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HVNSleep Pod App

Are you looking for How to fall Asleep Faster and Stop Snoring? HVNSleep Anti-Snoring Device is your best bet, this is your No.1 Remedy to (Stop Snoring).


Here on this page, I will share with you all you need to know about the HVN Sleep Pod App and the complete HVN Sleep Pod Review 2023. 


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What is a Sleep Pod?

A sleep pod also known as nap pod as expressed on Wikipedia is a sleeping device that aids a person’s sleep after a tiring day.

It help reduce stress,  boost energy levels, boost productivity, improve focus, improve mood, enhance learning, stop snoring and even help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A typical example of the sleep pod is “The HVN Sleep Pod device”.

History traced that the first Sleep pods were designed and made by KishoKurokawa in the year 1979.

He made the sleep pod in his design for the Capsule Inn Osaka. 

Ever since the origin, lots of sleep pods have being developed with different varieties of features and functionalities.

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Causes of Snoring?

Many occurrence can trigger your act of snore. Some of which include:

1.      Your sleeping position.

2.      Your level of alcohol consumption.

3.      Your mouth anatomy.

4.      Chronic Nasal problems.

5.      Poor sleeping habit.

6.      Inheritance.

Today, I will be running you down on the latest sleep pod that has a very high efficacy to end snoring and aid better sleep for up to 99%.

So let’s dive in, to the topic of today.

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HVN Sleep Pod Device

Going through the internet, we’ve found lots of websites talking about the HVN SLEEP Pod reviews.

HealthWeakness, defined the “HVN Sleep pod as an anti-snoring device that possesses innovative motion technology designed to detect snoring and emit gentle pulses to massage your throat while you sleep.”

The HVN Sleep Pod device is a small in look but comprising amazing technology that serves you with AI while you sleep hale and hearty.

It doesn’t just make sleep fine, it also records information, develop a therapeutic plan, and then reconciles this plans with the already recorded information.

With the HVN Sleeplus mobile app, you can keep detailed statistics of your sleeping activities so when you wake up, you can easily have a complete overview.



Features of the HVN Sleep Pod

The HVN Sleep pod comes with several of features and functionalities. We shall outline 7 of their core features for the purpose of this article:


  • Portable Device

The HVN sleep looks very portable that you can hold by the hand and board an inter-state vehicle without feeling like you are holding something big.

This is an amazing feature because every end-user will always prefer comfort in whatever gadget they use.


  • Fast-Charging Ability

The faster your device charge for you, the more time it saves you waiting to put the device in use.

The HVN sleep pod only needs 2hours of charge, and it’s filled and set for use. After charging, it can last you for up to 2 nights per single charge.

Is this not awesome? Yes, it is!


  • Records and Analyzes Snoring Activities

Some people will say, “sleeping is synonymous to being dead.” Why do they say this?

Practically, a sleeping man can say what happens during the short time sleep. Unlike a dead person though, a sleeping man will always wake up.

But the truth is 99% of people who snore while they sleep often deny this act, why? 

Because, they can keep records while eyes are closed as though they’ve gone to the spirit.

So with the HVN Sleep pod, you can now with the aid of AI and Sleeplus mobile app, track the records and analyze the activities you carried out while you were carried away by sleep.


  • Magnetic Charging Base

With the magnetic charging base, you can comfortably charge your HVN sleep pod device anywhere with its USB cord.

It’s more convenient to charge this way.

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  • TENS Technology

TENS is an acronym for “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation”. It is one of the advanced feature of the HVN Sleep Pod.

With the TENS technology, the HVN sleeping pod device sends electric signals to your body, triggering both your nerves and muscles to adjust themselves, which leads to you easing of while you sleep and thus stopping you from snore.


  • Mobile App Data Analysis

The HVN sleep pod comes with a mobile app called the “SLEEPLUS”.

It can be used to analyze and record your sleep patterns. This is wonderful so to say.


  • Ergonomic Design with Durable Make

Yes, the HVN Sleep pod has a well fascinating design and look, and at the same build with stronger material that makes it durable and efficient.

You will surely get value for your money.

You can read more about the HVN SLEEP Pod reviews by HealthWeakness to see more of the features.



How Much does HVN Sleep Pod Cost?

I know as you are reading down this article, this question would have being your most interest.

Anyways, the HVN sleep pod doesn’t cost much to get unlike its rivals. There are different packages for the device based on quantity.

So the higher pack you purchase, the lesser the amount buying just 1 would have cost you.


Price Lists for The HVN Sleep Pod

1. 1x HVNSleep Pod  cost $119.99

2. 2x HVNSleep Pod  cost $239.98

3. 3x HVNSleep Pod  cost $269.98

4. 4x HVNSleep Pod  cost $329.97.


Where to Buy the HVN Sleep Pod

You can get your HVN Sleep pod at the company’s official store alone via the site link below;


Company Manufacturing the HVN Sleep Pod

These are the complete company’s profile of the HVN Sleep pod manufacturers should in case you want to file a refund based on their Full money back return policy.

Or for any other reasons of your choice.

Company name: Quality Performance Limited

Company Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

Support Email:

Support Website:


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