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How to make money with a blog for beginners
Starting a blog in 2022 is now easier than before only if you know the reason to start a blog right now.

You are now asking What is Blogging and how does it work or How do you start a blog and get paid for it?
Do you care to know? I will tell you, read on.

Here on this page, you will get to learn How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners 2022.
This is the Best Guide on How to start a Blog and Make Money in 2022.
However, this is a Blogging for Beginners guide specially made for new bloggers who want to become a pro blogger.
Blogging is a profitable digital marketing skill you need to learn if you really want to make money online.

Of course, Blogging is still profitable in 2022 and you can start a blog for free with little or zero capital.

Are you new to blogging and looking forward to becoming a full-time blogger? Then this article is for you.
I will share with you the A – Z of how to become a blogger, blogging ethics, monetizing a blog and how to make money blogging.
Are you ready now? Let’s get started!

How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners (2022 Complete Guide)

How to make money Blogging for beginners
As a beginner in blogging, you need to know the necessary blogging basics needed before starting a blog.
Below are the basic things to know and various steps to follow on How to make money with a blog for beginners in 2022.

  • What is a Blog and types of Blogs?
  • How to Become a Blogger.
  • What to Blog About.
  • Blogging Goals.
  • Blogging Niches.
  • Blogging Platforms.
  • Monetizing a Blog.

1. What is Blogging and Types of Blogs

The term Blogging or Blog is used in short form as “Weblog” known as the online journal website of which people used in informational writing and posting.
This information can be their personal opinions, stories, experiences, writing contents on particular topics and providing solutions.
Blogging can be divided into various types which include Personal blog, Corporate blog, Niche Blog, Micro Niche blog, Personal Services Blog, etc.

2. How to Become a Blogger

Becoming a blogger is just very easy, there are certain things you first need to consider.
What’s unique and interesting you can offer to people? 
What’s your area of interest?
If you’re looking for How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners in 2022, you ought to first know How to become a Blogger
Bloggingmost times has to do with something very personal.
For instance, you’re a Makeup artist, and you’ve decided to open a blog.
You could go into creating content to help people learn how to do perfect makeup without going to anyone to learn.
You can introduce Tips to avoid getting face burning and the likes that’s how you grow your contents.
NOTE: Blogging is not a get-rich-quick system. 
What drives blogging is passion, if the passion is not there, then consistency cannot be achieved.
So in summary, becoming a blogger, you have to know how to create contents around your interest, have a passion for it and be consistent.

3. What to Blog About

This is one of the major blogging ethics you need to know when venturing into blogging for beginners.
So, you are asking what to Blog About? You can be a writer/blogger and blog on different topics which includes;
  • Topics of Human Interest
Humans are your target audience, you can’t come every day and tell people what doesn’t matter to them, think of the trends and what arouses people in this contemporary time.
  • Find a Niche
Finding a niche is a very nice way to know what to blog about. Hence, you will get to know and write on specific blog topics or sub-topics.
  • What You Know
You can’t come and start blogging about what you don’t know, or something you have no idea and knowledge of.
You’ll appear as a mediocre to your audience; they’ll get bored and disgusted and never visit your webpage anymore.
  • Share Your Experience 
Still, thinking of what to blog about? Sharing your experience can be a good way to get started.
Sometimes people want to know how you’re doing it because they want to compare it with what they are doing. 
Share your experiences and how you did it on your blog to the world, they’ll be interested.

4. Blogging Goals

This is another aspect of blogging basics you need to know when looking for how to make money with a blog for beginners.
Setting aside a good plan or Blogging Goals before you start a blog is an added advantage to you.
As a Beginner in Blogging, you don’t have any goal or plans for your blog? then you’re wrong.
When starting a blog in 2022, you need a very good Blogging Goals to go with, so you don’t get tired or run out of contents.
Now, let’s see the different blogging goals needed in starting a blog in 2022.

  • Attract a New Audience
Your first goal or the essence of blogging is just to grow an audience base, followers and all.
And give them something every day. That’s just a goal you shouldn’t toy with.
  • Answer a Question Or Solve a Problem
If what you do does not directly educate people of your niche, then you shouldn’t be blogging in the first place. 
Your blog must answer people’s questions and bring solutions.
Let’s say you’re a food blogger, What you should do is help people who can’t cook. 
Give tips on how to cook foods, provide new food recipes, prepare meals like, radishes etc. 
So when a wife or a mother goes on Google and search, for example: “How to Cook Egusi Soup”, your blog just pops up to answer that with the right contents and optimizations.
You see, you didn’t just answer a question but also saved a home.
An example is when you’re looking for the best blogging niche to choose from or venture into after creating your blog. 
You can go to Google and type “Best Blogging Niches in Nigeria” or search for “Untapped Blogging Niches“.
This my blog post here on Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches in Nigeria shows up on the first page immediately. 

Now, users or new bloggers who are looking for a Blogging Niche can easily get answer to that and this has solved their problem.

