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Advertising Hacks for Business Growth

Welcome once again to ElochiBlog, as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Startup, SME, or a Freelancer, thank your star for being on this Page.
There is no better time to Skyrocket your Business and Triple your SALES than Now!
If you grab this opportunity today and learn about these 15 Advertising Hacks to Skyrocket Your Business on Social Media in 2022.
You’ll start turning your Customers into Cash.
Yes! Are you asking How? Follow me, I will show you.
It is also very important that you execute every point and principle you’ll be learning from this Guide and see how your business would skyrocket to its peak with sales and turnovers.
I believe you are reading this article because you are either a Business owner and want to boost your business through advertising;
Or you are a Freelancer who wants to develop Advertising and Online Marketing Skills and make moneyoffering your services to clients.
Whichever way, this article was specifically designed and created for you.
I have had my experiences and failures, and hence I will be sharing with you some of the lessons I learned in this guide so that you may succeed.
Here on this blog, I love to give value OVERDOSE and this is 2022, you need to Skyrocket Your Business to another level.
After going through this guide, I’m looking forward to see great scores and heights in your business or career soon.
Are You Ready? Let’s ride!
What I’m going to be teaching you on this page is not the regular blog post or facebook post/article you come across or anything of that sort.
It is very unconventional. For the records, I’m not a fan of conventional knowledge.
I like and teach very unconventional, specific and practical knowledge that is tested and trusted.
So, be rest assured that you are going to be exposed to a new way of thinking.
I am not saying you should discard whatever prior knowledge you already have;
But rather, be open minded to recognizing and grabbing the secrets I’ll be sharing on this page with you.
It Is A Normal Challenge!
Yes, it is…
So, you just added a brandnew product to your business
You’re super excited at the arrival of this exotic product.
It is so innovative and excellent that no one has ever been exposed to it before.
You even bet that it’s going to sell out fast. I mean, why on earth wouldn’t it?
With all the jaw-dropping new features and technology that the product has!
Oh c’mon. You sure bet that people will “rush” it big time.
With all the excitement in your heart and already calculating how much money you’re so going to make from this product, you get on with advertising it on Social Media.
You post it on your Facebook and Instagram pages for sale. 

You broadcast it to all your contacts on WhatsApp and even forward it to over 50 WhatsApp and Facebook Groups!

You even went further to print and disperse Posters of your Product Advert around the town. “Wow!”
Now your fingers ache from all the “pressing” of phone all day long.
But the ache is nothing compared to the excitement you’re feeling for all the money that will soon be flooding your bank account in no time.
So with that, you give yourself a nice treat to celebrate in advance.
Body no be firewood” right?
You take yourself out to Genesis Cinema and Restaurant. 
You’re having the time of your life while you wait for Orders to start landing into your phone.
The day is over; you get back home to check how many orders have arrived.
What you saw made your jaws drop.
Zero Orders!
Yeah, you read that right. No orders at all.
You couldn’t believe it.
Day 2, zero orders. Day 3, Day 4, 1 week.
One order finally arrives after 2 weeks, and you even literally had to beg the prospect to buy your “excellent product“.
What a messed up life, you say to yourself shaking your head.
Your “village people” must have done their soft work, you begin to think as you curse your luck.
Well, I’ll tell you this…
Your luck is not cursed. It’s not your “village people”.
Your product is not the problem. Your method of advertising is the problem.
A lot of businesses struggle with this one thing called ADVERTISING.
Marketing and Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, whether you offer services or sell products.
Without it, you’re not making any sales. You’re not getting any customers or clients.
And your business will stagger and shut down without sales and revenue.
Or even worse, you’ll go bankrupt because you have been spending your little revenue on the wrong advertising methods that do not work.
Advertising that do not bring in the sales. Such as printing brand polo’s and flyers or posters, advertising on radio, TV, news paper and so on.
These are traditional advertising methods. It’s for big, well established brands that already have a huge customer base and followers;
And just want to further promote their Brand because they have the money for such advertising budget.
That is why I prepared this awesome guide for you.
To teach you how to advertise the right way and Skyrocket your Business, without spending so much money or not even spending AT ALL.
Quickly follow me, let’s see them.

15 Powerful Advertising Hacks To Skyrocket Your Business in 2022 (FREE)

Here are the most dominant advertising hacks for your business growth, to Skyrocket your Business and then, boost your Sales and Revenues.

1   1. Stop Wasting Your Money On Advertising That Doesn’t Work

If you’re doing any of the advertising methods I mentioned prior to this point, you’re wasting your little resources.
Leave those methods for the big brands. You may not have that much to spend on such ads that won’t produce results.
They are just there to create a bit more visibility for your brand. See it as brand promotion.
The Advert that works for small businesses like yours is called the Direct Response Advert.
It is the type of advert that brings in responses from your customers directly from it.
It is a rule that if you spend N1000 on advertising, and if it is a good advert, it should be able to fetch you up to N10,000 worth of sales in return.

