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Principles of Excellence

When I was a kid, my parents would continually speak in admiration of those who were exceptional in whatever they were doing. 

These could be students who achieved academic excellence, accomplished business owners, celebrities, top athletes, and so on. 

No one spent any time to think about what made such people achieve excellence.

You may ask; “What are the Principles of Excellence.”? 
It was apparently common for people just to accept that certain individuals were meant for excellence while others weren’t. 

As I grew up and gained more experience and observed people who achieved excellence; 

I began to notice specific patterns that linked up successes – a model of particular principles and believes. 

And whenever I acted in conformance to these, I would experience excellence in whatever I did.

Whether it was on the dean’s list, capturing an internship offer in a well-established company against hundreds of applicants, delivering outstanding results when I was there.
Graduating as one of the top statistics students in school, being part of a great blog which has thousands of readers after a short-span of months, and so on.
As long as I keep focusing on these fundamental principles of excellence, results would inevitably come. 

If you have ever looked at the achievements of others and wondered if you could do that; 

Or if you have ever wished that you can do better, earn more money, have better health, grow a lovely family, achieve a higher level of success, and so on, here’s what I say to you;
You are capable of making all that. Everyone has the potential to do whatever it is they dream of or want.
Following the below basic principles of excellence, you will go a long way in achieving excellence, just get yourself a cup of coffee as we flow along.

9 Principles Of Excellence To Achieve Greatness As An Entrepreneur  

1. Create a Standard to go Toe-to-Toe Against the Best
My dad, a good man, would always say to me; “Son, I won’t have a problem if you aim high and miss, but I’ll have one with you if you aim low and hit.” 

What is it you are working on? Have you done your research on the people who are the best in this area? What are the results they have achieved? 

Aim to reach the same level as their best results, or even higher if you are feeling up to it. 

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today because good enough isn’t good enough if it can be better. 

And better isn’t good enough if it can be best. Being the best at whatever talent you have, that’s what stimulates life. 

2. Hunger for Excellence
Your utmost need should be the want to achieve excellence. The priority here is on what ‘You’ want, not what other people want. 

Make sure you set the goals for yourself because unless it is chances are you don’t want it. 

And if you’re not willing to chase your ambition with all your might, it doesn’t matter what you try to do since the will isn’t there to keep you moving forward. 

It’s baseless to sign yourself up for something and put in a half-baked effort, because (a) it’s not being true to yourself, (b) it’s just wasting your time in the end. 

This has been the reason why I always make sure I aim for the best in whatever I set myself to do. 

3. Build Concrete Strategy & Plans 
Every goal needs an appropriate plan and strategy for it to be a success. 

Setting a goal and not backing it up with proper planning is like visiting a friend without knowing how to get to his place. 

Most people fail to achieve their goals because they fail to follow-through with planning. 

A goal without a plan and strategy is just a wish and that is why you need these Principles of Excellence to achieve your goals.

The bigger your goals, the more important it becomes that you invest properly in building it up. 

I will soon publish a 5-part Goal Achievement series on what it takes to set goals and successfully achieve it, which includes how to create a robust plan, device your winning strategy, execute and review it. 
4. Do Not Limit Yourself
What’s the meaning of limiting ourselves? What does it mean to place them upon ourselves? 

When we limit ourselves, we have declared that we are only capable of so much, that we can only go that far, and that we only have a defined set of competence.

How come we decided this? Where did we get these ideas? Often we grow them without any trials or proof. 

They are usually based on fear of failure, in messages we have been given by grownups as a kid, or because we have let other’s limits rub us off in the face. 

The fact remains, no one can limit you, but you. “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – By Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Never be afraid to try everything that might take you to your goal. 

Be more concerned about the potential opportunities you might be missing out on when you don’t try to implement something. 

Making yourself available to possibilities will enable you to pick up on things which might be fundamental to your success. 

Above all, never fail to work hard and reach your goals by following these Principles of Excellence.

