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How to become a Blogger

Hello my viewer’s, Good day and welcome to (EB) ElochiBlog
Do you wish to become a successful blogger? 
See How my Blogging Life Changed and made me a Successful Blogger Today. 

Now I will be sharing my experience with you all on how I became a successful blogger

I know very well, you might be asking what is the big task in becoming a blogger and how to make money with it. 

Very good, you are indeed not too far from the truth now, just follow up this post gradually and you will get to see better.

Alright, now let’s get down with the main story line and tips to become a better blogger. 
Through out my life, I always had the passion for blogging (at least owning a site of my own), meanwhile thinking that webmasters or bloggers always earn once you visit their sites. 

LOL, this was my thoughts then but unfortunately for me, I came to realize that it’s not truly that way. 

Now I had to go on a research, conduct some texts and come back with the real truth behind any successful blogger. 

A few months back I was able to launch my own blog {}. WOW, very good am now happy at least I have made it in creating my own blog. However this is my first move now, so what next.

Here comes the main tragedy of which actually prompted me to come up with this post. 
After launching my site, I went on in search of a better niche and contents which led me into making some copy and paste posts. 

Actually I was thinking am on the right track to grow up my blog and update my viewers, unfortunately, I failed again this time. 

Now, I have to sit back and go into proper research and get the full meaning of Blogging and the mystery behind it.
Obviously, this has been the mistakes of mostly newbie bloggers with the mindset to get their blog approved by google and then you start earning immediately…Oh NO, Not at all.

During the launching of my first blog {}, I was already thinking that I have made it all, my friends were like Wow, Elochi the blogger, you are now a big boy. 

Elochi how much do you earn for anybody that just visits or open your blog page……Smiles!!!

Indeed it was like a scene. Anyway, let’s continue. After much discoveries, proper researches and tests were done I came to ask myself this questions.
  • What is my blog all about?
  • Can I produce contents easily for my blog?
  • What product will I promote or sell on my blog?
  • What service will I promote or offer on my blog?
  • What possible channels can I make money from my blog?
  • Will I be able to wait patiently while I grow up my blog?
Oh yes! To be a blogger, you must be able to answer these few questions for yourself and stand a chance of becoming a successful blogger.
Now after this time, I have to come up with something nice, I now got the necessary tools, effective guides and strong passion into blogging. 

I went on to unpack and restructure my blog and then move over to a Top Level Domain (TLD) from to

To God be the Glory, finally, the race for being a successful blogger has just begun.

Thank you all for reading…. Watch out for my next post on more tips to become a successful blogger and how you can start up your own blog effectively.
Thank you.

  1. Wow…thank you so much sir for your kind comments

    Indeed Blogging is a lifetime earning once you know what you are doing. However we seek to continue improving in our work so as to attain positive results at all time. We won't relent in the blogosphere industry.

    Tnk you once again for finding this post worthy.

    Warm regards.

  2. Elochi the blogger, blogging is cool! But for me I'm off the track mehn.. Even though I still do it on STEEMIT, I've really found something more interesting in the crypto world than blogging

  3. hello nonso,

    thanks for being here and your kind comments, i appreciates.
    always visit this blog for more updates.

    thank you, have a nice day

  4. hello voski,

    indeed, am glad you are here. i really know you to be a great blogger but you being out of the track keeps me wondering. you now base in the crypto world, its nice anyway. STEEMIT is also a nice platform for bloggers. i just hope you come back one day and see the beauty of blogging.

    thank you buddy.

  5. Thank you so much, Indeed writing has been my thing and as such I share tips and things that work for me to my audience through writing.

    Thanks for your kind comment and offer, will check it out soon.

    Have a nice day buddy!

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