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Best Free Android Apps 2022

Oh yeah, it’s a whole new decade you know, so why not start the year off with these 20 Best FREE Android Apps 2022 that you will find very handy. 
These Android applications were specially selected from the Google PlayStore
There are millions of similar applications on the Google Play Store that can puzzle you when choosing the best one. 
Today, I will share with you the Top 20 Best Android Apps all time in 2022.
Are you ready to see them? follow me.

I have gone through the Google PlayStore to find the most relevant Android apps across the best categories;
So you don’t have to spend or waste time searching for new apps to change or install on your android phone.
Or if you want to buy a new Android phone and you’re putting down a list of top apps to fill it, here are the perfect 20 best apps to try out in 2022.
Nevertheless, all these are FREE apps to use on your Mobile device. 
Now, let’s see the Best Free Android Apps in 2022.

Top 20 Best FREE Android Apps 2022

Let’s check out the best android apps all time in 2022 that can help you organize your life and Smartphone.


Whale Papers (4k Wallpaper) is a free app that has a large collection of HD wallpapers. 
This app isn’t that popular and has just 5000+ downloads on PlayStore but I bet, you’ll find the best wallpapers in the world here. 
The developer adds new wallpapers every day to the Whale Papers app
It has a pro version that costs just $1.
Download Whale Papers app and customize your home screen with exceptional 4k wallpapers.


With Remote Fingerprint Unlock, you can remotely and securely unlock your Windows PCwith your Android’s fingerprint. 
Also can be achieved even with Face unlock for those whose phones have the Face unlock feature.
The best thing about it is that you only need to install the Windows Merger and follow the instructions to pair up with the device. 
You can unlock multiple computers and add various accounts using this app.


Split Cloud app allows you to listen to two different music at a time so you can share your earpiece with your friend. 
For example, you want to listen to a Drake song and your friend wants to listen to a Cardi B song; 
You can put the Drake song on the top music player of the app and the Cardi B song on the bottom music player of the app. 
Now each person can listen to a different song, interesting right?
Split Cloud is the only streaming music player that lets you share your headphones and listen to two different songs at once!
If you ever had to share headphones with a playmate or partner, this app is for you!
Some of it Features Includes:
  • Search for any song or user profile from SoundCloud.
  • Search and listen to all songs and albums stored on your phone.
  • Listen to thousands of online radios worldwide for every genre.
  • Offline Mode to allow you to listen to your saved music without an active data connection.
  • Preview any song by pressing and holding gesture.
  • Explore Popular and Trending Charts and discover more music.
  • Use Split Cloud application as a regular music player when you don’t need to share.
  • Independently adjustable volumes for each player.
  • Shuffle and repeat your songs.
  • Save songs to your favorite playlist for each player.
  • Save your favorite playlist to your SoundCloud account.
  • Invert audio channels to invert the R / L channel output when using split mode.
  • Browse a variety of popular playlists perfect for every mood.
  • Get suggested tracks based on the song you are listening to.


Firefox Send is an application from the Mozilla team that lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires after some minutes. 
So you will be able to keep what you share private and make sure your stuff doesn’t stay online forever. 
With Firefox send app, you can send files up to 2.5GB.
Though this app is still in development mode, you can be one of the first people to try it and give feedback. 


Google Pay is a fast, simple and secure way to pay online, in apps, and stores.  

Also, send money to friends, split bills, and cash in on loyalty and rewards all without cash in your hand.
Google Pay is available on all non-rooted Android devices (Lollipop 5.0+). 
Go check for this awesome app on play store and try it out.



If you constantly get interrupted with unimportant notifications when you are busy with other apps on your phone;
And you still want to keep them around just in case it gives you an important one, you can use Daywise to solve this issue.
With Daywise, you get to see only important notification instantly and you can view the rest later when you’re not busy.
Instant notification can include messages, calendar events, phone calls, emails, or anything else you’ll deem to be important. 
All the other notifications will notify you four times a day in batches, that way you can avoid checking your phone frequently a day.
Check out this amazing app today and you will be glad you did.


Android 10 has a dark theme but still doesn’t have an important feature. 
You can have the app to switch between the light and dark theme based on the time of the day.
But, with this app, you can set the time you want the dark theme to be enabled automatically and the time you want the light theme to be enabled automatically. 
You can also set it to switch between light and dark themes according to the sunset and sunrise in your area.
This is one of the Best Free Android Apps 2022 to get for your Smartphone device.


This app helps you establish a connection between you and your partner; 
Also providing the most intuitive and convenient way to demonstrate your problem and receive instant help. 
You can share your screen, receive a call, and send messages to have your partner quickly understand the problem and then provide useful suggestions.
Quick Guide on How to use the app;
  • Download and open the AirDroid Remote Support app on your mobile device.
  • Share the 9-digit connection code to your partner who has downloaded AirMirror. (Note: Your partner needs to download AirMirror, not Remote Support to build a connection with you).
  • After your partner connects to your device via a 9-digit connection code, you are in connection!


If you download many apps daily, you might find it difficult for you to uninstall the ones that you barely use. 
Skit allows you to analyze, uninstall, share or extract any user or system application in APK format, view application hierarchy and much more!
This app will allow you Uninstall System Apps Apk from your Android Device.


Microsoft Math solver app provides help with a variety of problems including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics using an advanced AI-powered math solver.
Simply write a math problem on the screen or use the camera to snap a math photo. 
Microsoft Math problem solver instantly recognizes the problem and helps you to solve it with a step-by-step explanation, interactive graphs, similar problems from the web and online video lectures. 
If you’re a student, I bet you’ll find this application very handy.


