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How to cite a survey report

You must know How to Cite a Survey Report, so you can cite surveys if you are researching or writing research papers.

Citation is vital after you must have collected the data in a survey.

Citing a survey report can help you verify your work and provide protection against plagiarism.

You can, however, use different formats to cite a survey, such as the APA style or MLA style.

Here on ElochiBlog, I will provide you with the best citation formats and methods for doing it.

Let’s see how easy it is to cite surveys and what citation formats are available.

2 Best Formats on How to Cite a Survey Report

Below are the best working methods and formats for citing surveys.

First Method: Using Published Survey Data Sets

  • Your reference or citation list should begin with the name and publisher of the author. Their first and middle initials should follow the author’s last name.
  • Next, add the date of publication for the author. Make sure it is in parenthesis. You don’t have to include the exact date; you can add the year.
  • In italics, put the title of the data set and the source type in bold. Only capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • If the distributor or publisher is different than the author, list it. However, if the publisher’s name is listed as the author but no other publisher, leave it.

If they are not the same, add the name to the bracket and insert the description in a paragraph.

  • A Link for online sources is the URL of the website that contains the data set you want to close your citation listing entry.

You will need to type “Retrieved From” followed by the URL of the site.

  • For in-text citations, include the author’s name as well as the year of publication in your document. This will direct readers to the first reference listing.

This is (American Psychological Association’s) APA Citation Format For Reference List:

Author/Publisher. (Year). Title of data set [Dataset]. Publisher/Distributor. Retrieved from URL.


Second Method: Referencing Your Survey

  • First, you need to clearly and accurately describe your survey in your paperwork.

For readers to understand why the survey was conducted, you need to include the details of the survey at the start of your paper.

Ensure that you relate your paper to the survey results and then explain why it is necessary.

  • After you have described your survey, explain how it was conducted and an overview of the survey methods.

If the study is of interest to you, include information about the demographics and participation of those who took part in the survey.

  • Provide precise citations of where your reference data was obtained, either from a published survey or your survey.

This is your survey and has not been published anywhere. Therefore, you don’t need to include the data set entry in your reference list.

  • As a bonus, you can include the question list from your survey in your paperwork. This will allow readers to review the study independently.

If there are multiple appendices, you can label your questions as “Appendix A” and label them alphabetically with capital letters.

  • You can also use Parenthesis citations to refer to your appendix within the body of your paper or in-text.

Add the appendix to the sentence after you have finished the sentence. This will make it easy for readers to find the relevant information they need.

These are just a few of the many methods and formats one can use to cite a survey.

The two methods discussed above on this page are the best and most commonly used methods to cite a Survey.

I believe you’ve learned something from this article, and I’ve given you the working formats on How to Cite a Survey Report.

Please share this information with your friends so that they can learn as well.

Remember that sharing is caring.

Thank you!

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