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Who is Elochi and What is ElochiBlog


Welcome once again to EB (ElochiBlog) and I am hoping you want to know who is Elochi and What is Elochi Blog right?

Most of my readers and visitors have been asking series of questions upon questions based on my blog and what my blog is made up of. 

Good and fine; so today, I will be giving you answers to all your frequently asked questions about ElochiBlog.

Moreover, if you didn’t see your questions or any answer to your questions, you can drop it in the comment box and I will update this post as soon as possible!
Frequently Asked Questions about (ElochiBlog)
1. Question: Can you tell us more about yourself and your blog?

Answer: My name is Allen Elochukwu, the Founder, and Admin of ElochiBlog “Elochiblog.com”. 

I am a undergraduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Imo State Nigeria.

I hail from Abia state. You can read more about me on the About Page

I am a Blogger, Freelancer and Website Designer of which that is what I do for a living.

I love Internet, Blogging, SEO, Programming, Writing, Travelling and doing extra ordinary things.
This blog was created with passion in providing you with the latest news on Technology, BloggingTips, Business, How-To Guides, Make Money Online, Digital Marketing etc.
2.Question: What is the full meaning of Elochi?
Answer: Elochi is gotten from the abbreviation of my name ‘Elochukwu’, which I abbreviated to as Elochi and this has become my nickname popularly known to all by my family, friends, and fans.
3. Question: What year do you start this blog?

Answer: As at October 2016, I started this great blog with the blogger platform having my URL as Elochi.blogspot.com, gradually I moved on to create another blogger blog for it as Elochiblog.blogspot.com to enhance my learning processes. 

Then as at August 2017, I got my custom domain name and moved our blog site permanently to https://elochi.com.ng

And in 2020, we upgraded and moved the website to the .com extension and now it’s www.elochiblog.com.

4. Question: What is your blog all about?
Answer: ElochiBlog is a blog created with passion and full interest in providing Tech updates, Blogging tips, How-To Guides, Proven SEO techniques and Internet Marketing Guides.
5. Question:As a blogger, we expect to see ads on your blog which we have not seen for a while now?

Answer: Ads is one of the sole aims of every blogger which serves as one of the source of our earnings. 

However, I hope to get one running on this blog in due time.

Still at that, making use of ads networks are not the only way to make money from blogging or from your blog. 

However, I explore and have other means of blog monetization and ways I do make money with my blog.

6. Question: When will you start rewarding your readers and commentators as other bloggers do?
Answer: Oh yes; we have looked into that and put it into much consideration.

Very soon, we will start collecting the data/information of those that have the highest number of comments and contributions to our posts. 

Watch out, it’s going to be fun indeed.

7. Question: Do you have a Facebook page or Facebook group?

Answer: Definitely yes, I do have; ElochiBlog Facebook page is here at this link (www.facebook.com/Elochiblog), you can follow us and like our page also share/invite your friends’ as well to do so. 

While for our Facebook group you can click HERE to join our Facebook group to get instant updates from our blog.


So, here are the most frequently asked questions about ElochiBlog, and I believe I have answered all your questions perfectly. 

Meanwhile, if you still have any question to ask, you can add yours through the comment box below, am ever willing and ready to answer you.

Thank you for reading, we hope to bring you on a more exciting edition of new posts from this blog next time.

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