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How to build backlinks for new website

Do you know that Backlinks can Make or Mar your new websites and blogs? Yes, Of course.

Now, if you know this, I want to show you something here on this page. Read on!

As a site owner or blogger, I want to show you the New Strategies on How to Build Backlinks for New Websites in 2023.

This is a Complete Guide and the Best Link Building Strategies 2023 specially made for you in order not to Mar your blog or new website.

If you are finding it difficult or you don’t know how to create Backlinks for your sites, then this guide is for you.

Good quality Backlinks can help skyrocket your Organic Search Engine Rankings, thereby increasing your Traffics.

Many people are still asking whether Backlinks is still a Ranking Factor for Google.

Following the most search queries, people also ask questions like;

  • What is a Backlink?
  • Types of Link Building?
  • How can I make Backlinks Faster?
  • How do I create Backlinks in 2023?
  • How do I create Backlinks for my Website?

All these and many more are series of questions people do ask about Backlinks.

If you are among those asking any of these questions above, then you are in the right place.

Today, you will get to know what backlinks is all about and the answers to those questions.

Hope you are ready to know them right? Follow me;

You will get to see everything about backlinks and how to build backlinks for new websites if you follow and read through this post till the end.

So, get yourself a cup of coffee and read through, let’s see them.

First, before we proceed, let’s see What is a Backlink;

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What is a Backlink on a Website?

Backlink(s) is simply defined as links from one website page to another website page.

Furthermore, Backlinks are those links pointing back to your site from another website of which backlink is created when one website links to another one.

You can build backlinks to your root domain (Website URL) directly and to your site or blog posts, categories and pages links.

Backlinks, also known as “Inbound Links” is the major part of Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Backlinks are part of the Foundation of the Google Original Algorithm known as PageRank.

However, many changes have been done to the Google Algorithms but still, Backlinks remains a Key Ranking Factor.

Nevertheless, to get this ranking, it all depends on the types of backlinks and your link building strategies.

Some backlinks can destroy your site while there are backlinks that can promote and improve your website.

Now, all you need is to follow this guide carefully so you get to see how to build quality Backlinksand avoid building links from wrong sources.

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Factors to Consider Before Building BackLinks for New Website

How to create Backlinks
  • Authority Sites: Over the years, getting backlinks from many or any type of website is cool, but now it is all about the quality of links.

Not only the quality but from which website, nowadays when building backlinks, consider getting links from high authority websites than yours.

Getting backlinks from higher authority websites will signal Google to value your new website and as well, passing the link juice.

  • Niche Related Site: Niche-related websites are sites in the same niche or related niche with your new website.

Hence, getting links from those sites is another factor to consider when building backlinks, as such will give a good signal to Google about your site. 

  • Do Follow/No Follow Links: Always try to get Do-follow links when building links because they have a higher value than No-follow links.

However, you can still get no-follow links to balance it and make your link profile look natural in the eyes of Google.

  • Anchor Text: Anchor texts are the texts or keywords used for those links and pointing out those links.

Anchor texts matter a lot in link building, so try to build links around rich anchor texts or keywords and don’t use wrong anchors. 

  • Spam Sites: Always try to avoid getting links from spammy websites because they are toxic and will eventually hurt your sites.

Those links will send bad signals to Google and end up destroying your new website. 

Spam links can increase your site spam score which is not good.

A high spam score of 25% and above poses a negative sign to your link profile.

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Link Building Strategies 2023

The best strategies and smartest ways to link building are those links coming from real websites/blogs with good content to your website.

They can be gotten naturally or you build them by yourself. 

Those links have great SEO value since the links are coming from high authority sites.

However, I won’t say on a specific link building strategy is the best, because what works for me might not work for you.

This is one thing you need to know about link building when doing SEO and following the Google Algorithm Updates.

Nevertheless, I have a list of link building strategies available, and these have proven to be working forever.

With this, you will be able to build quality backlinks for your new website anytime any day.

Now, you have known the factors to be considered before link building, let’s see the strategies on How to Create Backlinks (Step by Step).

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How to Build Backlinks for New Website (2023)

See the 5 most common strategies and working methods on How to build Backlinks for new website in 2023.


1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting simply means to submit or publish an article on other websites related to your niche and maybe higher authority sites than yours.

Once you write the article, you put your link along and post on the sites, thereby getting do-follow links back to your site. 

Most high authority sites may not give you a do-follow link easily, they might charge you for it, depending.

Here on ElochiBlog, I do accept Guest Posts at a standard and affordable rate. 

