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How to beat facebook algorithm change 2022

Today you are going to learn What is Facebook Algorithm and How to Beat Facebook Algorithm Changes.

Are you a Freelancer, Digital Marketer, Social Media Manager, Business Owner, or you run a Small Scale Business?
Do you know that you can skyrocket your business and services to the peak on social media (Facebook) once you know how Facebook Algorithms work?
Yes, you can do it and achieve results instantly. I will show you, read on.
Learning about this ultimate guide on How to Beat Facebook Algorithm Change 2022 is your best bet.
Many have been asking questions on What is Facebook Algorithm? While others ask questions like;

  • What does Facebook Algorithm mean?
  • How does Facebook Algorithm work?
  • What Algorithm is used by Facebook?
  • What is the Facebook algorithm?
  • How can I bypass Facebook 2022 Algorithm?

If you were asking any of these questions or one of the above questions brought you to this page, then you are in the right place.
Worry no more; here you will get answers to all of the questions.
Knowing What is Facebook Algorithm, along with the Best Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses in 2022, is the way to go. 
Ever since I realized how this Algorithm change works and applied it, it has brought a very much positive growth in my Business and Services.
Nevertheless, this Facebook Algorithm Changes works well in line with Facebook Marketing Strategies.
So, here on this page, I will share with you the best five ways on how to beat Facebook Algorithm changes 2022 to favor your business.
Before that, you need to see why it is relevant to know about the Facebook Algorithm and the basics of Facebook Algorithm Statistics.
Let’s see them; follow me!
Why is it Relevant to Know about the Facebook Algorithm? 
We are in a digitalage, and that is no longer any news. 
Billions of people across the world can’t spend a day without using their Smartphone’s and computers
We have become very accustomed to using social media, search engines, and many other platforms;
All for just entertainment, knowledge, communication, and so many other things. 
However, not many of us have any technical knowledge about these platforms that we are using.
Not many of us understand why we see what we see. 
For example, when you search for something on Google, you see some websites first before some other sites. 
That’s because Google’s Algorithm wants you to see those sites first. 
Google’s Algorithm is called the Page-Rank Algorithm
If you go to Youtube or any YouTube Channel, you’ll see some videos before you see some other videos. 
Again, that’s because Youtube has programmed its Algorithm to rank some videos ahead of some;
Based on what they think is more relevant to the person that is watching the video or that is making a search on Youtube
So, every internetplatform is built by software developers.
And they usually have algorithms that govern the way the platform is structured so that they can have the most result that they want from their platforms.
However, to beat the Facebook Algorithm Change, you must know this.

What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a well-defined procedure that allows a computer to solve a problem. 
Another way to describe an algorithm is a sequence of definite instructions. 
There are over 2 Billion people on Facebook
Hence, there has never been a larger gathering of human beings in the history of the world. 
Facebook is the ultimate place to put your products and services in the faces of people. 
What is Facebook Algorithm Name, and what’s so special about Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm?
There is hardly any product that does not have its customers on Facebook.
There are indeed a lot of people with varying interests on Facebook, so Facebook catches the attention of most advertisers. 
There is an adage that says “What you see is what you get“. 
And in business, it’s the brands that people hear and knows about will get the attention of people and eventually will get their money.
So knowing about how to keep people seeing your product will be very helpful to your business in the long run. 
Most of the things people see on Facebook are shown in the Newsfeed
It’s crucial to know about how and why what you see on the News-feed shows to you and how you can try to make your posts show more on the News-feed.
Take note; Facebook Engineers developed the Facebook Algorithm.
This means the entire factors that guide the News-feed are deliberate and were decided by the Facebook Team. 
The Facebook Algorithm Change is a reflection of the Facebook Ideology. 
It reflects how the company thinks about its products and how they feel that it should be best used.
In the end, learning about Facebook Algorithm Changes is quite similar to learning about how the Facebook Team thinks. 
Remember, the Facebook Algorithm is a reflection of the Facebook Ideology. 
For this guide, I’ll assume that everybody reading this article has a Facebook Page
You see, you can’t succeed at scale on Facebook if you don’t have a Business Page. 
It is good to have normal friendship accounts, but Facebook profile accounts are limited in what they can do. 
For example, you can’t possibly run a Sponsored Post with your regular friendship account on Facebook; only business pages can do that. 
Also, you can’t see the number of people that saw your Facebook post with a regular friendship account; it only shows to Pages. 
If you want to be able to reach more people and be able to track how well your posts are doing, the age groups, location, then, you need a Facebook Page. 
So in case, you are reading this, and you don’t have a Facebook Page yet;
Please get a Facebook Page, because the foundation for business success on Facebook is with a Facebook Page. 
You can easily create one here.