5. Believe That You Can Do It
Self-belief is a crucial component to every success. First, believe in yourself. That’s the only way for you to get somewhere. 
If you lack self-confidence, who is going to feel in you? If you often experience low self-esteem, take your mind back to the times you achieved something, regardless of how big or small it was. 
From there, work on your confidence and leverage it as you pursue your goals. 

When you begin to get results, your faith will increase over time, which will create an upward spiraling effect. 

6. Always be Wise in all your Dealings in Life, Not depending on Mistakes Alone
I grew up with the mindset that elderly men are a bundle of wisdom. Triggered by a lifetime of life experience and past mistakes. 

At a point, I was made to believe that they couldn’t tell a lie. While all these might be true in some cases, several eyebrows can be raised on the subject. 

As times past, I grew up, and my sense of reasoning grew also. I came to know that wisdom can neither be bought; nor can it be gotten overnight. 
Nobody is born wise. It was said that by crawling, a child learns to stand. Same can be said of wisdom. 

One develops the attributes from their youthful age and lets it guide him through the various challenges of life.

Wisdom is different from intelligence. Intelligence pursues knowledge and seeks to eliminate uncertainty. 

Wisdom, on the other hand, resists automatic thinking, seeks to understand uncertainty better, to understand the profound meaning of what is known and to understand the limits of knowledge. 

Wikipedia defines wisdom as the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. 

A man who sorely relies on his life experiences and boasts of knowledge cannot be considered wise. 

Pride is like a virus. If you are brimming or hovering with pride, then automatically you will have no room for wisdom. 

Because one of the characteristics of wise persons is humility, so a smart fellow is unlikely to say that he is wise. 

Often then, we get to know these people by having other people nominate them, and it is interesting who gets on those lists. 

It can range from Barack Obama to Chimamanda Adichie, or even the man living in your street. 

We can argue that their wisdom came as a result of severe life experience and past mistakes. But it’s not so in all cases. 

Of course, not everyone who goes through a harsh phase in life comes out with something positive. 

In fact, you could argue, adversity is just as likely to make someone bitter, cynical, entrenched and angry as it is to make them humble, compassionate, more able to see things from other’s perspectives.
So I will say that it’s not only adversity but rather, adversity plus the right matrix and the inherent ability to use that problematic experience in a positive way that leads to wisdom. 
7. Focus Your Efforts
Once you have tried out every single thing that you can think of, now focus your efforts in the fields which gives you the most results. 
Focus your attention on the few primary drivers of success which will lead you to the results you desire. 

Only this way with the Principles of Excellence, you will get to utilize your efforts more efficiently. 

8. Learn to be Adaptable
Adaptability is one of the critical pillars of excellence. 
As you may already know, change is inevitable – Rather than to cower in the face of change, learn to deal with it and turn it in your favor.
Be always prepared for change at all times. This also applies to changing your plans and strategy. 

Don’t be too attached to your ideas and be prepared to change them where needed. 

If there are certain things you involve in that are not very useful, be ready to improvise them. 

9. Never Give Up
“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”-Elbert Hubbard; Never give up. Defeat never occurs unless you accept it as defeat. 

If a particular problem is too big for you to handle, break it down into little pieces. That way, it’s easier for you to tackle them. 

As long as you keep pushing, you will eventually achieve your goal. 

A favorite story of mine is Sylvester Stallone’s rags to riches story of how he overcame overwhelming odds in his life to be the internationally recognized movie star we know him to be today. 
He was born with a half-paralyzed face due to birth complications, which resulted in him having a slurred speech. 

These were the main reason he was rejected many times by casting agents. But he never gave up. 

Years later, he Finally achieved his goal as the star of Rocky. 

And this only came after years and years of relentlessly trying.
So, work on implementing these nine (9) Principles of Excellence in your daily activities and start seeing yourself soar to excellence. 

I’d love to hear from you on how they work out for you, and if you have any contribution, you can drop it by using the comment box below. 

We love your comments. 
Also, share with your friends, Remember Sharing is Caring!

9 Principles of Excellence 

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  1. Hello Buddy,

    this is indeed a great post you got here. Excellence has been my main goal since my life. i believe with this above principles, i will build more on my quest for excellence so as to become a Great Entrepreneur.

    have a great day.

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