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Chances are before you started a website, you probably looked up the keyword: “How to start a blog or website”.
And then you found a comprehensive article on Google detailing every step you should take.
One of the significant steps you must have come across was: “selecting a niche blog!”.
While the concept of niche should not be complicated, it is necessary and should not be overlooked.
The niche of your blog defines the hit or miss that will result during your blog’s lifespan.
When selecting a niche, most websites often say: “Pick a topic you are passionate about”. 
Well, choosing a topic you love should convert to cash, right?
wrong blog niche
There is a secret you must know!
Selecting a niche blog you love and you’re passionate about is like doing what you love and expecting to generate income; 
There is no certain guarantee that what you love would equal cash.
Nevertheless, you can still get paid by doing what you love.
To further explain the analogy, does anyone love to go to the gym to work hard and develop a sturdy fitness? 
Or does anyone love studying for an examination? 
I bet that we would all love to eat as much as we want and still maintain a great body structure.
We would also like to relax and have fun rather than read lengthy books and study materials before an examination. 
But the big question is: Would being lazy in our comfort zone equal a great certificate or an awesome body build?”.
You need to answer that yourself!
Creating a blog around your passion won’t equal money; unless you have a hobby blog or the topic of your blog, coincidentally matches a high paying niche.
However, if you want to make money blogging, then you have to discover an untapped blog niche.
There is no sense in spending valuable time on a dedicated task that doesn’t equate to profits.
Not unless you are doing some form of charity. 
In such a case, there is no point in reading further!


How to Discover an Untapped or Profitable Blogging Niche [2022]

Follow the steps below to discover and select a profitable blogging niche before you start a great blog that generates passive income.

1. Think About a Problem

Making use of your greatest asset (your brain) is the foremost step. 
I don’t know of any way you can create a source of wealth without the use of your mind.
solve blog niches problem


Thinking helps you discover, analyze, and solve problems. 
Successful people think, and that is how they make money;
Not by thinking about money, but by thinking about issues that need solutions.
Tip:Learn to solve a problem that has few solutions, then money will follow.
Some bloggers don’t think, and that is why they start a website that eventually fails.
For instance, when most people hear the word blogging, the first word that comes to mind is entertainment blogging.
They jump into the bandwagon of websites that are already established and in a heavily congested niche.
In that case, failure is bound to occur.
Entertainment is no longer a rare niche, so creating an entertainment blog means that you are getting yourself into a money fight!
You will have to spend so much money to make an authority blog in the entertainment category.
However, the purpose of this article is how you can make more money blogging with little capital.
Tip to get you ahead:Be among the first to start a website when a new on-demand product launches.

2. Plan Ahead

I’ll begin with a very famous quote: “Failure to plan is planning to fail”.
I do not need to explain further.
selecting a niche blog


Think about a topic or niche for your blog, then create a plan.
Your plan can include:
  • Reasonable short term and long term goals on expanding your blog.
  • The capital required for that niche blog.
  • The audience whose problem your blog is going to solve.
  • Where that audience hangs out on the web most.
  • The means of getting information for the brainstormed niche.
The most important thing you should take out of this step is to make proper planning entirely about the niche you decide to blog about. 
Discovering a problem is one step, planning effectively on how to solve it is another. 
Tip: You must understand the problem correctly before you can solve it.
After making a structured plan about your niche, does it seem profitable? Is the competition low?
Are there more people searching than fewer blogs returning results?
If the answer to the queries above is YES! Then congratulations! 
Else, return to the thinking phase.

3. Narrow Your Niche

Having a blog with a broad range of topics won’t help you reach your goals in a shorter time.
You must narrow the niche you select.
For instance, when starting a tech blog, the big problem I see that people make is that they create a general tech blog. 
That is a Big error!
Rather than create a single website for the latest tech news, tutorials, reviews, and gadget specs, why don’t you make a unique website that is specifically about telegram tutorials?
You will be solving a problem by helping people use the telegram app better.
Now that is an idea for you!
Narrowing your niche helps Google and other search engines know that your blog topic is relevant and that you’ll probably be an expert since everything on your blog is based around a single theme.
Relevancy is an excellent search ranking factorthat will get you a big boost on the SERPs.
selecting a niche blog


Ranking higher equals traffic, which equals profits!!!

4. Create Your Website with a Focus Theme

If you managed to reach this step by excelling the previous actions, then kudos to you! 
Brainstorming or selecting a niche blog is not easy!
Once every other step is cleared, you should create a website that is strictly focused on your niche and never go off-topic! 
selecting a niche blog
You can create a website by:


  • Buying a Domain Name

Your domain name is what users input to reach your homepage; for instance, is an excellent example of a domain name.

Buy a domain name that visitors can easily remember, and one that is similar to what your niche or blog topic.
You can get one from any of this affordable and reliable domain name registrar.


  • Getting a Web HostingPlan


Purchase the Web host package you can afford from a good domain hosting registrar.
You can get from registrars like (Bluehost, Interserver, Namecheap, Siteground or MilesWeb)and instantly install WordPress to take your website online.
  • Design Your Website
Customize your website to have a great UI and UX. Users love a website that is clean and easy to navigate.
Designing consist of excellent site theme or template, beautiful logo, site navigation, responsiveness, speed, etc.
If you’re using the blogger platform, you can get this ElochiBlog Blogger Template with full design and customization
You can as well engage the service of a professional web designer to create your blog or website.
  • Publishing Great Content
If you are unaware, Content is King. Google understands user behaviour to know if your content solves a problem.
As soon as your blog is online, do not focus on making quick money, instead focus on creating value. 
That is why you had to pick a niche.
Just so you know, despite picking the right niche, it could take up to 5 months to earn a dollar. It is normal.
At least, there is a guarantee that you will make money; most bloggers work for years without earning a single penny just merely because they are in the wrong niche.
Dedicate the first three months publishing valuable and evergreen contents.
Also, make sure you engage into proper Keywords Research for your contents and provide SEO Optimized Contents.
  • Promoting Your Website
While waiting for Google and other search engines to discover your blog, promote your website where your targeted audience hangs out.
Promoting your blog can make search engines recognize it faster.
This is why you must create a plan on how to run your blog or website.
You can promote your site using paid ads, social media platforms and on free online forums
All these will come into play if you know all these secrets on how to select a niche blog in 2022.


In summary, the secrets of finding a profitable niche are:
  • Thinking about a problem with few solutions.
  •  Planning effectively on how you can solve the problem and attracting the audience that needs the solution.
  • Narrowing the niche as much as you can to establish expertise and relevancy in the eyes of users and search engines.
  • Creating a fantastic website that users can’t do without.
Those are the four simplified steps and secrets of selecting a niche blog in 2022.
Do you need some profitable niche ideas? Check out the list of untapped blogging niches in Nigeria.
Once you’ve chosen your preferred blog niche, then it’s time to get to work and start blogging.
Hopefully, I know you enjoyed this article; Kindly help to share this post with friends and on social media networks. 
Remember, Sharing is Caring.


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