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How to Become a Chaplain Online

Do you want to become a Chaplain, or maybe you feel to serve people as a Chaplain?

Do you wish to be a Spiritual Counselor and direct people on the right path to God?

Then, it would be best if you learned How to Become a Chaplain.

Chaplains provide guidance and counselling to people going through one circumstance or challenge, both spiritually and physically.

They provide spiritual support and services in hospitals, churches, schools, prisons, and military stations.

If you feel you are called or admire this profession and think it is the right thing for you to do, you have no option but to go for it.

Here on Elochiblog, you will get to know how to become a chaplain online free.


How to Become a Chaplain Online

Here are the three essential divisions on how to become a Chaplain online.

  • Preparing Your Career as a Chaplain
  • Educational Requirements as a Chaplain
  • Finding a Job as a Chaplain



1. First, you need to understand what the job is all about. A chaplain is an ordained person or someone who helps to assist or counsel people’s needs.

As a chaplain in any organization, your work is to listen, pray, and provide spiritual support to people.

You can also lead the various religious services or prayer sessions in the organization, and you can work at hospitals, prisons, etc.

2. Secondly, you need to be an open-minded and sympathetic persona, thereby showing kindness to everyone around you.

You must have the ability to connect and provide help to people from any background and character set.

Make yourself available and adaptive to different religious backgrounds and be open to accepting any religious beliefs.

3. Another thing to note in preparing your career as a chaplain is the ability to meet the spiritual needs of visitors and strangers.

Hence, you must be able to help, counsel, and motivate people at all times, even to the new individuals you meet for the first time.

4. You must be trustworthy and be able to keep secrets. Of course, this particular virtue is required from anyone who wishes to be a chaplain.

Being a trusted and confidential chaplain in keeping secrets or spiritual distress shared with you by people will make your work more effective.

Also, you must be ready to help at all times, even at odd hours and be selfless in your work.

5. As a chaplain, you must be spiritually healthy and make sure your spiritual life does not go down.

However, you can be a great chaplain if you can keep up with your spiritual life and still have the ability to provide spiritual support to others.



1. The first educational requirement needed is the Bachelor’s Degree when seeking to become a chaplain; you need to obtain your degree.

You can gain an undergraduate degree in theology and counselling.

2. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree, you need to get your Master’s Degree from any available seminaries and universities.

Gaining this degree will foster your chances of getting a job faster from various organizations, mainly as a military or hospital chaplain.

3. You can go for the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a certification program. It will help you to gather experiences to be applied on a job.

Hence, this program is made available primarily for Hospital Chaplains, and they will provide them with the opportunity to work in a prison or healthcare center.

4. Another part of the educational requirements is to be ordained by your religious organization.

In this case, you need some necessary training, teachings, and practice in religious education. 

And in most cases, you need an endorsement from your faith group or religious organization before being hired as a Chaplain.



1. Before you secure a job as a chaplain, you must have gotten a Chaplaincy Certification from one group or the other.

You can get a certification of ordination as a minister, endorsement from your faith group, a graduate degree in theology or related subjects, etc.

Depending on the nature of work, you may be required to get certification from an institution recognized by the “Association of Professional Chaplains.”

2. You must know whether to complete a Residency to get hired as a chaplain, and a senior chaplain is to be supervising it. 

Hence, this lasts for one to two years, and once the residency is completed, you can now become a chaplain.

Resident chaplains work primarily with families and hospital staff along while undergoing their training.

3. You can find a job as a chaplain faster when you become one of the “Professional Chaplain Organization members.”

One of the largest groups of professional chaplains is the “Association of Professional Chaplains” located in the USA.

This group comprises members from different backgrounds, and being a member will grant you access to various job opportunities as a chaplain.


Alright, this is all you need to know on how to become a chaplain online.

You can check out our article here on how to become a counselor.

Thank you. 


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