2      2. You must GRAB The Customer’s Attention

People are too busy with their everyday lives, your ordinary “For Sale” Tag will not attract their attention to even notice your product, talk less of buying it.
You need to be able to put something in your advert that will command them to stop whatever they are doing and pay attention to what you’re saying about your product on the advert.
This is how big brands like Airtel, Unilever and the others seize your attention and make you watch their TV adverts. 
It’s not Magic, it is one of the Advertising hacks which you can implement today and Skyrocket your Business.
They tactfully induced some techniques that grab your attention to their advert.
You see, the art of tactfully putting in all these forms of techniques in advertising to make it work is called Copywriting.

3       3. Use Emotional Triggers

People buy with emotions, and justify the purchase with logic.
Humans are naturally emotionally wired creatures.
That is why you end up buying a cute pair of sneakers that probably has the bio of a celebrityinscribed on it.
Truth is, you bought it out of the emotions that it is connected to a celebrity, and hence makes you feel special.
Though if you were asked why you bought it, you might just say that you needed a new pair of sneakers for your workout sessions.
If you want your customers to take your advert seriously, you have to make the buying process seem more emotional than logical.
Don’t go on telling them why the product is so cool, this and that. They’re not interested.
But if you attach something that will strike up any kind of emotions, they’ll be moved to respond.
Apple uses this technique very much on their iPhone products.
Let’s be sincere, the real reason people buy iPhone is so that they’ll belong to that class of luxury and rich persons who own iPhone’s.
But when asked why they prefer an iPhone over a Tecno or Infinix phone;
They’ll never mention that, instead they are more likely to justify it logically by saying it’s because of the camera quality.

4       4. Know Your Target Market And Ride With Them

One major reason why most small businesses like yours don’t succeed in making sales is because they either don’t have a target market or they target the wrong market.
Targeting the wrong market is like sowing seeds on stones. They won’t grow – you won’t get any sales.
No matter the kind of business you run or product you own, it has a target market, people who have the pain you’re solving, people who need the product you’re selling.
If you try to sell a Calculator to a Doctor, would they buy?
So you see? There’s no point. The target markets for the Calculator are students.
Even further, the more specific your target market, the more likely you’re going to dominate in sales.
So using the calculator example, even retailers need calculators, but standard calculators. 
And so do primary students.
On the other hand, students of higher institutions need scientific calculators.
Notice how the Target market became more specified.
One way to know your target market is by analyzing your product’s benefit.
What problem does your product or service solve? Write the answer down.
Then ask, which kind of people probably have this problem that my product solves?
That becomes your target market. Market your products specifically to them.
There are ways to define your target market in written advert otherwise known as Sales Copy.
So by using words, you can actually call out your Target Market aside and make them read your advert.
That way, you’ll have greater probability of getting sales.

5       5. Make An Offer

People are usually encouraged to buy when they have something extra to gain.
If you were passing by and you see that popular Minimee Chin-Chin Promo advert of “Buy 2, get 1 Free”;
Wouldn’t you stop by to grab the opportunity to own 3 whole packets for the price of 2?
Exactly! Make any kind of Promo offer that will encourage your customers to buy from you.
There are so many examples of Offers you can make to your customers like Job offer, Discount offer, Sales offer etc.
The most popular one is a Discount offer, whereby you slash the price of the product. 
People will buy 2 times more than before.
Think of any possible thing you can offer your customers to entice them to buy. The possibilities are endless.
There are several other kinds of offers you can make to your customers in your Advert.
Get to know those offers and implement them in your business today to Skyrocket your Business.

6      6. Emphasis On The Benefits Of The Product

People don’t have moneyto waste, no matter how rich they are.
They want to know what good your product will do for them if they buy.
Even products that are just used for the purpose of their fancy nature have benefits.
Don’t just tell them what your product does. 
Also include in the Advert, the benefits of what your product does.
With this, you can get their emotions and they will easily buy without much stress.

7      7. Your Advert Must Be Compelling

If you create a boring advert, your prospects will sleep off or lose interest? Is that what you want?
After getting their attention at the beginning of the advert, you have to be able to keep that interest burning till the end of your advert.
They won’t even know when they’ll hit that ORDER button!
There are so many, interesting strategies to create or write compelling adverts that keep your customers interested in your product.
All of these are what make up Copywriting.
As an Internet Marketer or Entrepreneur, you can as well learn the art of copywriting and implement those strategies into your business.
Doing this, will help to Skyrocket your Business and boost your SALES.

