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How to start a blog in 2022 and make money

Do you know that starting a blog in 2023 is a great idea? Definitely, Yes!

I bet you don’t know that, but I will show you Why and How to Start a Blog in 2023. 

Are you looking for how to start blogging or how to start a blog for free in 2023? 

Here on this page, you will get to see the 7 easy steps on How to Start a Blog in 2023 and Make Money Blogging.

It’s very simple and straightforward. Follow me, I will show you more.

You want to start blogging, but you have been looking for the best way to start, right? Now is the time.

Yes, starting a blog looks complicated at first; I have been there, and I was a blogging newbie just like you then.

I made so many mistakes and had the same difficulty in How to Start a Blog Business.

Nevertheless, after so many trials and errors, I got started properly, and now I know much about Blogging.

Hence, my blog is doing well, and so today, I want to show you how to get started properly to avoid the same mistakes I made.

I will guide you through the best way to start blogging from scratch and become a Blogger.

This is a new guide specially made for you on how to get started in blogging for beginners.

This guide will show you how to start a blog in 2023 and make money blogging.

Great! Are you ready now? Read on.


Before we move on, let me show you WHY you should start and build your blog today.

You can become a blogger and join the blogging community if you know how to write a blog, communicate, and disseminate information.

Starting a blog is majorly one of the common ways to do that aside from other channels like Youtube, Podcast, etc.

You can also become a Pro blogger or a better writer and make money doing that. 

However, there are so many other reasons Why you should start a blog in 2023.

Here are more 5 reasons why you should start a blog right now and make money blogging.

Now let me show you how to start a blog in 2023 and make money, and how to make money blogging for beginners.

Let’s get started. Follow me!


7 Steps on How to Start a Blog in 2023 and Make Money


How to start a blog in 2022 and make money

Follow these seven steps to learn how to start a blog in 2023 and make money online.

1. Pick a Blogging Platform

2. Get a Web Hosting Plan

3. Setup Your Domain Name

4. Design and Customize Your Blog

5. Choose Your Best Blogging Niche

6. Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

7. Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Blogging.



Step 1: Pick a Blogging Platform

Picking your desired Blogging Platform is the very first step to take when starting a blog.

This can be seen as the platform where you want to build your blog, and there are so many blogging platforms.

Here are the most common blogging platforms available for you to choose from in building your blog.

From the list, I highly recommend using the Blogger or WordPress Platform in creating your blog.

They are both by far the biggest blogging platforms worldwide with the best support and largest community.

Blogger is being owned and hosted by Google, and it provides you with extreme server bandwidths to set up and start a blog for free.

The blogger platform is straightforward, simple, and affordable to start with as a beginner.

Hence, if you’re looking for how to start a blog for free, then this is the right blogging platform to use.

On the other hand, WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) helps you in creating your blog and even standard websites.

You can create and build your blog to a good standard using the WordPress Platform with the help of Plugins.

The plugins also help automate some of the WordPress features and give you a stunning beautiful blog site.

I highly recommend the WordPress Platform considering its largest community, among other blogging platforms.

Even to that effect, the blogger platform is still an amazing one of which ElochiBlog was created using this platform. 

However, the blogger platform requires you to get only your domain name, while for WordPress, you need a domain and web hosting.

So in all, if you’re looking for How to start a blog in 2023 and make money, first thing is to pick a blogging platform.


Step 2: Getting a Web Hosting Plan

Now is the time to make your most significant decision, and choosing WordPress as your blogging platform leads you here.

Do you know that both WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and others provide you with free blogs?

Yes, you can create free blogs on these platforms, but that is not the best decision.

A free blog gets you limited to so many features and you don’t have full ownership rights to the blog.

You can’t have access to every feature on the blog, and you can’t fully monetize the free blog.

So, if you’re very serious about blogging, you need to get a Web Hosting Plan to host your blog and have full rights to it.

You need to get web hosting along with a domain name for your WordPress Blog and start blogging as soon as possible.

Here are the top 10 Cheapest Domain Registrars and Web Hosting in 2023 you can pick from to host your blog.

Web hosting is essential if you’re looking for How to start a blog in 2023 and make money.


Step 3: Setup Your Domain Name

In your quest on How to Start a Blog in 2023 and make money, you surely need to get a domain name.

A web-hosting serves as the server where all your blog files and resources are being stored to be accessed online.

A domain name is simply the URL of your blog site, for example (,,, etc.

So, think of a perfect name for your blog and then choose the best domain extension you want and register it.

You can decide to choose any of the following domain extension for your domain name (.com,, .net, .ng, .org) etc.

If you choose the .ng domain extension, you can quickly register and get a massive discount for your .NG domain names here.