What is facebook algorithm
I understand what you are thinking right now. 
You are wondering what on earth “Machine Learning” means. 
You are still just getting used to the word “Algorithm” and here is another new word. 
Don’t worry, let me explain.
Machine Learning is also called Artificial Intelligence
This can be seen as when a computer has some sense of its own, similar to the human brain. 
You know in computerprogramming, computers are supposed to do what they are programmed to do, the way they were programmed to do it.
However, in Artificial Intelligence, the computer has some extra ability to learn behaviors and to gather information, therefore acting based on those things it has gathered. 
Facebook uses a machine-learning algorithm for its Newsfeed
That is, the Algorithm that governs what shows to you and me on Facebook has some special abilities to learn more about you and me. 
The things we see are a product of our behaviors on Facebook, what we like, who we communicate with and so many other factors. 
The primary purpose of this article is to give you some tips on understanding the Algorithm and making it favour your business. 
So now, let me show you some critical tips about that Algorithm and ways on How to Beat Facebook Algorithm changes 2022.


facebook algorithm name

1.  Facebook’s Algorithm Values Pictures and Videos over text.

2.  The Facebook Algorithm knows Marketing Terminologies.

3.  Positive Comments Make Your Posts More Seen. 

4.  Facebook Algorithm De-ranks Fake News Links.

5.  Using the New Facebook Features

1. Facebook’s Algorithm Values Pictures And Videos Over Text 

Don’t just write things on Facebook; make sure you find a picture or a video that helps illustrate what you are saying. 
The exciting thing about Facebook Pages is that the number of people that saw a post is clearly stated below the post. 
Numbers don’t lie. Let’s see some experiments.
Experiment 1: 
  • Make a normal post on your Facebook Page, don’t add a picture or a video.
  • Wait for 24 hours and check how many people saw it.
  • Write down the number. 

Experiment 2:
  • Then also write the same post again, this time with a picture or a video.
  • Wait for 24 hours and check how many people saw it.
  • Write down the number. 

You will discover that the number of people reached in experiment 2 will be more than the number of people reached in experiment 1. 
Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithmranks visual content over non-visual content. 
Action Point – No longer should you make a marketing post on Facebook without adding a picture or a video.  

2. The Facebook Algorithm Knows Marketing Terminologies

The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm is sophisticated. 
I told you earlier that it is a machine learning algorithm, so it has some sense of its own. 
One of the core features of this machine learning algorithm is called “Keyword tracking“. 
The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm can determine your motive based on the words you use. 
For example, if I write this post on Facebook.
Buy this Wristwatch Now!
The number of people it will reach will be very low. 
Why? Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm knows that you are trying to sell a product because you used the word “BUY“. 
The thing about Facebook is that it is primarily a place for loved ones and friends to share their moments and memories. 
So Facebook will always prioritize fun posts ahead of business-related posts. 
Except you Sponsor the Post or Run Facebook Ads.
In another case, if you write this post on Facebook. 
Happy Birthday to My Son!
The number of people it will reach will be reasonably higher. 
Why? That post type fits into what Facebook thinks its users will love, and Facebook will freely dish it out on its Newsfeed. 
The keyword “Happy Birthday” resonates as a positive event and a post that is likely to be engaged with. 
Action Point – When you want to sell on Facebook, try using Sponsored Posts or be smart not to include the obvious marketing keywords in your regular organic post. 
Some Other Marketing Terminologies to Avoid Includes:
👉 Click this Link NOW.

👉 Like this Post.  

👉 Share this post. 

👉 Visit this Link NOW. 

