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How to create a free account on Payoneer
Welcome once again to ElochiBlog! Today, I will share with you a quick guide on How to Create a FREE account on Payoneer and Make Money.
If you are a Freelancer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer or Internet Marketer that deals mostly online, this guide is for you.
For you to deal, send or receive money online from your clients and probably to get paid from major Freelancing sites and you don’t have any means to get paid;
Then there is a problem. You might lose the funds and even loose your international clients.
One of the best ways through which you can receive money online is by having your own Payoneer Personal Account.
However, you can also use some other Payment Gateway platforms to send and receive funds from clients or from freelancing sites.
One of the alternative platform to Payoneer is PayPal, you can equally create and get a working PayPal account in Nigeria.
To get a PayPal account, follow this course guide to see How to send, receive and withdraw money in Nigeria with PayPal.
So, excluding PayPal, getting only a Payoneer account is still okay. 
Let me quickly show you How to Create a Free account on Payoneer.

For sometimes now, people have been asking me a series of questions like;

  • Is Payoneer Safe?
  • Is Payoneer Free to Sign-up?
  • How can I create a Payoneer account?
  • How to Create a Free Account on Payoneer?
  • How can I make a Payoneer account without a bank account?
All these and so many others are questions people ask regarding Payoneer Personal Account.
Or, maybe you are still asking What is Payoneer and How to make money with Payoneer Account?
Don’t worry, I will show you.
You will get the answers to all of these questions on this page, all you need is to read on and follow this guide carefully.

What is a Payoneer Account?

A Payoneer is a financial services company which provides easy access for online money transferand digital payment services.

This is just a platform where you can send, receive and withdraw money even to your local bank account.
Your Payoneer account can serve as your regular Nigeria Bank Account but now in a digital form.

Which Country Supports Payoneer Account?

Payoneer works virtually in all countries around the globe, and their services/supports are being accepted in all major countries.

However, you can open a Payoneer account for FREE, which also comes with a Prepaid Master card to withdraw your money from any bank ATM worldwide.
Yes, this is the sweetest part; you can transfer or withdraw as low as (#1000) $3 and above from any bank ATM in Nigeria.

Benefits of Opening Payoneer Account in Nigeria

🔘 Payoneer is Safe and Free to Sign up.
🔘 Payoneer is Trusted in over 150 countries.
🔘 You don’t need to use fake details to get a Payoneer account in Nigeria.
🔘 You don’t need VPN or changing of IP address to access Payoneer website in Nigeria.
🔘 With Payoneer, you can create virtual bank accounts to receive global payments from American and European countries.
🔘 You can apply for a debit card for withdrawing your funds and for online payments.
🔘 You will receive a $25 reward when you refer a friend, and he/she receives $1000 in payments and the same $25 when you receives $1000 in payments into your Payoneer account.
🔘 With Payoneer, you can receive payments from freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and other platforms that accept Payoneer as payment method etc.
🔘 You can withdraw as low as N1,000 using your Payoneer Mastercard from any ATM.
🔘 You can transfer your funds directly to your local bank account or any Nigerian bank account.
As a Freelancer or Internet Marketer, I don’t think you can do without having a Personal Payoneer account.
Even as the world is going digital now, you surely need a Payoneer account to deal, send and receive funds from any part of the world.
Nevertheless, you will learn How to create a Payoneer account Free and open your Payoneer account from this guide soon.
Hence, before opening a Payoneer account in Nigeria, there are a few requirements needed.

Requirements for Opening Payoneer Account in Nigeria

  • A Valid ID Card.
  • A Bank Account.
  • An Active Email Address.
  • A Valid Postal, Office or Home Address.
These few items are needed, and if you are having all these, then you are good to go.
Now, let’s proceed and see How to create a FREE account on Payoneer in Nigeria.


Payoneer sign up

The following steps below will guide you on How to Create a Free Account on Payoneer and Make Money.

1.  First, quickly visit their official website Here.
2.  Click on Sign up and get $25.
3.  Next, fill in your name, contact and address as it is in the ID card you want to use.
4.  Set your Password, choose a secret question and answer.
5.  Get your valid ID card, either a Driver’s license, International Passport or National ID card etc.
6.  Select the type of ID you have and input the details along with the 11 digit number at the top left corner of your ID card depending on your country.
7.  Provide your bank account details if required, along with your bank SWIFT/BIC code. Check on Google for the SWIFT/BIC of your bank.
8.  Finally, click on Submit.
How to create a free account on payoneer

Now, the next thing is to wait for a review; it doesn’t take up to 24 hours.
After successful review and your application is accepted, you will get an email notification from Payoneer about the status of your account.
Once your account gets approved, Boom! You are automatically a proud owner of Personal Payoneer account in Nigeria.
Sign in and start sending and receiving payments from any part of the world.
You can then fund your account so you can be eligible to request for the Payoneer Mastercard.
So, that is all you need to know on How to create a FREE account on Payoneer in Nigeria.
It is very easy and straightforward. Give it a try and apply NOW!
Sign up for a FREE Payoneer account here, so you can start receiving global payments.



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