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High business growth with Technology
As an experienced business man or woman, do you know that achieving high business growth with Technology is on a high side now?
I like to make a division between a time when there were no computers or the Internet, and a period where their use became commonplace. 
Because if you didn’t know, already these technologies has completely transformed the world of business. 
Instead of working with dusty ledgers, businesses today can record their data digitally. 
To edit, print and transfer as they see fit. 

Recently, I was working on tweaking an Optimum Triple Play project website. 
And it was while I was setting up the site’s homepage that my mind first strayed. 
I began thinking about the benefits of modern tech and how we’ve totally become dependent on it. 
The Internet is a ‘Disruptive’ Technology like No Other 
Everyone knows that the Internet is where most of our modern-day business activity takes place. 
Customers increasingly prefer to order products and services online
Instead of traveling long distances to make their purchases.
And because of this reason, many companies have started to shift their complete sales operations to their websites. 
Seeing this trend, several industry experts have published some interesting forecasts.
They expect that in the next twenty years or so, all buying/selling activities will take place online.
Overall, we would be looking at a future where physical shopping outlets would be few.
And companies would divert their funds towards setting up a large number of websites.
And I can’t think of a better example of how technology has opened up new possibilities for change. I don’t only mean this in the business sense.
If you look around, you will see the internet in action everywhere and probably in every aspect of your life. There is really no escaping on the web anymore.
From your mobile phone to all your computer devices, to your car, and even your kitchen toaster!
This widespread prevalence of the Internet makes its network very attractive for businesses.
However, by using it, they can target a record number of new customers.


Companies Can Now Target Millions of Customers – and Grow
This wasn’t possible in the olden days. 
In a time when companies only had the traditional marketing options of billboards, the television, and radio available. 
Along with all types of print publications, of course, these promotional mediums could only reach a few thousand customers at best. 
Depending on where and how they were used. But with the internet, there are fewer limitations. 
Take the case of such online channels as social media and Google Search
Using them, businesses can now reach millions of customers almost instantly. 
And once people are attracted by their ads, they can expect matching increases in sales. 
Every marketing exercise aims to reach the greatest number of people possible. 
And particularly those people who best fit a company’s ‘ideal customer’ profile. 
Because good customer outreach directly translates into larger profits. 
The opposite case is also true.
Social Media Channels are ‘Customer Goldmines’
According to different surveys, today’s social media platforms host more than 3 billion users. 
This is easily one-third of the global human population. 
And when considered purely from the business angle, these channels are marketing gold. 
By launching well-designed ad campaigns on them, businesses can make new customers at lightning speeds. 
And I’m not kidding!
Personally, I’ve found Facebook campaigns to be very effective in making new customers. 
The chat feature included in every business page is quite helpful. 
This allows marketers to speak directly with the people interested in a company’s products & services.
Using Software to Boost Sales
These days, the internet offers all kinds of tracking ‘analytics’ software.
These tools allow companies to target their ideal customer more effectively.
Specifically, they provide details on:
    The exact time-period a customer stays on a brand website
    The Customer’s Location
    The Customer’s Gender
    The Customer’s Product/Service Preferences
Recently, I was involved in negotiating the Optimum internet price of my monthly connection with an ISP representative. 
The conversation soon drifted towards the issue of how various tracking applications helped organizations to discover new customers.
The sales agent took note of my subscription journey as an example.
He explained how his company’s marketing executives had first located me through a Google forums search. 
This was quite a while back. And so they decided to approach me – with the result that I did eventually sign up with them. 
My name is Harry Miller from India River County, and i am a Relationship Coach, Yoga maestro and a blogger. I write for Visioneclick and Charter Spectrum Cables. I try to present my critical take on the latest socio-cultural trends that dominate the blogosphere.

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