8       8. Ensure to Identify The Problem

You have to convince the customer that you know their pain in your advert.
If they can’t see what problem exactly your product is going to solve for them, they won’t believe there’s any point of buying it.
You have to also hold their interest and describe their problem that they begin to imagine experiencing it right there again.

9      9. Establish Credibility

In other words, you have to present your credentials. Show them why you should be trusted.
Let them know that you’re an expert in handling the product you sell, and hence cannot sell quack product to them.
This is where you build trust in your advert.
That way, they will feel free to exchange their money with your product and trust that they’re not dealing with a fraudster.
For instance, if you sell health products, and you happen to be a doctor or health practitioner of any sort, make sure you include that information in your advert.
There are many other instances. Think it through!

1      10. Use Customer Testimonials And Reviews

Another very effective way to establish credibility is to flaunt the testimonials and positive reviewsof your previous customers in your advert.
People will trust what other people say about your product or service than what you say about it yourself.
Never joke with testimonials and reviews. I personally treasure them.

1    11. Use Influencers Endorsements

What comes to your mind when you see one of the popular Nigerian Pop musicians like Davido and the rest modelling for Airtel or Glo?
You’re impressed and proud that you’re a Glo or Airtel user just like that celebrity.
And if you weren’t, you’d start considering it.
People trust a brandmore when an expert, influencer or celebrity endorses your product.
It has an emotional attachment.
They don’t necessarily have to be a popular celebrity since you can’t afford them.
Maybe just the modest influencer in your niche or an expert in your field that you have a connection with.
That would do.

1      12. Indicate Scarcity of Your Product

People will take your product more seriously and tend to hurry up to buy faster when they see that your product is available only in very limited quantity.
Always make sure to indicate this in your advert, it is very important.

This is one of the major Advertising hacks to Skyrocket your Business in 2022.

1      13. Make A Powerful Call To Action

Now that you have created an excellent advert and you’re certain that it will impress your potential customers and make them buy your product;
The end result is that you want them to order your product and pay for it, right?
So you have to ASK. Now, tell them exactly what you want them to do at the end of your advert.
You might assume they know. Well, yes may be they know.
But humans, even if we won’t admit it, may not do something unless they’ve been asked to do it.
It’s human nature and it is proven in Advertising and Marketing.
Tell your customer how to order your product, how to contact you, etc.
Examples of Call To Action words you can use in your adverts includes (Click Here Now, Order Now, Learn More, Send Message, Buy Now) etc.

1     14. Create A Sense Of Urgency

This technique is by far one of the most effective advertising and copywriting technique I use.
Humans are subject to procrastination. We always tend to put things aside for a later time, including your buyers.
And what’s worse is that, the later time never comes.
Your prospects might read your excellent advert and even make up their mind that he or she is interested.
But his/her procrastination tendencies will tell them to hit that “Buy” button late, that they need to think more about it.
Trust me; the moment it turns into “I’ll get back to you to order later” you have less than 50% chance of them returning.
So you have to put in a powerful trigger to warn them that time is not by their side.
Create that sense of urgency.
So that they’ll hit the order button and buy at once due to the fear of missing out on that purchase.
I have discovered several Urgency Triggers, some of which I use in my own business and copywriting career that works so well for me.
Some of them which you can use in your Ad or Sales copy includes, (Limited Stock, Limited Time, Only 20 Slots Available, First 10 Persons) etc.

1      15. Give A Guarantee

One of the obstacles stopping customers from buying is the fear of risks.
They’re asking the questions, “what if I’m not satisfied with this product?”, “what if they’re just lieing and the product doesn’t offer what they claim it will offer?”.
You have to clear these doubts from their mind by giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Tell them that buying your product is not risky as they can return it and get back their money if they didn’t like the product.

Don’t be afraid. Most of the time, no one will even ask for their money back.

Instead they will be so impressed at the level of trustworthiness that you have and won’t hesitate to buy your product.
It is a very powerful marketing technique for advertising that will help you to Skyrocket your Business in 2022.


With these 15 Powerful Advertising Hacks, you can now welcome your business to the fast track!
However, this is the raw form of everything you need in advertising and marketing your business, products or services.
Grab this exclusive opportunity of everything on this page today and implement these Advertising Hacks to Skyrockect Your Business.
You will be glad you did what others are not doing.
So, this Is What Wraps It ALL UP And Ready To Use.
Get to Work Now!
Are there any other advertising hacks you know, suggestions or questions? You can drop them on the comment section below;
And I will give you a positive feedback soon.
Kindly, share this article with your friends and across your social media platforms.
Remember, Sharing is Caring.

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