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Hot selling products niches in Mini Importation


Are you looking for the best products or hot selling products for your Mini Importation Business to make more sales and increase your revenue?
Then, you are in the right place; Yes, this is your final bus stop.
I will share with you the most wanted product niches in Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2022.
Importation simply means buying of goods internationally to sell locally.
And with the help of social media, one can easily do so with little or small investment.
Before venturing into E-commerce, Drop Shipping, or Mini Importation, you need to study and harness the best selling products.
However, you might have been into the wrong move of importing saturated goods and products with less demand.
You see, this is very bad, and of course, such products bring little or no sales, and you keep wasting your money.
Okay, thank your star you are on this page today, you will get to know the available hot selling product niches in mini importation.
Many have been giving testimonials of how profitable these products are, in their importation business.
You won’t believe it; it’s purely simple and easy to harness these mouth-watering products.
This is one of the latest mini importation tips and tricks in 2022.
I hope you will care to know about these HOT selling product niches, right?
Quickly follow me and read on, let’s see.
Here are the best hot selling product nichesin Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2022.

5 Hot Product Niches in Mini Importation Business in Nigeria 2022

The following below is a list of Best Importation Niches with Hot Selling Products in Nigeria 2022.
  • Wow Factor Products
  • Health Products
  • Weight loss Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Security Products.
You will agree with me that as an Importer, knowing “what to sell and who to sell your products to” is the key to importation, right?
Of course, these product niches listed above are not just the cheapest but the best and hot-selling products in town.
An average importer who knows how to sell products via social media marketing is lucky enough to know these product niches.
He or she learns how to order the right products and sit tight to sell using social media platforms, Online stores and physical shops.
He or She can easily sell with proper Facebook Ads using a good sales funnel, and irresistible offer. 
You can explore these products, maybe by just posting on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram to make sales.
But the main question remains “What to sell and Who to sell to.
Then, that is why you need to know these hot product niches or hot selling products in Nigeria 2022 and learn how to control them.
Let’s quickly look at them and see how you can harness these product niches and increase your SALES.



The WOW factor products are products that sweep people off their feet and make them scream.
They are products that make your target audience or customers feel like a Local man or woman.
Yes, this is possible with enough appeal to pull them to buy.
The Selfie Stick is an example of a product that got me amazed back then in 2012/2013.
Most of these wow-factor products are very cheap and doesn’t cost much when importing from china marketplace.
Some of the examples of wow factor products include;
  • The Selfie Stick
  • Tummy Shaper
  • Bluetooth Speakers etc.


This is a very tricky part of importation, and if you want to do it, you must be extremely careful.
Do proper vetting and vouch for whatever drugs you import and sell to people for consumption.
Health problems like;
  • Quick Ejaculation
  • Fibroid
  • Athletes Foot
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure etc.
These are a few problems that disturb a lot of people, especially from 40 years and above.
You can source for products that solve these problems, import and resell them massively to Nigerians and some other countries.
You can run Facebook Ads to target your audience and sell to them.
Some of the examples of Health Products Include;
  • Diabetes Meter/Kit
  • Bug Zapper Mosquito
  • Stop Snoring Mouth Guard etc.



Weight loss products remain the hottest products and best selling products in the mini importation business in Nigeria 2022.
I know you are wondering how? Well, it is.
Many people feel insecure about their bodies all the time, no matter how good they may look.
Then, you need to leverage this insecurity and sell it to them.
Get a compelling sales copy from a copy writing expert and use a catchy media to drag them to your funnel and then finish work.
Once you know how to market and sell your products, then targeting the right audience for this product is a great idea.
With the high rate of demand for weight-loss products, you will increase your income once you start making SALES.


This niche caters to people who don’t joke with their body looks and skin.
Beauty products provide solutions to skin problems like acne, blemishes, pimples, and the likes.
With the same approach in selling weight-loss products, you can then leverage on insecurity and paint some points they are faced with.
Now provide them with the solutions and get them hooked to your funnels and make your sales.
If this is done correctly, you will surely get an increase in your SALES.
Some of the examples of Beauty Products Include;
  • Whitening Cream
  • Drain Wig
  • Natural Gray Hair Remover etc.


See, Security products are not to be neglected in this case, and as such, it must be added.
These are very rare products and they are indeed much appealing to its users.
Hence, getting these products and targeting the right audience will surely increase your sales.
You can get these products at a very cheap rate and sell them to your customers.
Security products are among the best hot selling products in Nigeria 2022.
Some of these security products include;
  • Waterproof case for iPhones and Samsung’s
  • Water Proof Car Rear Camera
  • Car Tracker.
Get your hands on some of these product niches and target the right audience to make your sales anytime.


Here, we have listed the five best product niches you can choose from when venturing into importation, which includes;
The wow factor products, health products, weight loss products, beauty products and security products.
In summary, you need to keep in mind of these hot selling products niches listed above when importing your goods.
Get started by filtering out two to three powerful products among the product niches, then import and sell to your customers.
However, e-commerce or importation business can be automated by selling products that have massive appeal.
While you sit back and receive alerts, and most of the time, you won’t even need to see those products with your eyes.
Take advantage of these today, to do what others are not doing, and you will be amazed that you did.
You have seen and learned the available product niches in mini importation business in Nigeria 2022.
So, take action right NOW!
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