This app puts a fancy visual effect on the edges of your phone screen to sync with the music you’re playing on your phone.
It’s a very nice application, you can check it out today on Google Playstore.
Muviz Edge is also one of the Best Free Android Apps 2022.

12. FLUD

Flud is a simple and wonderful BitTorrent client App for Android. 
The power of BitTorrent protocol is now in the palm of your hands. 
Share files with ease from your phone/tablet and as well download files directly to your phone/tablet.
Some of its Features Includes:
  • No speed limits on downloads/uploads.
  • Ability to select which files to download.
  • Ability to specify file/folder priorities.
  • RSS feed support with automatic downloading.
  • Magnet link support.
  • NAT-PMP, DHT, UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) support.
  • µTP (µTorrent Transport Protocol), PeX (Peer Exchange) support.
  • Ability to download sequentially.
  • Ability to move files while downloading.
  • Supports torrents with a large number of files.
  • Supports torrents with very big files (Note: 4GB is the limit for FAT32 formatted SD cards).
  • Recognizes magnet links from the browser.
  • Encryption support, IP filtering support.
  • Proxy Support for trackers and peers.
  • The app has the option to download on WiFi only.
  • Ability to change theme (Light and Dark).


Find My Device app helps you locate your lost Android and lock it until you get it back. 
You get to see the location of the phone on the map and if the current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last known location. 
You can also erase the device with this app.


The way this app work is that it allows you to customize every element within the system UI of Samsung Galaxy OneUI pie devices only. 
You can change the color of any icon or theme various third-party apps, change the system font on only Samsung Galaxy OneUI pie. 
You can also download and install hex themes or plugins created by other people. 
All the Galaxy smartphones running “Official Android Pie and 10” support the use of this app.
The app is also in development mode and you can be one of the first to try it and give feedback.
Some of it’s Features Includes:
  • 60 Themeable apps. All for Samsung (100+ on Hexed+ Mode).
  • Designed for both Regular Rounded and NoteUI screens.
  • Custom Fonts support.
  • 16 Coloring options that let you theme everything with endless possibilities.
  • Tweaks for OneUI.
  • Third-Party Plugins support for different UI Mode.
  • Night Mode along with your theme.
  • Live Previews for easy theming.
  • Simple UI that smoothens the UI Experience


This app is a graphic design, Video, Collage and Logo maker App. 
It is widely known and used around the world especially on Instagram
Most logos, fliers, and designs you find on Instagram are made out of Canva
You can also make birthday invitations & wedding invites using this app. 
Using Canva for Everything:
  • Logo designer, book cover, blog design for any project.
  • Invites for any event: birthday card maker, wedding invitation maker, invite creator.
  • Simple, free image editing app.
  • Photo collage maker, flyer maker, banner maker for any occasion.
  • Design motivational quotes and humorous memes.
  • Stunning Instagram Story templates.
  • Free Instagram video and movie maker editor; edit video templates.
  • Party invitation maker, school poster maker, video banner maker.
  • For business: logo editor, brochure, resume, presentation, promo poster maker.


This app helps to activate the Android night mode on devices that do not provide this option in the system settings.
This app will not work on all devices since some smartphone manufacturers disabled or blocked this option for their devices.
Android Dark Mode darkens most Google apps, Instagram and more.
You can check out this awesome app on the Google Playstore.


Drive Weather App shows the weather forecast at each point of your road trip.
Drive Weather keeps you safe by quickly and easily finding the weather for your route (1 hour min travel time). 
Drive Weather lets you interactively change the time you leave so you can avoid the bad weather and have a safer trip.
However, this app is very much essential to have in your Smartphone as an Android User.
This App is also one of the Best Free Android Apps 2022.


Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people each month.
This app helps to instantly identify music that’s playing and see what others are discovering, all for free.
And that’s just the beginning: One-tap access to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks, and streaming services, where you can listen to your Shazams in full or buy them.
This app also has a lite Version (704kB).
Some of its Features Includes:
  • Identify music with one tap.
  • Sing along to songs with music lyrics, or watch their videos.
  • Preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists.
  • Shazam Offline: Identify music even when you’re not connected.
  • Check out the recommended tracks to find new music.
  • Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real-time charts.
  • Simply log in to sync all your Shazams across all devices.
  • Quick links to Apple Music.


Discover and enjoy eBooks and audio books from your local library with this app.
Did you know that your local library has thousands of ebooks and audio-books? 
You can borrow them instantly for free, using just the device in your hand.
It takes just a few taps to find and borrow a book. 
Libby has a ground-breaking built-in ebook reader and a beautiful audio book player. 
If you prefer, you can send books to your Kindle for reading.


This is the last android app you should try out in 2022 but not the least because this app is a companion for girls and women only. 
You can manage and track your periods day by day to get a better, safe and healthy life. 
Not only that, but you also get access to knowledge base articles which increase your understanding regarding menstrual health. 
This app is an all time usage app for the girl child, young girls and ladies.
Obviously, it is one of the Best Free Android Apps in 2022.


So, here concludes the Top 20 Best FREE Android Apps 2022 you must have.
You got to check out these apps today to enjoy the beauty of your Smartphone.
Give it a try today by downloading your desired ones from the list above and you will be glad you did.
I hope you do enjoy reading this article about the best free android apps all time in 2022
Leave a comment below if you did and also remember to subscribe to our newsletter. 
Thank you!

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