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Reasons for not getting Admission into University

Getting admission into universities has become the first priority of every aspirant both for federal, state and primary levels.
But, do you know that there are Reasons for not getting admission into University. Yes!
You can easily get admission into any School or University of your choice once you know these reasons and avoid them.

Education and studying in Nigeria are gradually becoming one of our cultures, thereby giving every Nigerian student the urge to move further and attain greater heights in the education system. 

However, most students fail to follow the right steps involved so as to get admitted into the school of their choice both in universities, polytechnic, colleges, and institutions.   
Today, in this article you will get to know the reasons why you might not get admitted, sit back and relax as we get to unfold this reasons in due time.

5 Reasons For not Getting Admission into University (2022)

1.  No Proper Orientation
Most Nigerian students and aspirants lack proper orientation and fail to get oriented or ask questions when necessary. 

This issue has been a barrier to so many and thereby limiting their chances in getting admission.

Most aspirants make so many mistakes in this admission saga, some went as far as to choose wrong courses without any knowledge and passion for the course, also they make the wrong choice in choosing their preferred schools.
In this case, I strongly suggest that every aspirant should get his/her self properly oriented and probably get yourself a mentor who will guide you through in your admission process. 

Ask around and make research for every schools and course you wish to aspire for then go with your passion for the best choice you make.

2.  Settling with your Little Knowledge
Oh yes, knowledge! They say is power indeed. 

As an aspirant, you ought not to settle with the little knowledge you had, try to get a very wild knowledge in everything you do because this what makes you a student. 

Most aspirants hardly seek for new knowledge rather they settle with the ones they had and thereby risking their chances of getting admitted.

This occurs mostly within fresh and new jambites, they tend to settle with their little knowledge gotten from secondary school and claims to know all; 

Without knowing that they are having just a little of what is expected to see in future time. 

Still, yet, some claims to know the basics and fundamentals hints in getting admission but unfortunately they knew little or nothing about Nigerian education system.

However, in this case; aspirants are expected to know all and the latest knowledge needed for their school of choice and courses.
Also don’t settle for the little you have but rather strive to acquire more knowledge because changes normally occur and it might lead you been outdated.
3.  Wrong Subject Combination
One of the major Reasons for not getting admission into University is Wrong Subject Combinations.
Obviously, this issue of subject combination has been trending for sometimes in the midst of aspirants. 

Most of them make this mistake by choosing the wrong subject combination for their choice of course and thereby limiting their chances of getting admitted into their preferred school of choice.

Actually, I have to address this here both for SSCE and JAMB exams, as a science student, you have to go for science subjects and this comprises of this five major subjects (English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). 

For Art students, then you need to go for these subjects (English, Mathematics, Government, Literature, and C.R.K/Economics). 

Now, you have to be grounded in the above subjects and make sure you credit those subjects in your SSCE exams as (A, B or C). 

Same goes for your jamb subject combination, here you just have to choose four out of the five subjects which are in line with your preferred course. 

Below is the best format for your jamb subject combinations.

  • Sciences: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/Biology
  •  Social Sciences: English, Mathematics, Economics, Geography/Agric
  • Arts: English, Literature, Government, Economics/C.R.K
  • Medical/Health: English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
Believe me; once you know this and choose the right subject combination, your chances of getting admitted increases.
4.  Going for Higher Courses with Low Score
Definitely, most aspirants are victims of this issue. Many of them ignorantly overlook such, thinking they are on the right track. 

Though one might be lucky, probably through a miracle or so, but that is not a guarantee. 

In most cases, this has been one of the major reasons for not getting admission into university of which aspirants go for higher courses having a cutoff mark as 250 and above with a JAMB score not up to 200.

Oh NO! It can’t work, rather go for courses having lower cutoff marks or in the same range with your score so as to increase your chances of getting admitted. 

Nevertheless, you can as well go for other schools once you don’t meet up with the cutoff for your first choice of school as federal.

This is the essence of having about four choices of schools to choose and always make proper use of them by choosing wisely. 

Mostly it goes this way as the best; the first choice as federal/State University, second choice as polytechnics, third choice as a college of Education and lastly the fourth choice as any institution, thou not necessary in most cases.

5.  Lack of Information
Keeping yourself informed and updated is always necessary in all you do as such help broaden your knowledge and makes you successful in all you do. 

Meanwhile, this information factor has been seen as a lacking factor in the life of most aspirants. 

Lack of Information is another thing and its seen as one of the reasons for not getting admission into University.
Hence, this tends to be a barrier to students and limits their chances of getting admitted as well.
Moreover, aspirants need to be observant and consistently check for any vital information concerning about the school of their choice so as not to miss out on any chance taking place. 

In this case, you always need to be online and prepare ahead of time, browse and check for admission status of your school of choice, check for when forms are on sale and other information as well about your school.

Thus, this helps you to know your next step/process once you got informed with any particular information. 

In addition, I will recommend this top best educational site for you to check in always for any school information needed here at www.myschool.com.ng

Also, you can get all the latest update for schools once you search on this blog or follow through our education category.

Finally, you as an aspirant or aspiring to be in future time or already a student should endeavor not to fall a victim of any of these five reasons which can deny one of not getting admitted. 

However, once you are able to know and surpass these 5 reasons for not getting admission into University and do the right thing; 

Believe me, you are 100% qualified to be admitted into any school of your choice. 

The time is now, do your best and see the sky becomes your starting point. Goodluck!

Very well, I know you enjoyed all and hopefully, this helps to ascertain your admission progress in due time. 

You can leave a comment below, we love your comments. 

Thank you.

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