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Dot ng domain names registration

Have you ever thought about getting a .NG domain name and you have found it to be very hard due to the enormous prices?
There is good news for you. 😀

Web4Africa offers .NG Domains on Promo!

Believe me, this is the time to get that dream .NG domain name of your choice.

Imagine getting a dot NG domain name at below #5,000.

Interesting right? Read on, I will show you more.

What is .NG Domain?

.NGis the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nigeria, owned by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA).
NiRA houses all the .ng Internet Domain Names, and as well manage the database of domain names being registered in the .ng extensions.
However, there are different extensions for the .ng domain names.
And you ought to choose the best domain extension that reflects the type of your business, company, or organization.
The Nigeria domain extensions are being classified into two major categories which are (Open extensions and Restricted extensions).

Open .NG Domain Extensions:

These are the extensions made open for registration by any individual, organization, or institution from any part of the world.

That is, you can buy and register your desired domain name with any of the Open .ng extensions.
The Open .ng extensions includes: .ng,,,, and

Restricted .NG Domain Extensions:

These are the extensions made specifically for some organizations and institutions within Nigeria only.

That is, individuals/organizations cannot easily buy or register their desired domain name using any of these restricted extensions.
The restrictions are strictly enforced by NiRA, and you need to provide documentation to prove if you are eligible to register your domain name for any of the extensions.
The Restricted .ng domain extensions includes:,,,,
Now, you have known the various domain extensions and the best one to choose for your business, website or blog.
Then, let’s see how to get this .NG domain name at a cheaper price right now.
Introducing, Web4Africa .NG Domain Name Registration!
Web4Africa is a top accredited .NG Domain Name Registrar offering .ng domains to individuals and organizations within Nigeria and across.
Web4Africa is offering 2nd-level .ng domain names at a steep 56% discount from 24th August till 21st November 2020.
This is a rare opportunity for you to find and register your best .ng domain name at the rate of #4,800 Naira only.
Even if you are happy with your existing domain(s), it is always a good idea to protect your company/organization’s identity under the .ng extension.
This offer applies to new domain names for the first year with .ng extension only.

How to Register .ng Domain on Web4Africa

To register a dot ng domain name, make sure to verify and use any of the NiRAaccredited domain registrar like Web4Africa.
You can quickly go to and check if your desired domain name is available, by checking it out on their website.
If the domain is available for the .ng extension, you can then proceed and register your .ng domain name using the platform at the rate of 4,800 Naira.
Once Payment is Done, Voila! You have successfully secured your desired .NG domain name.
If maybe you already have any existing .ng domain name, you can also transfer it to Web4Africa.
So, that is it on how to get Cheap .NG Domain Name Registration in Nigeria 2022.
Remember, this promotional offer is only for a limited time, take action now and you would be glad you did.
Visit to get started.

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