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How to Deposit a Check Online

If you know how to write and read a Check, then learning How to Deposit a Check is another advantage.

Or, if you’re thinking of how to deposit a Check Online either by mobile phone, at an ATM or at the bank;

You don’t need to worry anymore because you’re in the right place.

This article will teach you all you need to know about depositing a Check.

Depositing a check is very simple and easy for anyone to do anytime, any day.

Last time we wrote an article here on How to Read a Check, and now, I will share with you the essential guide on how to deposit a check.

Anytime you are given a check or receive a check by someone, you either cash out the check or deposit it into a bank account.

Of course, to deposit money into your bank account, you must have an account. If you do not, the next step would be to compare the various checking account options available to you, choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Then, if you decide to deposit, you have a few options to choose to deposit the Check, which can be either any of these;

  • Visiting a nearby bank or credit union branch.
  • Use the mobile banking app on your phone.
  • By going to an ATM center.

One exciting thing about depositing a check is that you can deposit part of the check while you cash out the rest.

Yes, it is possible once your bank or the credit union branch permits you and allows it.

Let’s quickly see the possible ways on how to deposit a check.


3 Simple Ways on How to Deposit a Check in (2022)

Below here are the best 3 methods for depositing a Check or Cashing a Check in 2022/2023.

1. How to Deposit a Check at the Bank

This is one of the methods on our list here today for depositing a check. Quickly visit any nearby bank branch.

Then, when depositing it, you need to endorse the check by signing on it. On the back of the check, sign the check on top of the field line there.

Now, make sure the check is written very well. Hence, you can check out this guide here on how to write a check correctly.

Also, you provide your ID for identification, the account number, and account details of where to deposit the check to.

Doing all these won’t take your time once you provide everything. 

And once all transactions are completed, wait for at most two business days for the funds to arrive in your bank account.


2. How to Deposit a Check at an ATM

If you are not comfortable with the first method, then you can go for this method here by using the ATM to deposit a check.

And you can do this at any Bank ATM machine, so far as the ATM accepts a Check.

Now, you need to go with the debit card issued to you by your bank, then follow the on-screen prompts for check deposit till you submit your check to the designated slot.

Unlike visiting the bank, you can deposit into any ATM at any time you like. However, I recommend visiting the ATM of your bank when depositing a check.

Doing this on any ATM aside from your bank ATM might take longer days before the money will be made available on your bank account.

By making use of your bank ATM, it may save you some little money on ATM fees, and such your cash will arrive on time to your account.


3. How to Deposit a Check Online with Mobile Device

This is the last method we have here; hence this depends on if your bank has an option for it on the mobile banking app.

All you have to do is log into your mobile app, locate the deposit check option, follow the prompts, and choose the account you want to deposit the check into.

During the process, you might be asked to take a picture of both sides of the check before proceeding.

Now, to get a clear photo, take the picture in a clean environment by placing the check on a contrasting dark surface.

Also, make sure all the four corners of the check are captured very well in the frame.

After taking the picture, carefully follow other prompt instructions until you complete the deposit Cheque process.

Once everything is done, you can wait for two business days for the money to be made available on the bank account.

Perhaps, some transactions can be completed within one business day (24hrs) depending on your bank and mobile app.



You have seen all about depositing a check, and remember always to do it the right way regardless of which method you choose to use.

Nevertheless, checks don’t expire on time, but most banks don’t accept a check that is more than six months old than the issued date.

Then, to avoid this and the check not to be stolen or get lost, try to cash out or deposit a check into your bank account anytime soon.

However, you can still automate everything by setting up direct deposit payments into your accounts if you regularly receive check payments, like the paycheck and other regular check payments.


Hence, if you do like the Check deposits, then it is still okay. Pick any of the above methods and deposit your check quickly.

Hopefully, I believe you have learned how to deposit a Check, so take advantage of this today and use it properly.

Thank you!

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