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Quora marketing tools
Here is a quick guide you need to know about Quora and how it can influence your brand, business and services.
You will get to learn How to use Quora Platform as a Marketing tool for Digital and Internet Marketers.
However, using Quora for Marketing is one of the Quora Golden Opportunity for Marketers.
With this opportunity, you can market, advertise and promote your business or brand to the right audience. 
I will show you how to do that and the Quora mistakes to avoid in 2022.
Are you ready to see them? read on.
Follow me, let’s get started.
Before that, let’s see what is Quora

What is Quora?

Quora is a renowned portal where people connect through Question and Answers threads. 
In 2022, Quora is among the top 200 websites in the world, which means it’s getting insane traffic from search engines.  
Any website that provides such value to its users is said to be much renowned.
Quora was founded by Adam D Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2009. 
In the starting, they faced a lot of problems but with the consistency of quality work;
However, they managed to transform Quora from a newborn baby to a powerful Q/A hub. 
It’s not easy for a website to have over 600M traffic a month, but Quora is a perfect example of a site that generates such.
There is only one reason behind the success of Quora, and that is the positive mindset and continuous efforts by its founders.

What is the Use of Quora?

As I said, Quora is a hub of all of your questions, like you have a question in your mind, “what is the use of coconut oil on face”? or “how to cook radishes“? 
Search for it on Quora, and you’ll get the answers. 
You just need to ask your questions, and within minutes you’ll start getting answers from the members from a similar field. 
Isn’t it great?
Quora is also an ideal platform for the influencers and bloggers to drive quality traffic to their sites by providing valuable answers to the Quora community.

How to Get Started with Quora?

Registration on Quora won’t take more than 2 minutes, it’s straightforward and easy to use.
Remember, to get the maximum use of a Quora profile
You need to make an authority Quora account; otherwise, you’ll be banned soon.
Once after setting up your Quora account, do some research on your niche and scrape at least five questions related to your niche so you can answer them. 
If you have selected a few questions but don’t have time to answer them, then you can also choose those questions and click on Answer Later.
Immediately, those questions will get linked with your profile so you can answer them once you get some spare time. 
I highly suggest not to over-promote anything unnecessarily on Quora as a marketing tool.
If you keep on promoting the same site in all of your answers, it will be treated as spam, and soon your answers will start getting deleted. 
Always keep in mind that you’ll have to take advantage of this platform, but don’t over pollute it.
The strategy I use for my Quora marketing is keeping a ratio of 5:2.
That means daily I post seven answers, and out of these 7, only 2 will have my links. 
You can also link your answers with authority sites like WikipediaBBCNews, and some other top sites.
This will help you to gain a reputation on Quora

Top 5 Quora Mistakes in 2022

Quora as a marketing tool


1. Always use your real name if you are working on Quora. They are very strict about this stuff.

I have had some bad experiences using a random username, They blocked my account, and all of my answers were deleted.

So, the best thing is to use a real username, and if in case Quora asks you to verify your identity, then you will have your ID’s to provide them.

2. Strictly one account per person is allowed on Quora. It doesn’t matter under which circumstances you created a second account.

If Quora finds out you have two accounts, then both of them will be banned instantly.

3. Spam means suspension. So, it’s better to do slow marketing else your hard work will get wasted.

4. Quora is not a chatting platform, so try to answer questions professionally.

5. Respect other members of the community and maintain a healthy environment on the platform.

So, this is all you need to know about the Quora Golden Opportunity for Marketers and How to use Quora as a Marketing tool.
Also, make sure to avoid these Quora Mistakes listed above in order to maintain a healthy Quora account in the platform.
Take action today and create your own Quora Profile account to explore more on the platform. 
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  1. Hi Allen,

    Quora is one of those 'things' I keep meaning to do. In fact I'm sure I have an old account, so perhaps reviving and using Quora needs to be brought to the top of my to-do list.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

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