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FXKudi Card Online Money Transfer

FXKudi is a Fintech Company that is solving Online Money Transfer and Online Shopping Experiences in Africa.

Using FXkudi does not only provide secured and convenient way to send or receive money within Africa but also allows you to create a personalized virtual card known as FxKudi Card.

The FXKudi Card Online Money Transfer gives you access to border less Money Transfer and Power to Pay for your Local and International Purchases Online.

It’s no longer news that Financial Technology, FinTech companies are vastly disrupting the banking industry with several mobile money services launched on a regular basis in Africa.
Despite the massive launch of these services, they all serve almost the same purposes. 
But, FXKudi has come to solve unresolved issues pertaining to monetary transactions in Africa at large.
FXkudi has taken the mantle to support African businesses in receiving payments from customers all over the world starting from Ghana, and Nigeria
You’ll agree with me that, one biggest challenge faced by African businesses especially those who are into e-commerce is the problem of border-less payment processing. 
That is, accepting payment from customers who are in other countries.

According to the International Trade Center (ITC), “Receiving international payments is a key part of a trade, whether online or offline and these restrictions of border-less transactions are not the result of government policy or company weakness;

But are decided by private owners of e-marketplaces and payment platforms, who determine transaction risks.

These are some of the challenges that the startup has set a motion to serve African small and medium enterprises.

FXKudi is a fast-growing African B2B and B2C FinTech Company with a client-focused and result-driven approach to providing seamless and stress-free monetary transactions;

Such as sending and receiving money, payment of bills such as airtime and DSTV subscriptions. 

During its launch in February 2020, the Fintech company unveils how to transfer and receive money using their website or mobile app within Ghana and Nigeria
The company also provides a virtual credit card called FXKudi Card.
The FXKudi Card Online Money Transfer allows you to shop on your favorite sites like Amazon, Netflix, Apple Stores, Jumia, Konga, and lots more. 
As part of their new product launch in May, FXkudi has launched another mind-blowing service that allows Small and Medium Enterprises to Accept payments from their customers. 
FXKudi Card Online Money Transfer and Payment


Speaking with one of their representatives, Abioye Oyetunji saidPart of our mission is to power businesses in Africa. We want to support small and medium enterprises in Africa by helping them accept payment from their customers anywhere in the world”.

FXKudi as a startup is already connected with Nigerians and Ghanaians who are entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals who send and receive money between the two countries. 

However, not only between the two countries, according to them, they are ready to expand and serve other African markets as disclosed by Abioye.
He added that “Our mission is to give people the power to pay a reality and to truly serve the African people’s payment needs”. 

Situations where foreign students in Ghana are having difficulties receiving money for their upkeep or other school-related fees, the company has taken the mandate to make life easy by making things simple for people, and that’s not difficult to do”.

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“We have made it possible for our users to send and receive money into their mobile money wallets, especially in Ghana where over 58% of its population now use mobile. 

This is to ensure we do not leave anyone out as we look to serve the banked and un-banked in Africa”, they added”. 


But for Nigeria, receiving money using our online money transfer is easily sent into the receiver’s bank account. 

However, we are looking to expand our operations in that region by recruiting agents in strategic places.

And this also, is part of our plan to serve the banked and un-banked in the Nigerian market. 
This is how FXKudi Card Online Money Transfer Company is Powering African Businesses with Borderless Online Monetary Transactions in 2023.

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