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WordPress’s visual editor has been around for a while now. 
Each year, the developers have been making changes to make better versions. 
Even so, it has stayed pretty much the same for years. 
This is not a bad thing, but many who use the editor think it’s about time WordPressmade some drastic changes. 
Writers need a unique and refreshing editing experience that allows them to enjoy the creation process. 
For sometimes now, volunteers and contributors have been working on the GutenbergWordPress Plugin to meet the needs of users. 
The intention is to make a WordPress editor that allows content creators to deliver richness and quality to their audience. 
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Let’s dive into the new Gutenberg WordPress Plugin Editor and find out how it’s used.  

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What is Gutenberg WordPress Plugin Editor?

Gutenberg wordpress plugin editor

Gutenbergis a WordPress editor that was named after Johannes Gutenberg. 
Johannes is the inventor behind the first printing press with moving parts. 
Gutenberg, unlike the printing press, invented 500 years ago, allows content creators to use HTML and short codes to make editing much more comfortable. 
If you’re starting on WordPress, you won’t have a hard time using the editor because it is user-friendly. 
The developers created it to support beginners
You can start with easy to use functions and add more advanced options as you move on.
Note that, Gutenberg is still in its beta testing phase. 
This means that in the following years, its functioning will be much more developed than they are currently. 
Since Gutenberg is still not ready to run on production sites, it can only be used by creators on solo projects. 
So what is the hype all about? Why are people talking about WordPress Gutenberg Plugin Editor?
Let’s find out.

What’s the Editor’s Current Situation 

As of now, the Gutenberg editor has not yet been officially merged with WordPress core. 
The founder, Matt Mullenweg, hopes to get as many active installs as he can get in the meantime. 
The active installs will allow the developers to get insights on how to rectify bugs and other security issues. 
Matt Mullenweg is also encouraging users to submit their feature requests so that the developing team has ideas to work with. 
You can leave your comments on the WordPress support forum if you’ve had the chance to use the editor. 
There is also a discussion going on at #core-editor, where they talk about taking Gutenberg editor to the next level. 

How to go About Installing Gutenberg

So far, Gutenberg WordPress Install has just a little over 20,000 active installs. 
Matt Mullenweg aims to get 100,000 active installs. 
To install Gutenberg, you need WordPress version 4.8 and above. 
If you need the latest version, you can get it from the WordPress repository. 
Then, consider adding it to a test site as a new plugin.

Exploring the Gutenberg WordPress Plugin

Once you install the Gutenberg editor, you can proceed to explore it. 
You’ll see links below your posts which allow you to utilize Gutenberg features. 
Note that these links will not replace WordPress’s default editing links. 
This is a good thing because installing Gutenberg accords you more functionality. 
You can quickly back and forth between the two editing options to ensure you give each post your very best. 
If you installed the latest version, you can go as far as achieving custom page types. 
Note that when WordPress 5.0 gets released, the Gutenberg WordPress Plugin becomes the default WordPress editor. 
Of course, you have the option of installing the classic editor if you need it. 
If you run into compatibility issues, consider working with a professional developer to help you work them out. 
With Gutenberg, you’ll have a new editing menu (block editor) on the WordPress dashboard. 
It will come with a demo to ensure you know how to use it. 
You’ll also be able to create a new post with the plugin. 
It might look different from the visual editors you’re used to, but it is designed to accomplish the same function. 


As you can see, the Gutenberg WordPress Plugin Editor is meant to add functionality to your WordPress site. 
Feel free to try it out today. 
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