  •  Promote a Product or Services 
Yes, you must use your blog to push and advertise what people do, use it to promote your Business, Products, and Services. 
You can also promote or advertise People’s business, your family and friends’ business
Then, subsequently, you’ll get paid for those adverts.

5. Blogging Niches

After mastering your blogging ethics and goals, the next thing is, Choosing a Blogging Niche.
Now, Blogging Niche is just the different Topics or Sub-topics one can blog and write about.
This can be a micro-niche blog, your hobby, passion or what you love doing.
However, if you want to know How to start a blog and make money fast, then you need to venture into Micro Niche Blogging.
Some of the Blogging Niches include:
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Career
  • Scholarships etc.
    All these and many more are different blogging niches we have!
    Before you choose a particular blog niche, you must make sure it is a very profitable blogging niche.
    Here is a guide on different Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches for you to choose from.
    You just have to choose the one that interests you the most and then get started.
    Hence, you can as well narrow it down and blog on sub-topics under each niche category.
    Example, for Technology Niche, we have sub-niches or sub-topics under it like;

    • Phone Review and Accessories
    • Browsing Cheats
    • Tech News etc.
    There are many of them, likewise for other niches. 
    So, the best is to start with one particular micro-niche first, then later you can start writing content on other related niche topics.
    If you’re looking for how to make money with a blog for beginners in 2022, then you must choose a profitable blogging niche.

    6. Blogging Platforms

    Once after you have figured out the blogging niche you want to start with, then you now choose the best blogging platform to use.
    There are different free blogging platforms and blogging sites to open your blog.
    You could use or to create your site and then you’re good to go.

    • Blogger Platform
    For Blogger or Blogspot, it is a Free Blogging Platform that is being already hosted by Google.
    You can easily create a free BlogSpot blog using your email address.
    The next thing is to get a domain name and integrate it into your blogger dashboard and your site will be Live.

    • WordPress Platform
    For WordPress, it is a Custom Content Management System (CMS) that serves as a Blogging Platform as well.
    You will need to get a Hosting plan alongside with your domain name and then host your blog.
    If you are on a tight budget, you may utilize the Cloudways Black Friday discount offer through which you can save a considerable amount while buying the managed cloud hosting for WordPress.
    After getting a Hosting plan, you setup your Cpanel, Install WordPress, Connect your domain name and your site is Live.
    NOTE: A Website is different from a Blog.
    Understand that blogging doesn’t mean you must own a website; you just need to build your audience and make money.
    It must not be through the website. A blog is okay. 
    Sometimes you might not be the writing type, you just love videos.
    There are platforms you can use for your video blogging, video blogging is simply called (Vlogging). 
    Hence, you can start up with YouTube by creating a YouTube Channel.
    However, if you can write very well, then just pick a blogging platform, choose a blog niche and get a domain name.
    A domain name is a name you will like to use for your blog.
    Like, your site name, it can be your name or anything.
    Examples are:
    • etc. 
    Now these are different domain extensions we have: (.com .net .ng .org) etc.
    Once you choose a name then you now register the name by purchasing a domain extension from a domain registrar.
    All domain extensions differ in prices.
    Check out this guide to see the Cheapest Domain Registrars in 2022
    In choosing a blog name (Domain Name), there is so much to consider.
    • Choose a blog name that is easy to pronounce and easy to remember.
    • Focus on your topic, keyword or content, it’s also pertinent to consider these things before choosing your blog name.
    • Avoid using hyphens when choosing your name, else it will be difficult to visit your site.
    • Avoid copyrighted names, have your unique brand to promote.
    • Try using prefixes, alliterations or better still use your name.

    7. Monetizing a Blog

    Finally, next thing is monetizing your blog, of course, this is the time to make money blogging as a beginner blogger.
    If you are still wondering or thinking of how to make money with a blog for beginners, then this is it.
    Knowing how to start a blog for free and make money is your best bet once you follow all the procedures on this guide.
    Now, I will show you the various ways on how to make money blogging and monetize your blog.
    I hope you are ready? Let’s see them.

    • Sponsored Contents
    This is one of the ways one can make money from his/her blog, and this simply means advertising for big brands and companies on your site.
    They can contact you for a deal to sponsor a post (either they write or you write the post and publish on your site).
    Before this can come, you must have a good audience, traffic and people visiting your site regularly, also become an authority in that niche. 
    That’s the only way people will trust your blog/brand to run sponsored content on your site.
    Here on this site, we accepts Sponsored contents offers, and you can Sponsor a Post on the site. 
    Quickly check out our Sponsored Post details here.

    • Sell Services
    You can also sell and offer services like SEO Services, Creating blog/websites for people, teaching people blogging, article writing, writing Ebooks;
    Teaching them how to fix some tools on their blog and you get paid for it.
    Get a skill or services you offer and then sell it on your blog.

    • Google Adsense
    This is one of the major ways bloggers make money. They receive money through Google Adsense.
    Googleruns adverts on your site and the clicks those ads get becomes money for you. 
    Though not every blogger enjoys this, there are criteria you need to fulfill to make google approve ads on your site. I’ll share that subsequently.