👉 Order this NOW.
Instead of using aggressive marketing language, be more creative with your content. 
Remember, we said in the first tip that you should not post without having a picture or a video. 
So put a very high-quality image of the product, with the (CTA) call to action or marketing keyword written on the picture.
In that kind of an image, the Algorithm can’t track the Click to Action word written on it.
Hence, you can then post something flexible as the body of your text without adding any marketing keywords in your posts.
An example of the text can be; “The Best Bean Flour in Town” while the image of the product has the CTA scribbled on it.
There are many other creative things you can do to beat the Facebook Algorithm Change on this.  

3. Positive Comments Make Your Posts More Seen

This follows the same principle of keyword tracking. 
When you write a post that gets positive comments in the News-feed, the post shows to more people.
For example, you write a post.
Happy Birthday to my son Allen, who clocks 15 today.
Then someone comments, “Congratulations”.
That post will begin to get a higher reach.
What’s the Facebook logic for that?
Simple! “Congratulations” is a positive word, and is most likely used when very special things happen to people.
If one person is congratulating me over something, it’s very likely that more people would be interested in knowing what that thing is.
Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm takes the initiative and begins to show that post to more and more people. 
Action Point – Write quality, engaging posts that can evoke positive comments.
‘Congratulations’ is not the only word that can trigger the sweet spot of the Algorithm. 
Some Other Positive Comment Keywords Includes: 
👉 I’m interested 

👉 Thank you 

👉 Wow 

👉 Interesting 

👉 This is awesome.
When your Facebook posts evoke such comments, they get shown to more people, and your reach grows on and on.
So, to beat the Facebook Algorithm Change 2022, you must know how to observe this in your posts. 

4. Facebook Algorithm De-ranks Fake News Links

Facebook has been working hard to de-rank posts that contain fake links. 
They are working to be able to crawl into the site and show such posts to fewer people. 
You know those posts you see on Facebook that say things like;
“Woman Does the Unimaginable When Told Her Son was Missing” 
Then you click on the post, and you see that the woman simply shouted at her son for missing a penalty while they were playing football in their compound. 
Yes, LOL.😃
Those kinds of posts are called click-baits, and Facebook’s Algorithm hates them with passion.
Action Point – Don’t post click-baits. It is a No No No. 
However, this is a way to beat the Facebook Algorithm Change to avoid de-ranking your posts.

5. Use the New Features on Facebook

It sounds simple or cliché, but it is a huge step that will help change the game for you.
Remember, when you joined Facebook, you used to see posts based on the recent update. 
That is, the post you’d see on top usually was the post of the person that just wrote something not so long ago. 
Then as time went on, you realized that you could see posts from two days ago on top of posts that were just made. 
Facebook usually launches simple products; then, as the user base increases, they begin to make the product more complicated. 
For example, let’s talk about FACEBOOK LIVE.
Facebook Live is one of the Facebook’s new features. 
When you go Live, Facebook does as much as informing people that you are LIVE and they should go and watch your video. 
The truth is that as more and more people start using that feature;
Facebook will begin to reduce the number of times and the number of people it will tell about you being Live. 
The benefit and the assistant you get from Facebook comes with being an early adopter, same thing with Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.
Action Point – When Facebook releases a new feature, learn how to use it early and adopt it very quickly. 


Algorithms determine what we see on the Internet.
Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm shows you what it wants to show you.
Hence, what you see is what you get!
Now, this is the summary of all you need to know on how to override Facebook Algorithm Statistics.
🔘 Facebook favours pictures and videos ahead of plain text. Use more photos and videos in your Facebook posts.
🔘 Facebook has a machine learning software that knows marketing words and terminologies. 
🔘 If you use words like “Buy this” it will show to fewer people. If you use words like “Happy Birthday”, it will show to more people.
🔘 Use those Marketing terminologies and words for Sponsored Posts or Facebook Ads, don’t use them on your usual Facebook Posts.
🔘 Facebook has new features, such as Facebook Live. Use them; the new features are favored more on the News-feed.
🔘 Facebook is working to filter fake news and click-baits. If you post them, your posts will show to fewer people.
🔘 When someone important likes your post, your post shows to more people when people like them.
🔘 When people write pleasant comments on your posts, more people get to see the posts.
Now, I believe you are no more asking What is Facebook Algorithm or Has Facebook Change Algorithm?
And hopefully, you have learnt the best ways on How to Beat Facebook Algorithm Change 2022 to achieve results instantly.
So take advantage of this today, and you will be glad you did.
People who focus on User Experience, Make More Money than those who don’t
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