You can check out our Guest Post Page here for more details.

However, Links gotten from guest posts are quality links and seem to be the most natural kind of Backlinks so far with the best link juice.

Below here are few methods on how to build Backlinks for new website through Guest Posting.

Visit, on the Google search box, type any of the following.

  • “keyword” + guest post
  • “keyword” + this post was written by
  • “keyword” + write for us
  • Intitle:Guest Post Guidelines
  • Intitle:Submit an Article.

Replace “keyword” with the keywords, topic, or niche you need guest post on.

These will bring out the sites accepting guest posts on your niche or to that Keyword you used.

You can then list them out, check and audit the site metrics by considering those factors mentioned above.

After that, you can then make your choice among the sites, pick the ones you want and then reach out to the sites.

Once they accept, then submit your guest post to them along with a link back to your website.


2. Quality Content

Do you know that having good quality content can help in creating backlinks for your blog and new websites? 

Yes, if you’re seeking to gain backlinks or looking for how to build Backlinks for new website, then you must engage into writing quality contents.

These contents can be pillar contents, popular content, trending contents, or even SEO Optimized Contents that are evergreen.

Yes, Content is King; not just anyhow content but quality and great content. 

Having great content on your new website will attract and make other websites link back to you as a resource page.

You might also get linked with rich anchor texts and such will give you more authority and link juice as well.


3. Infographics

Infographics are simply known as an Image illustration of contents. You can easily make an infographic of your website content.

Using infographics to illustrate your content helps in getting backlinks to your new website.

You can achieve that by following the below process and strategies.

Find any authority website in the same niche or related with yours, read through their articles, and pick your choice or one related to yours.

Create an infographic for the content you choose. Now, contact the website owner via the contact pageor email address.

Tell them about it and send across to them a screenshot of the infographics you created for that particular blog post.

Then, ask them if they are interested to get it and in return link back to your website.

Do this politely and follow them up, you would surely get a backlink.


4. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is another interesting strategy in getting backlinks to your new website. 

Most SEOexperts say it doesn’t work while some others say it still works.

After much research, I can tell you here that blog commenting still works. 

It is one of the simple and easiest strategies for building links.

You just need to look for high-quality websites with low spam score and comment on them. 

And also, check out for CommentLuv Blogs or sites with the “CommentLuv” feature to comment on. 

Most are no-follow while only a few comment sites are do-follow.

You can use them as Tier 2 links to power up and boost your Tier 1 links. 

However, if you’re looking for how to build backlinks for new website, then give blog commenting a try.


5. Profile Link Building


This is an exceptional method of building backlinks for a new website and blogs. 

If you’re looking for the most fastest and easiest method on how to build Backlinks for new website, then consider Profile Link Building. 

This method is as simple as creating a Facebook account.

Here, all you need is to find high-quality sites and authority websites that allow you to create a profile with them.

Then create your profile, fill your details, and add your website link on the option for Website link or URL.

And that is all. 

Make sure to always add your Website URL on any of the sites you create Profile with, to get a Backlink from them.

Profile Links are mostly do-follow links and such has a high positive impact on your sites. 

However, Profile links increases your Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Domain Rating(DR) once you do it very well.

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Wrapping it Up:

So, here you have it on the most common methods on How to Build Backlinks for New Websites.

However, there are other methods which you can use for your Link Building Strategies which includes;

These are other strategies that you can use to build your backlinks and it still works perfectly.

You may be asking, What type of Backlink is the Best? When building your links, the best type of links are those links that come naturally.

Most natural links are those generated or resulted from your Quality Contents and Guest Postings.

One issue that occurs after building links is Indexing, this has led many Bloggers and SEOs into asking questions like How do I Index Backlinks Fast?

Here, I can tell you that the Indexing of backlinks comes naturally too and you should allow your backlinks to index naturally.

Nevertheless, there are few ways that you can use to index your links faster by using the Web 2.0s, Comment links, Pinging sites, etc.

Also, note that there is no particular amount of links you can build per day but I recommend building at most 10 subsequently. 

And still yet, you need to be natural and build links gradually to your new website.

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Now, I believe that you have learned the basic processes involved in Link building, as well as the factors to consider before building backlinks.

Learning How to Build Backlinks for New Website is very much interesting and not a difficult task if you schedule your time for it.

You only need to set aside time for it weekly or monthly or even hire an SEO expert to help you with the Services.

Alright, now you have known it, it is time to get started and see a magnificent growth in your website ranking and traffic.

I know you enjoyed this article? Kindly help in sharing this post with your friends and on social media platforms.



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