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How to become a Computer Engineer

Good day ElochiBlog Readers and viewers, Today lets get into the Technology World a little bit. 

Are you a computer geek? Now Learn How To Become a Computer Engineer For Free. 

I will be sharing my knowledge as a full-time System Analyst and Engineer To you all. 

Over the years before going into blogging, I have been a full-time Computer Engineer both in Software, Hardware and also Networking Engineer.

You may like to know more about this Software, Hardware and Networking Engineering. 

Cool there we go, I will share every bit of my knowledge here on Computer Engineering and how you can become your own (PC) Personal Computer Engineer.
Engineering as we all know is the practical approach or application into scientific knowledge. 
Indeed you can as well use this same approach into the system, whereby you practically keep and ensure the smooth running of your PC anytime any day.

Computer Engineers research, designs, develop and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and other technological devices.

Now follow up this post gradually to get more and more necessary tools and information needed on your journey on how to become a Computer Engineer.


This Includes and deals with the operations done inside the system to make it perfect and efficient for users. 
Below is the list of tools and operations done in software engineering.

•    Formatting & Installation Of Windows
•    Application Installations
•    Application Repair
•    Windows Repairing
•    System Management
•    Upgrade and Maintenance
•    Antiviral Management

This deals with the major factor of system engineering and its operations of which includes efficient working of all the system hardware parts for effective usage to the users. 

Below are the following tools and operations which are done in hardware engineering.

•    Hardware Installations (Printers, Scanners etc)
•    Hardware Repairs (Mouse, Keyboard, Printers etc)
•    Hardware Driving (Hard drives, VGA, Network etc)
•    Hardware Assembling
•    Hardware & Its Components
•    Microprocessors and Storage Devices
•    Hardware Maintenance & Management.

Here also is one of the operations done by the engineers, thereby providing efficient network connection of computers to share the same data and files together. 

Networking Involves a very deep and broad insights but here are the very few we ought to know for now. 

Below are the following tools needed and operations done in networking engineering.

•    Types Of Networks
•    System networking & Configurations
•    Cable Coding
•    Cyber Management
•    Cyber installations
•    Sharing
•    Network Management.

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    Motherboard
    Hard disk drive
    Memory
    Power pack
    Microprocessor
    C.P.U.
    Floppy disk drive
    Rombios
    CD Rom Drive
    Cooling fan
    Controller card
    Cmos battery
    Cmos IC
    Serial & Parallel Ports
    Video card
    Sound card
    Switches/Buttons
    Lights
    Nuts.

Alright, this will be all for now on how to become a computer engineer and be your own (PC) Computer engineer.

Follow us on our next post for more tips on technology and system engineering as you succeed in being your own PC Engineer soon.

Thank you!

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