    •  Affiliated Programs
    Jumia, Konga, Clickbank, Warriorplus, Jvzoo and others are different affiliate programs you can run as a blogger.
    When you become an affiliate on any of these platforms, you make money by placing their affiliated banner/links on your site.
    Hence you get your commission when a person buys or gets orders through your affiliate link.
    Most of these affiliate Programs pays through Payoneer, PayPal or Wired Transfer etc.
    You can quickly get a working PayPal account that sends and receives money in Nigeria here.

    • Partnership and Sponsorship
    Organizations, Companies, and Industries might decide to enter a partnership with you since your blog is popular.
    You promote their company on a contract agreement and they pay you hugely for that.
    This is one of the sweetest ways to make money as a blogger once you have grown your audience and your site has a good amount of Traffic.
    All these are ways on How to make money with a Blog for Beginners 2022.


    • Make sure your contents are free from copyright and legal issues. Create rich and unique content, if you copy, Edit and cite your sources and correct errors. Google check out for this stuff.
    • Make sure your About Page is well written and tells what is in line with your blog description.
    • Make sure your “Contact Page” is reachable and it’s filled up with your correct information. Google wants to know if it’s human they’re dealing with and not a robot.
    • Make sure you have the following pages on your site; (The About Page, Contact Page, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition Pages), etc.
    • Attach a media page, let your website be linked to your Facebook, Twitter and your other social media platform pages, it helps Google know you’re a brand that has an audience. Nobody wants to partner with a brand without audience/traffic.
    • Mobile Responsive Design: Your webpage must be able to interact with your audience, easy to navigate your menu pagesand create a responsive platform for people to chat/share their views on your article.
    • Social Media Sharing Button: Your site should also have a sharing button that avails people the opportunity to share your stories with other social platforms easily.
    • Favicon: A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website logo. Favicons are most often found in the address bar of your web browser, but they can also be used in lists of bookmarks in web browsers and feed aggregators.
    • Before you apply for Adsense on your blog, make sure your site is up to 1 month old, having about 20 – 30 quality articles with a minimum of 800 – 1000 words each.
    • If  you’re using the Blogger Platform, when applying, don’t apply from the (Earnings) Tab on your Blogger Dashboard, rather visit to apply. 
    These are the ways to structure your site and make it ready for Google Adsense Approval.
    So, here is all you need to know and these are purely the basics of Blogging for Beginners.
    Are you Ready to get Started Now?
    •  Pick a good domain name.
    • Choose your preferred Blogging Niche.
    • Decide on the platform you want to start with.
    After setting up your site, you can then start publishing contents around that particular niche you choose.
    And make sure to create and publish SEO Optimized Contents, which are evergreen contents that Google loves.
    However, I can still assist you to set up your site with the full features 100% working within 24hours. Click Here Now for inquiries.

    More From the Author

    If you must make money from Blogging in Nigeria and abroad easily, stick to Niche Blogging to target a particular audience. 
    With this, you will make your success easily.
    Before you set up any niche blog, you must first of all conduct keywords research to see the keywords that have high search volume with low competition.
    Here is a guide on Keyword Research and how to find keywords with low competition using FREE tools.

    After getting your Keywords, you can then write a good SEO friendly content around those keywords.

    If you can get such keywords, trust me you will enjoy free organic traffic from Google.
    Take for instance: The Niche is about Elochi Blog (which is the focus keywords as well).
    After doing your research and you are fortunate to see that the keywords Elochi Blog has 20k Monthly Search with less competition.
    This is wonderful to pack the whole audience.
    Here’s what you need to do.
    Buy your domain name as, .Com.Ng, .Ng, .Net, .Org or other extensions.
    Now, because your domain name contains your niche keywords;
    Google will respect that fact and give you bonus traffic of 20k visitors monthly on just your domain name.
    That’s not among the traffic that your other contents will drive.
    Make sure that your keywords have plenty of related keywords that people are also searching for so that there will be enough room for expansion. 
    If not you will create 20-30 contents and you will be looking for what to write again.
    Do your proper SEO setup both for (On-page and Off-page).
    Write better Evergreen articles and back up your micro niche blog with other related Blog posts based on keywords research.
    Wait for 7-months Maximum then come back here and thank me because the success is sure.
    That’s the whole idea about Micro Niche Blogging and How to Start a Blog and Make Money.

    Wrapping It Up

    This is the Best Complete Guide on How to Start a Blog Business and Make Money Blogging for Beginners in Nigeria 2022.
    If you don’t have any clue on what blogging is all about or you are still new into blogging, then this is all you need to get started.
    If you are still asking How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners, then you need to follow this guide and take advantage of it today.
    So, get a domain name from any of these Cheapest Domain Registrars, pick a niche, choose a Blogging Platform and start Publishing.
    Subsequently, monetize your blog and make money blogging.
    I hope you enjoyed this article? Kindly share this article with your friends and on Social Media Platforms.
    Remember, Sharing is Caring.
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