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Get to learn How Rankraft Digital Marketing Agency helps to grow your Business in 2022.

The digital platform is a vast stage where everyone’s online business wants to showcase an outstanding performance.
But, you need to make your own space on this stage, and the best way to do so is hiring a digital marketing agency services that help you grow your business.

Digital marketing helps your online business to get known locally as well as globally. 
It also generates online leads for your business.
Traditional marketing methods are not sufficient, plus they cost you high amount to implement.
That’s why; digital marketing agencies make your marketing work easy and that too at definitely less cost that you pay for a newspaper, radio, billboard, advertisements, etc.
Hence, you need to be aware of choosing the best marketing agency that can provide you with satisfactory results. 
For this purpose, you can refer to Rankraft Digital Marketing Agency, which provides you with all the best of digital services at low and affordable prices. 
Rankraft digital marketing agency services
Each of their digital marketing services helps to grow your business, and in this article, we will see how they are useful.

Rankraft Digital Marketing Agency Services

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To rank higher on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. it is essential that you should perform SEO for your business.

SEO helps in placing your website/web pages on the higher rank of first few pages of search engine and the more your rank increases; the more leads get generated.
It needs to be carried out continuously so that you can remain ahead of others for a longer time.
Rankraft and SEO:
    Rankraft takes the responsibility of your On-page and Off-page SEO.
    Professional SEO: Professional SEO increases traffic for your website, generates leads, increases brand visibility and also does conversion optimization.
    SEO Audit: SEO audit provides you with a full proof report explaining competition audit, technical audit, content and backlinks audit.
    SEO Link Building: Link building is a vital part of SEO. 
Rankraft makes sure that your website must get quality and helpful links only which make your website trustworthy for others.

2.  Marketing Channels 

Different marketing channels help to reach out to a different set of audience that is interested in your business.
Below are the marketing channels services offered by Rankraft.
  Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing services can make you famous within a short span if done right. 
Rankraft looks after your social media optimization and social media promotion activities.
This includes building and implementing unique ideas, writing blogs, quality contents, video marketing, etc. with the graphics for you.
They also do the promotion of your businesson different social media platforms for you.
  Pay Per Click: Paid advertisements are helpful for startups. 
But investing money in paid ads can sometimes become confusing or complicated. 
You may not be able to make the worth of your investment. Thus, experts from Rankraft do this for you.
  Email Marketing: E-mail marketing helps in maintaining good relations with your existing customers. 
91% of internet users are believed to check their email inbox regularly. So, it’s the best way to make the most of this service.

3. Web Analytics

Web analytics makes you understand how well your digital marketing is going on.
Now, Rankraft comes with the best tools to inspect your marketing activities:
  Heatmap Tool: It shows the graphical representation of visitor’s behavior at the time they visit your website.
It correctly shows the number of times visitors have clicked on your webpage, and how long they have scrolled through it. 
The colour coding indicates different values for different activities.
  Google Analytics: Google analytics checks the performance of your site. 
It contains the data that shows the number of users to your website, their location, their reference, etc.
Rankraft provides you with the following web analytics services:
(i) Google Analytics Setup
(ii) Google Webmaster Setup
(iii) Sitemap Generation
(iv) Live Chat Integration

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4. Content Writing

Content is the core of every website and every digital marketing activity related to it. 
Rankraft has an exceptional team of SEO Optimized Content writers.
Perhaps, they study your business, market and competitors before actually starting their work.
Every piece of content is formed with thorough topics or Keyword Research and is assured to deliver the masterpiece.
They are well known for writing content for your website, blogs, guest blogging, social media status, etc. that can rank high on SEO.

5. Graphic Design

The visually appealing content and posts are easy to recognize in the crowd, and Rankraft knows well how to do it for you.
Their creative and highly skilled graphic designers provide you with the best of logos, pamphlets, info-graphics, etc. for your advertisements.
Indeed, Rankraft is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. 
They have experts from all segments and are always ready to help you with all your needs.
Give them a try today, and you will never regret you did!


With all these services, as mentioned above, it is assured that your business gets identified as a brand in the market, and it shall be recognized in the sector you work. 
If you are looking for quality digital marketing work, then Rankraft Digital Marketing Agency is the best choice. 

The services offered are affordable and also result oriented.

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