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What is this untold secret behind blogging??? Here in this post, you will get to know the ultimate secret of blogging no one ever knew.
Now before that let’s see what really is the meaning of Blogging

Blogging can be known as weblog or website where a person writes and publish regularly about recent events or interesting topics happening around usually with photos and links to other websites that they find interesting. 

However, a blogger is one who keeps and updates a blog. 

Nowadays, blogging is one of the ways one can make money whereby you can easily blog at the comfort of your home once you have the perfect tools and devices and know this secret which I’m about to let you know now.
Today in the blogosphere industry, blogging has been the source of income for so many people whereby they flow through this great secret which only the successful bloggers make use of the secret while others don’t. 

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No big and top blogger in the industry will tell you this secret but I will tell you now.
Here, now is the secret, “TEAMWORK”. 

This word has been neglected for so long, after so many research and findings recently, guess what? 

Some top websites and blogs are having more than 10 bloggers on it, that is why you will see a new post on their site every 10-30 minutes. 

From my research, when a single blogger makes a post that gets about one thousand page views, if 10-20 bloggers do that same thing, how many page views is that a day?

Guess is about 20 thousand page views. 

Wow, you see the power of teamwork? So every blogger can’t work alone, you need a team to work faster and blow faster.

This is the Untold Secret of Blogging you might never know, but now you’ve known it. Let’s see more.
Now here are things successful bloggers do and what other bloggers don’t do
Bloggers never do a business called OURS. They understand the power of many and the power of unity and then form team or companies. 

However, the poor operate individually and only for a season, while people may get sick and die, companies neither die nor become sick! 

“There is a Chinese saying that says: What one strong man cannot do in one hundred years, will only take 100 ordinary people to do in three months”. 

This means that by pulling together you can bring the future to present.

Bloggers work with like-minded people all over the world. They know the power of a network and only speak one language of business. 

They follow the bible principle of “In giving you receive” also of scattering seeds in many water.

Bloggers are risk takers. You cannot claim to be a risk taker when you are doing ordinary things. 

To be successful in the blogosphere industry you must be willing to do what others are not willing to do. 

Believe me, a successful blogger is always a risk-taker.

Above all, to be a successful blogger, you need the best idea to become successful in blogging quickly of which I came to know that success only has a certain way. 

You can only know this way by looking at the life of persons that have made it and try that through the certain way. 

This has been working for me and here are the 3 most certain ways I used in my blogging life to get a large audience and unlocking person’s heart.

    Attention: As a blogger you must find a way to get someone’s attention first before talking about something. 
Here you can achieve that through so many ways like social media campaigns, guest posting, leaving nice comments on blog posts and so many others.
    Interest: Here you have limited time to do it, if not you have lost them. 
You only need to tell someone what they want and need but will only get it if they listen or follow you till the end. 

Now as a blogger your site needs to arouse the interest of your readers when they visit your site, thereby keeping them for long on your page.

    Desire: Now after getting someone’s attention, arousing their interests, the next thing is to fill their desire by telling them they can achieve it all with you. 

Believe me, with this 3 simple steps you have gotten a certain way and such unlocks the hearts of your fans and readers and as well brings them back to your site.

For most successful blogger, you need a team to work faster because a single blogger can’t work alone to achieve big, hence it might take time.
This is the Secret of Blogging you never know; However, with this secret you can always have certain ways to make more revenue.

Finally, taking the credit alone is not always good, it’s for God alone to take, then you and your team members can share the rest.

Hopefully, I knew very well this wonderful tips will help in your journey to be successful in blogging. 
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Thank you!

  1. Thank you for your nice comment, However you can start blogging as a beginner by learning the basics of blogging, then choose a profitable niche and others will follow.

    You can read more on our blogging category to learn more.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hello Elochi,

    This is really helpful for biginner bloggers. I am a bigginer srlf-hosted blogger at http://www.ejiblog.com which is centered around lifestyle articles.

    I must confess that everything you said in your article is true. These are things experienced bloggers rarely tell biginner. So, I decided to conduct some research, and thankfully, your article has helped me.

    Thanks for your honesty. This should help step up my blogging journey as a beginner.


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