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How to add Google custom search to blogger
Today in this tutorial, you will learn how to add Google Custom Search to blogger blog or your website. 

I know you might have been asking how does a Google Custom Search (CSE) work?

How do I create a Google custom search engine and how to make money with Google custom search.

Yes, you will get answers to your whole question in this post. 
Just sit back and take a cup of tea as we go through this article only if you follow me till the end.


Google custom search is simply like a search engine box and one of the Google tools provided by the Google developers. 
They made this tool available to be used mostly on blog sites and websites
Once this search box is on your homepage, it helps people find what they need on your site and allows your readers/visitors to search your site for the content they are looking for. 

This is an ideal tool, and it serves best for larger informational sites with many contents.


Now, building your website or blog site Google custom search engine box won’t be hard to you once you follow this steps below perfectly.
Step 1:    Go to this site by clicking on Google Custom Search, and log in with your Google account (Gmail)
Step 2:    If logged in, click on “New Search Engine.”
Step 3:    Now add your blog URL and blog name as seen in the image below. 

add google custom search

Step 4:    Scroll down and click on the CREATE button.
Google custom search to blogger
Step 5:    Click on Get Code, then copy the code shown as in the picture below.
Google custom search engine

Step 6:    Go to your blogger dashboard and click on layout, choose your preferred area to add the search engine box, mostly on your sidebar.
Add google custom search engine to blogger

Step 7:    Click on add a gadget, select HTML/JAVASCRIPT then add the code and save.
Add custom search to blogger blog

Voila, you have successfully created your Google custom search box. Now try it out! 

You can now have your Google-powered search engine box, right inside your blog site as shown in the image above.

NOTE: Your site needs to be properly indexed by Google to display your pages and blog posts. 
If your site has not been indexed or crawled by Google, there won’t be any results to show when you search.
Meanwhile, it takes little time before Google indexes your site if it’s a new site.
Perhaps, you could try using pinging tools to ping your blog for faster indexing

But once Google has indexed your site, search for any of your pages or posts keywords using the Google custom search to see results.


This is one of the advantages of Google custom search so far of which you only need to take one more step to achieve that.
However, you can earn money with Google custom search by associating your Adsense account with your custom search engine account, and both must be under the same Google account.
After successfully creating your custom search engine box, now go back to your Google custom search account page and follow this few steps to associate it with your Adsense.
Step 1:    Click on “Edit Search Engine
Step 2:    Select your account URL under it
Step 3:    On the page displayed, click on Make Money as shown in the image below, then follow the details and join with the Google Adsense for search program.
Google custom search - make money

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Finally, I know you have gotten to know how to add Google custom search to your blogger blog, and how to earn money with the Google custom search. 

Do well to follow this post carefully and achieve all to boost your earnings.

Indeed I know this topic was helpful, you can leave a comment below and also share with your friends and fellow bloggers. 

Remember, sharing is caring.

Thank you! 

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