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Computer System Servicing and Maintainance
Here, I will be showing you the basic powerful computer tips to note and have in mind that can help you in servicing and maintaining your computer system very well for its betterment.
Now before that, let’s see more on what really is Computer System Servicing and Maintenance

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System servicing as the name implies is the act of keeping your computer set or laptop free from bugs, also repairing the necessary parts to make sure it is 100 percent updated and works perfectly fine. 
Most times we keep in touch with this by scanning our PC and Laptops for viruses, de-fragmenting and optimizing the hard disk, cleaning and repairing the system parts and then other possible technical solutions.
Throughout my years as a computer engineer, I came to realize that proper system servicing brings about a long-lasting period of most Computer sets and Laptops. 

Yes, always make sure to optimize your PC regularly to avoid constant breakdown of your system.


3 Major Computer System Servicing and Maintenance

  • Formatting

Formatting as the name implies is the process one uses for cleaning or to remove all the entire files in the system hard disk, thereby making your computer or laptop empty free from bugs. 

Here, as a computer engineer, we make use of the available tools and software for the system formatting; this software includes the (WINDOWS XP PACK, WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1 and 10). 

Moreover, there are so many other software tools for formatting, but these ones are the latest so far which you can easily get. 

Obviously Formatting of computer system helps in proper computer system servicing and maintenance of which PC users can be infected with system virus and thereby needs to format so as to keep the system running smoothly.

  • Driving

Driving in computer system servicing and maintenance simply means the process by which one activates the necessary system hardware’s for better functionality. 

In this case, we make use of the available driving software tools known as (DRIVERS PACK) to achieve this. 

Once after formatting next is to drive the system hardware’s which includes the Sound drive, Ethernet ports, VGA, Internet Network access and other hardware parts. 

This has been found worthy in most cases as some system inbuilt hardware drives tend not to function effectively till you perform the operation. 

However, some WINDOWS PACK software now comes with its drivers embedded in it thereby activating the system hard-drives immediately during the formatting process. 


  • Installations

Now, here is the final stage, Installation of system programs and applications. 

During this process, you have to install the proper system utility programs and applications first for effective running of your system thereby installing an Antivirus for your system, I suggest (SMADAV ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE). 

After this now you can as well install other vital system programs needed. 

Meanwhile, take note of the proper process guide displayed during installations as such might render the program or application not to function effectively when being installed.

Hopefully, we can now ascertain the need of proper servicing in our computer systems. 

Okay, below here are the tips mostly computer engineers use in system servicing.

1.    Always make sure that your computer devices are well connected for proper functioning before working on it.
2.    Avoid working on a system without knowing and observing the faults.
3.    Whenever you boot a system and it stops booting at all, here is the solution: 

Check the Power Pack Area to Troubleshoot and know the exact problem, if the power pack is no more working then you replace with another one.

4.    Whenever you boot a system and it boots but not displaying anything on the monitor, here is the Solution: Check the RAM and brush/Clean with methylated spirit.
5.    Whenever you boot a system and it boots and off and shows a blue background with write ups and reboots itself continuously; 

Here is the solution: A file is corrupt inside the system, then you need to format the system.

6.    Whenever a system boots to the extent of displaying the desktop environment and offs immediately and reboots again by repeating the same problem continuously; 

Here is the solution: You just need to format the system.

7.    When formatting a system and the system offs and boot itself continuously, here is the solution: Check the power pack area or replace with another power pack.
8.    Always make sure you drive your system hardware’s with the Drivers Disk Pack Software once after formatting a system.
9.    How to test for a Power Pack: Get a wire, put one end of the wire to the pin in the power pack plug (via the motherboard direct plug), then use the other end of the wire to test round in all the pin, during this process one of the pins will make the power pack fan to rotate, but if none then the power pack is now dead.
PS. Remember to plug in the cable to the power switch.
10.    Finally keep in mind that whenever a computer is not displaying anything on the screen, it’s all about the (RAM, Hard Disk or Processor): 

Always check and troubleshoot them all once you encounter such issue.

So, all these are the powerful tips for better computer system servicing and maintenance.

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