to connect and stay in touch with your customers.
From building a contact list to learning how to design emails that stand out.
Hence, you need to have a good grasp of email marketing campaigns.
You can check out this guide here on Email Marketing to get started.
Nevertheless, for you to increase brand awareness, you need to have a custom email address.
Example; (, or etc.
With effective email marketing, you can build a list of your customer’s email and keep re-targeting them with your business or products.

4.  Advertise on Other Websites

By incorporating a mix of both display and search engine advertising on other websites, you will be able to maximize your online visibility.
You can then harness the power of re-targeting solutions to stay on top of your customer’s mind and move potential customers through the sales funnel.
Using the idea of Guest posting or Sponsored posts on niche blogs related to your brand or business will be a better option as well.
Also, you can place adverts on some websites to increase your brand value and make known your business to more people.

5.  Make The Most of Video

Today, video is a vibrant and accessible part of the online experience.
Connecting with customers through this versatile medium can open up valuable advertising and content marketingopportunities.
Integrating video into your online strategy and promoting them so that the right people see them will be a big plus.
Video Marketing is very cheap to make actually. 
It can be a short video clip, YouTube videos, etc.
Hence, the most important thing is the content of the video and make sure it is engaging. 
So, you can use a video maker to create some engaging content for your videos.
This is one of the ways on How to Increase Brand Awareness Value through Digital Marketing.

6.  Take Advantage of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to build trust and increase site traffic.
Excellent and relevant content can significantly improve your search ranking and in turn, drive traffic to your site.
Indeed, Content is King
Hence, with proper SEO Optimized Contents, you can easily rank higher on Google search engines.
Thereby driving home good organic traffic and then turn your visitors into potential buyers.


If you are still figuring out these digital marketing strategies and think it’s a bit complicated, then you need to take action now.
Think of that your business and see how you can make it a brand, thereby giving birth to a Value to the society.
I believe these few tactics will help to create the multiplier effect and increase brand awareness on your business when implemented.
To learn more about Digital Marketing, you can take this FREE course on Google Digital Skills for Africa.
So, that is all you need to know on How to Increase Brand Awareness Value through Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022.
For more questions or suggestions, you can drop them via the comment section, and I will give you a positive feedback soon.
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Thank You!

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