Going with the blogger platform, just get the Domain Name, then integrate and connect to your blogger dashboard.

Here is a detailed guide on how to get cheap domain name and integrate it into your blogger dashboard using DomainKing

Now, for WordPress, you need a custom domain name and a self-hosting plan to set up your blog.

With your self-hosting plan, you have full access to your blog any time, any day.

The following are the most popular and most common domain registrars for your domain names and hosting.

  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap 
  • Interserver 
  • Hostgator 
  • Siteground 
  • Digital Ocean
  • DomainKing etc.

To set up your domain name, get your hosting plan and domain from any domain providers.

Highly recommended are BlueHost, NameCheap, DomainKing, and few others.

You have to Signup, choose your preferred hosting plan, add your domain name, and then register it.

After registration, lookout for Softaculous or One-click WordPress Install button on your admin panel to install WordPress.

Once you’ve installed WordPress, the next thing is to design and customize your blog.


Step 4: Design and Customize Your Blog

Designing and Customizing your blog to look exactly the way you want it is a fantastic thing.

After setting up your hosting & domain, and your blog is live, the next thing is to make your blog look nice.

To achieve that, you will need a Blog Theme for WordPress or a Blog Template if you’re using blogger.

WordPress offers free WordPress theme and likewise Blogger with free templates from sites like Soratemplates etc.

However, you can get a Premium theme from sites like ThemeForest or HappyThemes and a Premium Template here.

A premium theme or premium template gives you the best design ever and makes your blog look professional.

I highly recommend getting a Premium theme or template instead of free ones to give you that stunning design you want.

Remember, your blog is YOU, and the way you keep your blog is the way it looks like.

Hence, your blog design should reflect your personality, what you are, and what your blog is all about.

Always choose a theme in line with your blog description, simple, speedy, and easy navigation.

So, get a beautiful premium template or theme today and install in your blog, then design and customize to your taste.

If you want to make money blogging or looking for How to start a blog in 2023 and make money, then you need to follow all this steps.


Step 5: Choose Your Best Blogging Niche

Now, your blog is set and ready to launch with your first blog post, but you don’t have to launch it like that.

Yes, choosing a perfect blog niche is one step forward when looking for how to start a blog in 2023 and make money blogging.

After designing and setting up your blog, you then start writing content.

Before you make your first blog post, you ought to choose a blogging niche for your blog.

Choosing a perfect blog niche will help you to create excellent content for your blog directed to a particular audience.

Don’t start a blog by writing randomly about any topic or article and be publishing on your blog.

As a beginner, you must have gotten to the point of doing that but believe me; it is not proper.

I highly recommend you start with a particular niche or start a micro-niche blog; later, you can diversify to other topics.

Indeed, most blogging niches are already saturated, but you can still choose from these best blogging niches.

Here are 25 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches in 2023 you can choose to write on and make money blogging.

So, choose your preferred blogging niche today and get set to write on the topic and publish your first blog post.


Step 6: Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

After choosing your blog niche, now is the time to write and publish your first blog post.

Before you start writing on any particular topic, make sure to carry out a good research on the topic.

Better still, write articles and create contents on topics you’re familiar with and comfortable with.

This can be topics on your profession, career, skills, and services, making you a better blogger.

However, make sure to write evergreen contents that are very much optimized and targeted to the right audience.

Here is a guide on How to write SEO Optimized Contents that are friendly for Google and your blog readers.

If you’re still thinking of how to start a blog in 2023 and make money blogging, then you must also know how to write good contents too.

You can reach more audiences and gain more traffic once you optimize your content very well.

You can write your first blog post from your WordPress Blog Admin Dashboard by clicking on “Posts” and select “Add New Post.”

For the blogger, quickly locate and click on “New Post” from your blogger dashboard and then start writing.

Now, Write and Publish your First Blog Post, then follow the steps to publish your posts consequently.


Step 7: Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Blogging

Finally, this is the last step on How to Start a Blog in 2023 and Make Money Blogging.

Starting a blog and making money is the dream of every blogger, and hence blog monetization is paramount.

As a beginner blogger, you can monetize your blog in so many different ways and still make money online.

One of the significant blog monetization aspects is the Ads network, and Google Adsense is the best Ads network.

You have to provide value first by creating enough quality content and make sure your blog meets their requirements.

Other ways to monetize your blog and make money from your blog include the following.

Here is a unique guide on How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners for more tips on blog monetization.

So, with this, you can start making money from your blog any time, any day.


Wrapping it Up

I hope all these useful resources put together here would be helpful to you as a new blogger.

This is the Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog in 2023 and make money.

Now, it is time to take action and start blogging right away. 

Congratulations, and enjoy your new blog.

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Thank you!



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