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Do you know that Privacy and Policy Page is very important on every blog site?

Google has considered this page as one of the essential requirements needed in a blog before applying for Google Adsense

A blog site without this cannot be approved for Google Adsense and it shows how un-serious your blog is to them and also to your visitors/readers.

How to Generate Privacy and Policy Page for Blog

However, if you wish to take part in the Google Adsense program and get your blog approved once you apply;
Then you need to know How to Generate Privacy and Policy Page for Blog, and generating one for your blog site is a good thing.
You need to get this privacy and policy page on your blog to look more professional to your visitors and to provide them with things available on your site. 

Nevertheless, you can as well compose or write the privacy policy of your blog by yourself.


How to Generate Privacy and Policy Page for Blog (FREE)

Actually, there are many sites that are specialized on creating Privacy and Policy for blogs but I am only going to give you the most ultimate three (3) today which I normally use for free.

This is one of the tools I used in generating a privacy policy for a blog site.

They are specialized on creating of friendly well-detailed privacy and policy which are meant for those who would like to take part in the Google Adsense program and it has been in existence since 2007. 

Serp Rank is the most recommended for me; I got my blog privacy policy page using this tool.

🔘 How do I get the privacy and policy write up for my blog?

• Click on the SERP rank
• Now in the Serp privacy and policy page scroll down you find this
“Just click on the link below to go to the new page for our privacy and policy generation”
• Just click on it and then insert your blog URL and other requirements then click generate.
• Now copy all the write ups to your blog and create a page for it.
This is also another good tool; they provide a nice service for creating privacy and policy for sites. 

All you need to do is just insert your website name, company or website state and click on generate, then wait to see the magic that’s all. 

Then follow the steps above to map it out to your site.

3.    7thSPACE
This is also among the recommended tools one can use to generate privacy policy of a site; 

All you need to do is just input your site name and email, click on create privacy policy and it generates HTML code for you to place on your blog site.

🔘 How do I place it in my blogger blog Site?

Step 1
Go to your blogger dashboard and select your blog, click on Pages
Step 2
Now; create a new page by clicking on the New page.
Step 3
Paste the generated privacy and policy content inside the new page with a header like “Privacy and Policy” and click on publish.
Step 4
Now; add your page gadgets in order for readers to see your pages or better still make a link for it in the menu tab.
Hopefully, I believe this will really help you a lot. 

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Thank you!

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